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Gold Package Bespoke Mascots

This package provides a fully customised mascot at a low cost by using imported costumes from our supplier

from £750 - £1000

These imported mascots are made using the more advanced moulded head system which is more comfortable and more customizable. These mascots are great if you have a long lead time and want a more advanced costume at a good price. Imported products have had a bad reputation in the past. However, we only bring in top quality costumes from a regular supplier. In addition, every mascot is fully checked for defects in house, at this point any issues with quality are either fixed or remade in our onsite work shop.

  • Attach your logo, or idea for the mascot. Accepted files: Word file, JPEG, PDF. Max file size 3mb

If you prefer to contact us directly, you can do so here:

Telephone: 01245 327156
or alternatively
  • Bring your logo or design to life
  • Raise your company profile
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Fully customisable
  • Fans or heat extractors in the head
  • Quality control in the UK
Mascot Outfit Buddy Bear
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Questions that we will ask you to consider during the design process

  • Is the mascot likely to get dirty?
    For example, if the costume will be used on a football field for example, we would recommend certain fabrics that wash easy. We would also recommend having feet that are separate to the main body so that they can be washed more frequently. An additional pair of feet is also advisable
  • Will the head need to be secure?
    We were recently asked to produce 2 mascots for a judo club. As these costumes were going to be used in a mock fight, we had to design the heads so that they would not come off. This is easy to do at the design stage and far harder to try and rectify once the mascot has been made.
  • Who will be wearing the mascot costume?
    We tend to make the costumes suitable for average sized adults and factor in some kind of adjustment method for different sized people. We can manufacture a mascot to fit an individual but we try and advise people not to do this. These mascots will last for many years (if looked after) and the person who may wear it may well change.
  • What will your mascot key tasks be?
    For example, if the mascot will be used to hand out leaflets we would use a fitted glove design rather than a mitt or baggy glove and use non slippery fabric to make the users experience more pleasant.
  • When do you need the mascot?
    The design process can take a few weeks. Only when you are happy with our design proposal, and the materials have been signed off, will we start to manufacture the costume. A finished mascot could take up to 8 weeks to be completed from the initial enquiry. At certain, more quiet times of the year, the mascot could be processed faster, but this will need to be discussed.
  • Will the mascot be used inside and outside?
    Various shoe / feet options are available to make sure that your mascot is user friendly.