London Underground Stations

Another great theme for your next fancy dress party!

If you have friends who are happy to ‘think outside the box’ then this is the theme to choose. It is surprising how the London Underground Costume theme is catching on, at one point we would only be asked for costume ideas once or twice a year, but now it is every month – we think that maybe people are getting braver and trying out some new fancy dress themes.

Props n Frocks are the fancy dress experts, not only do we offer you 1000s of costumes and accessories to purchase online (or in store), we also provide our customers with the information to have the fancy dress party of the year!

At first glance it seems a very difficult theme, but believe us when we say that there are loads and loads of costume choices, and, even some easy suggestions for your guests who just don’t do the ‘dressing up’ thing!

We have prepared an information page full of costume ideas for a London Underground Station fancy dress party. Why not print it off and send it out along with the invitations to give your guests all the inspiration they will need?

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