Props n Frocks has all the Accessories to Complete a 1980s Outfit

While Props n Frocks sells an exciting range of different 1980s fancy dress costumes, one size does not fit all as far as style is concerned and quite often, a touch of individual customisation is desired. For this, the shop sells a number of extra accessories including wigs and jewellery, but also everything from chokers, hats, make-up, bracelets and fishnet fingerless gloves – in a variety of colours – to machetes, fake blood, chainsaws and masks. These accessories include both those to suit a general look, from punk to New Romantic, and that of a specific pop, film or TV star; including moustaches (Freddie Mercury) and silver sequinned gloves (Michael Jackson).

Props n Frocks sells a range of wigs designed to suit 1980s style costumes. These include a layered mullet style male Bee Gees wig, the Cher Curly Wig, the 1980s Rock Star wig and the punk rocker style Spiky Budget Black Wig, with many of these wigs being available in various colours and to suit various budgets. The shop also sells jewellery potentially suitable for 1980s fancy dress, from bracelets to clip-on rings. In addition to these items, the shop also sells accessories in other sections of the site, such as the Historical or Films sections, which may be suitable for the customisation of fancy dress costumes depending on the exact desired look. To find out more about the complete range of 80s fancy dress accessories and costumes available to buy, just visit the Props n Frocks website now.

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