Ideas for 1980s Costumes Themed around Films

Many of the most popular 1980s fancy dress costumes are based on the decade’s pop, rock or TV stars, but they are not the only sources of inspiration for a great costume. Also worth considering are 80s costumes themed around films, such as:

  • Airplane,
  • Back to the Future,
  • Beetlejuice,
  • Beverley Hills Cop,
  • The Blues Brothers,
  • Ghostbusters,
  • The Indiana Jones series,
  • A Nightmare on Elm Street
  • The Rambo series,
  • Robocop,
  • Scarface,
  • Star Wars, and
  • Top Gun.

Props n Frocks sell a range of outfits and accessories based around 1980s movies. Full costume sets include the Freddy Krueger Costume and Blister Pack; the official costume for A Nightmare on Elm Street, as well as a Ghostbusters costume that consists of a jumpsuit and inflatable back pack.

Also available are several outfits based around the cult film Friday the 13th, including the Mechanic Jason Overalls Costume and the Jason Costume Blister pack; a licensed costume kit consisting of a screen printed blood stained tunic, a blood stained cleaver and mask. Also available to complete these particular costumes are ‘bloody’, chainsaws, machetes and masks.

Also on sale is the replica licensed Darth Vader Mask, as seen in the original Star Wars trilogy. Fancy dress costumes such as these are practically guaranteed to make your outfit the most authentic and original of the party.

To find out more about the huge range of fancy dress costumes and accessories available in the shop across many different categories, just take a look at the Props n Frocks website.

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