Too many Costumes to choose from

Having a fancy dress party is a great way to act as someone else and lose any inhibitions that you may have. Take this chance to be someone that you have fantasised about being, someone that you perhaps admire and would love to imitate.

Picking your fancy dress costume is a difficult task, but trying to match a fancy dress outfit to your personality may help a little. However, picking a character that is nothing like you can be so much more fun.

If comedy characters are your favourite, then some of the old characters are the best, such as Charlie Chaplin. All you need to do is wear some large baggy pants, a hat and moustache and walk around with a walking stick. Another popular comedy character is a scarecrow or a clown and there are some great quality fancy dress costumes for these.

Popular themed fancy dress costumes consist of cowboys and Indians, pirates and super heroes. These themes are especially good if you are going in couples fancy dress costumes.

Maybe these ideas are too tame and you fancy something a little daring that takes you well out of your comfort zone. Why not try fancy dress hire with something sexy, like a nurse or sexy sailor? Maybe you could take it to the other extreme instead and dress up in a scary fancy dress costume.

There are so many ideas and fancy dress costumes to choose from, and you will need to use your imagination to get the best possible costume that is right for you. Here at fancy dress shop PropsnFrocks we have a huge variety of fancy dress outfits for you to choose from.

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