1980s Fancy Dress Costumes for Men

Popular male 1980s fancy dress costume styles vary greatly, from New Romantic to MC Hammer style parachute pants, with most being seen around the world today in fancy dress settings everywhere. Alternatively, many attend parties themed around a particular band or TV or film star or programme, from David Bowie to Indiana Jones, Blackadder to Rambo, Spandau Ballet to Ozzy Osbourne, and all of the styles of that era live on today at Props n Frocks. Props n Frocks have a range of outfits for sale suitable for 1980s pop or rock star or icon themed fancy dress parties.

Particularly popular in the shop right now are Michael Jackson style 80s outfits and accessories, since the singer’s untimely death last June. Items for sale include the red PVC Thriller jacket based around the groundbreaking 1980s music video. Also available is a military style jacket with gold buttons and braiding. The shop also sells all the popular Michael Jackson style accessories, such as overhead and surgical masks, silver sequinned gloves, afro wigs and glasses.

Other outfits and accessories on sale include those themed around another much-missed male 1980s icon, Freddy Mercury; including a white jumpsuit, white trousers and PVC jacket as well as moustaches, wigs and microphones. Also in stock are the licensed Miami Vice Tubbs costume (complete with grey suit, glasses and police badge) and Alice Cooper and Bee Gees style wigs. There are 1980s fancy dress outfits to suit any man here at Props n Frocks.

7 thoughts on “1980s Fancy Dress Costumes for Men

  1. Black Pride movement was the most powerful trend of the hip hop culture in the ’80s. It was symbolized by dreadlocks, Africa chains and black-green-and-red hip hop clothes.

  2. Can’t believe MJ has gone. I can’t help listening to his amzing tracks million times

  3. I miss Michael Jackson, he’s simply amazing. Still can’t accept the fact that we lost him

  4. So sad..I I do miss Michael Jackson. He was indeed a weird entertainer,but he had an amazing talent and a gift. I would have loved to see what the press would have said if he had managed to make his last performance

  5. I adore Michael Jackson! Truly the king of pop! MJ will always be alive inside me!

  6. I love the 1980s. I recently had a 1980s costume party for my birthday and found some great costumes, wigs and accessories at thestageplace.com/1980s.php

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