The 80s Fancy Dress Costumes That All Women Need to Try

Women looking to indulge in 80s fancy dress costumes will have numerous options to choose from. Ladies fancy dress gives women the chance to be original, imaginative, scary, fun and even sexy, so here are just a few 80s ladies fancy dress ideas that all women need to try.

•    Princess Leia. Princess Leia, the ever-popular Star Wars character, would be ideal for women who want to make any men at the party hot under the collar.
•    Madonna. A Madonna costume is the perfect choice for ladies to get creative, as because she’s had so many looks the possibilities are endless.
•    Cyndi Lauper. Another icon of 80’s music, Cyndi would be another great star to emulate.
•    Fame. This film has recently enjoyed a revival, and with legwarmers, leggings and other 80’s fashion filling clothes stores this look shouldn’t be too hard to achieve.
•    Cocktail dresses. Perhaps slightly tame for a fancy dress party, but cocktail dresses came into their own in the 80’s are perfect for people who aren’t so fond of far-out costumes.
•    Power dressing. Another idea that’s particularly easy to achieve with tailored suits flooding the high street. Think big shoulder pads and even bigger hair to perfectly hit the mark.

These are just a few 80’s fancy dress costumes that would be well worth considering. Ladies fancy dress ideas can come from just about any 80’s film, fashion or trend of the era, and for a place to find even more ideas going to Props n Frocks would definitely be recommended.

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  9. Thanks for posting this! Madonna has been my favorite singer and entertainer for more than twenty years!

  10. I truly love Madonna. She’s a great singer. Her performances and costumes are all top notch. Can’t wait to go to her concert soon again.


  11. It is possible to look extremely spectacular this Halloween with a Southern Belle Costume

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