Strike a Pose with our Madonna Costumes

Madonna is an international favourite for all ages, with astonishing independence and here-to-stay power. Having not necessarily been too highly rated as a natural talent, particularly at the beginning of her career, she went on to prove the doubters wrong with her charisma and chutzpah and continues to top the charts today. Often controversial, she has continually reinvented herself, and with such hit songs and videos spanning the decades as Like a Virgin, Like a Prayer, Vogue and Ray of Light, it is of no surprise that so many women seek to copy her style through a range of Queen of Pop themed fancy dress costumes, jewellery, wigs and other accessories.

The Madonna style ladies fancy dress range at Props n Frocks includes the iconic gold outfit. As well as the famous cone bra, it includes a flesh coloured corset top which is elasticated at the back to fit more flexibly, as well as a hair scrunchie and hot pants. Also available is a dark dress to which could be added whalenet tights, a wig and lace gloves, as well as the 1980s Pop Star Costume with a gold basque. Other costumes available include the 1980s Diva costume, which is another outfit reminiscent of Madonna’s 1980s costume style. It includes a dress, wristbands, leggings, a headpiece, lilac chain and belt. Other accessories on sale to complete the look include tutus, wigs and eyelashes. For the ultimate 1980s Madonna costume, Props n Frocks is the only online fancy dress shop any lady will ever need.

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  1. Hollywood stars might look beautiful on television or in the pages of magazines, but most would be quite ordinary without their personal stylists.

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