Film Costume Ideas

‘Film’ is the costume theme of the day as today, we celebrate the birthday of Francis Ford Coppola. Born in 1939, Coppola has directed, produced and written a wide range of movies, from the major masterpiece about Vietnam ‘Apocalypse Now’ through the Godfather trilogy,  to other projects such as ‘Bram Stoker’s Dracula’ and ‘Peggy Sue Got Married’.

With the possible exception of Dracula in its Gothic-Victorian context, few of the films mentioned would generate costuming opportunities, especially for females. More precisely, there are many film genres and themes where females feel rightly short on choice. For Star Wars costumes it’s down to Princess Leia and Queen/Padme Amidala, whilst the epic Lord of the Rings series features just Galadriel, Arwen the Elf Princess, or Eowyn, the daughter of the King of Rohan, who virtually had to disguise herself as a man to get involved in the climactic battles. And as for the ever popular James Bond, it’s either arm-candy or gold-body paint (well actually it isn’t, as here at Props n Frocks we have come up with a few other suggestions – see Bond Fancy Dress). The bottom line is, when choosing your costume theme think through the costuming potential with a view to equal opportunities for all!

We have given you a lot of film costume ideas in previous blogs, so take a look for plenty of great fancy dress inspiration.


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