Saint Costume Ideas

So, today the 15th July is St. Swithun’s day and if tradition, according to folklore is correct, we should get 40 days of brilliant sunshine!!!!!

So we thought, why not use Saints as a themes for a fancy dress party? You may be surprised when you start thinking about it, what we can offer you as Saint Costume Ideas…

Some ideas for Saint costumes (although a lot of Saints come from the time of Jesus, so any biblical style costume would be suitable):

  • Dress up as a golfer, winner at St. Andrews!
  • Father Christmas – St. Nicholas
  • Southampton (The Saints) Football player
  • Mother Teresa – nun outfit
  • St. Clare – another chance to wear a nun costume
  • St. Joan Of Arc – Medieval warrior costume
  • St. Christopher – Patron Saint of travellers – maybe use a travelling theme as a base for this costume
  • St. Joseph – Shepherd style costume
  • St. Valentine – work out a costume covered in hearts etc…
  • Simon Templar – THE Saint
  • John Paul II – wear a Pope Costume
  • St. Peter – 1st Pope
  • Henry VII – Holy Roman Emperor so wear a Roman costume

You could always look at the theme ‘Saint’ as anyone who does good, so this could include: Doctors, Nurses, Superheroes, Fairy Godmother, Robin Hood & angels to name just a few

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