Royalty Costume Ideas

16 years ago, Princess Diana died. We cannot believe how fast the time has gone, can you?

Why not keep her memory alive with a Royals based fancy dress themed party?

Our costume themes & ideas section of this website has so many Royalty costume ideas you will be spoilt for choice

Here is just a tasty to get you going…

  • The King Of the Swingers – Orang-utan costume from Jungle Book
  • King & Queen Panto Style
  • Queen of Hearts, we stock some lovely Queen of Heart costumes
  • King of Hearts
  • Dancing Queen – wear an Abba style costume
  • Queen Amidala
  • African Tribal King
  • African Tribal Queen
  • Monarch Butterfly
  • Drag Queen
  • Freddy Mercury member of Queen
  • Kings of Leon
  • Carnival Queen
  • Lion King characters
  • Chinese Emperor
  • Emperor Penguin – wear one of our penguin costumes
  • The Frog Prince wear a frog mask with a Georgian style costume
  • Snow White – Disney Princess
  • Princess Leia we stock a good range of Star Wars Costumes
  • Prince (Musician) wear a purple suit with jabot very similar to ourMojo Man costume
  • The Prince of Darkness AKA Satan, look at our Devil costumes & accessories
  • Prince Harry Cardboard masks are available
  • Prince William Cardboard masks are available
  • Prince Charles overhead, and cardboard masks are available, look at all of our Royal masks
  • Princess Diana
  • Princess Grace of Monaco look to her films for costume inspiration
  • Harry Potter he is the half blood prince after all!
  • Prince Edmund – From Blackadder – wear Tudor costume
  • Robin Hood Prince of Thieves – wear a Robin Hood costume

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