Talk Like a Pirate Day

Talk Like a Pirate Day celebrates it’s 12th birthday today! What started out as a joke between friends has grown in strength year on year with even schools joining in the fun allowing kids to dress up in pirate costumes.

Maybe the reason why this novelty ‘day’ has been so popular with the general public is that it does not break the bank to join in with a few Pirate accessories, rather than having to purchase an entire pirate outfit. With so many Pirate accessories from a basic eye patch (see notes below as to why Pirates wear eye patches) to Pirate wigs, Pirate Pistols and even a Treasure Map, you can do as much, or as little as you want to.

Visit the official Talk Like a Pirate Day site

Here are a few phrases that may help you get through today!!!(or not as the case may be!)

  • Aye – Yes, I agree
  • Arrrrr – I agree to a certain extent but another drink might help
  • Arrgh – How can I come to a decision? There’s no drink!
  • Avast behind! – Look at the stern on that!
  • Black Spot – Notorious area for pirate ship collisions
  • Corsair – Unique atmosphere surrounding a gathering of pirates
  • Shanty – A pirate drinking song – usually involving stronger drink than the lemonade/beer mix with a similar name
  • Tar – Thanks, sailor

Meanwhile, has it ever occurred to you to wonder why an essential part of the pirate look is an eye-patch? They can’t all have suffered optical injuries? Apparently, the answer is that if you keep one eye ‘in the dark’, it enables you to see (and shoot) better in low-light conditions. So now ye knows!

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