Alice In Wonderland Costumes

It’s a good day to look at Alice in Wonderland costumes as for the past five years the Story Museum in Oxford has Alice in Wonderland Fancy Dress Ideascelebrated an Alice Day in honour of the famous stories by Lewis Carroll. This year it is the 150th anniversary of the telling of that story, so Oxford in general, and the Museum in particular, have arranged a special weekend of activities around the city. These include a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, a chance to play croquet or giant chess and a real live caucus race tomorrow, Sunday. Whilst we are some distance from Oxford here in Essex, there is no reason why you cannot help celebrate this major literary event with an Alice event of your own. There have been numerous versions of the story on film and TV, and even a few variations such as ‘Malice in Wonderland’ and Wonderland-inspired videos such as Gwen Stafani’s ‘What Are You Waiting For?’ or, perhaps lesser known ‘Don’t Come Around Here’ by Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers. You can also find fan-made videos on YouTube, which mix the above hits with footage from established Alice films.

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Alice in Wonderland Fancy Dress Costumes

Today, we are going to have an Alice in Wonderland Fancy Dress Theme as it is the birthday of Charles Dodgson whoSexy Alice in Wonderland Outfit was born on January 27th in 1832.

Never heard of him?  Well, maybe you have heard of Lewis Carroll?  Still, not sure? If we said Alice in Wonderland would things become clearer?  Yes, you’ve got it, Lewis Carroll was the alias of Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, a Victorian author, who wrote Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass. So, today is the day to go as Mad as a Hatter (whether original or Johnny Depp version) or wear an Alice in Wonderland costume or a sexy Queen of Hearts outfit. Why not have a tea-party?

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