Goodies & Baddies Fancy Dress

Goodies & Baddies is today’s fancy dress theme. As a child did you like to dress-up and play Cops and Robbers or Cowboys and Indians?  If not, chances are youAdult Devil Fancy Dress are one of our growing number of readers who subscribe to the more modern take on these type of themes, that of Heroes and Villains or Goodies and Baddies.  The reason we were asking is because today, August 8th marks the day of the Great Train Robbery, way back in 1963. For those of you who were not born then, such as Tennis Star Roger Federer (who celebrates his 30th birthday today – born 1981) or were too young to remember it, this was possibly one of the most daring and audacious crimes in the UK. Probably one of the most well known of the Great Train Robbers was Ronnie Biggs, who escaped from Wandsworth prison in 1965 and then spent 30 years in exile.  He was also born on this day in 1929. So, whether you want to be a Goodie or a Baddie, a Hero or a Villain, have a chat with us at Props n Frocks.

We have covered this Go0die & Baddies costume theme a few times on these blogs, so we are not going to repeat the lists we have made on previous blogs, but we suggest you take a look here for some great Goodie & Baddie Costume ideas

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