Romantic Couples Fancy Dress Ideas…

Today’s blog is all about costume ideas for romantic couples. Now, we get asked all the time for couples costumes and it can be harder than you think to get 2 people in costumes that they both like and fit them both equally.

On 23rd March 1990, in the US the film ‘Pretty Woman’ premiered (it was released June 1st in Britain). A variation on the Cinderella story, it tells of a ruthless businessman (Richard Gere) who hires a street-girl (Julia Roberts) as an escort but ends up falling for her (bit of a spoiler there, but most people know the Cinderella story anyway). The film was Roberts’ breakthrough role and although she has not been as active in the movies recently, we are told she is soon to play the Wicked Stepmother in a remake of Snow White – Pretty Woman to Wicked Queen-cum-Old Crone in twenty-one years.

Anyway, under the circumstances we thought a good suggestion for today’s theme would be ‘Romantic Couples’.  Aside from Cinderella and her Prince Charming, we have other fairytale and storybook characters including Shrek and Princess Fiona, King and Queen of Hearts, or what about looking at our historical costumes such as Romeo and Juliet, Robin Hood and Maid Marion or Cleopatra and Caesar (or Mark Anthony).

We have written some other blogs with loads of couple fancy dress ideas, take a look, and live happily ever after…

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