Today’s Fancy Dress Theme -Around The World

Today’s fancy dress theme idea is ‘Around The World’ or Countries as September 6th (although some sources say the 8th) marks the completion of the first circumnavigation of the globe, by Ferdinand Magellan’s expedition in 1522. Magellan was originally Portuguese but ‘became’ Spanish, when Charles I of Spain offered to fund an expedition to find the Spice Islands.

He then spent many of his voyages avoiding Portuguese fleets and territories because of the conflict of national interests. In fact Magellan did not complete the trip himself as he was killed in battle at the Philippines. Of the original 237 souls who set out, (in five ships) only 18 returned on the ‘Victoria’ which was what remained of the fleet (some others who had been captured or ‘mislaid’ en route returned to Spain later).

Though a Spanish costume theme might seem a good idea it can be rather limited when it comes to finding appropriate costumes, particularly for males. Even items such as Matador costumes and Ladies Spanish Dancers and mens Rumba costumes are manufactured more for females. An ‘Around the World’ fancy dress theme offers much more scope, and with our fabulous selection of costumes and accessories from America, Asia, Europe and Australia we’re sure we can find a fancy dress costume to suit. Take a look at our ‘Around the World’ Costume ideas for all the family for some more inspiration.

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