Take a Look at the Props n Frocks Range of 1980s Style Wigs

The process of achieving the ultimate look for an 1980s fancy dress themed party does not stop with the right off-the-shelf fancy dress outfits. Whether one wishes to resemble a specific pop, rock or film star of the decade, from Michael Jackson to Alice Cooper, or simply a general look such as Punk or New Romantic, pulling it off also depends on adopting authentic headwear.

Props n Frocks has all the wigs in stock to complete 1980s style costumes. These include afro wigs, a mullet style male Bee Gees wig, a spiky Alice Cooper style wig and the Cher Curly Wig, which is of a long length with a fringe. Also available is the 1980s Rockstar wig, which is another long length wig with spiky top layers. For individuality, extra fancy dress accessories such as big hair bows could also be added to many wigs. Props n Frocks sells its wigs in a number of different colours, including blonde and black. Budget versions of a chosen wig may also be available.

Props n Frocks also sell products across a number of other categories that may be suitable for 1980s fancy dress costumes. These include everything from glasses, gloves, microphones and moustaches to chokers, bracelets and beards. It must be kept in mind though that for hygiene reasons, the shop cannot refund its wigs as per the usual returns policy. For top quality 80s costumes, wigs and accessories, Props n Frocks is the number one choice.

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