Alter Ego Costume Theme

Today is a chance to become someone who you’ve always wanted to be with our ‘Alter Ego’ Celebrity MasksFancy dress theme. If we are being honest, every time you wear a fancy dress outfit, you are becoming an ‘alter ego’. It is really interesting how just be dressing up as someone, or something else,  your inhibitions fall away and even the most shy person becomes someone else for a short time. A lot of our very famous actors are actually very shy, which can be difficult to understand.

With the choices of voice overs (see further down this post) you have the chance to dress up anything you want to with this costume theme. One of the easiest ways to be someone famous, and keep to a very small budget is to wear one of our famous people masks. We stock over 50 various famous people cardboard masks so whatever your age, likes or dislikes, we’ll have a cheap famous person mask that will be suitable for you.

Today in 1989 Mel Blanc passed away. Like radio personalities, you might not know the name but you would certainly recognise his work – he was most famous for being the voice behind numerous cartoon characters such as Bugs Bunny and Tweety Pie. Unfortunately, such specialist voice artists are becoming a rare breed as there has been an increasing inclination to have celebrities doing the voices in animations and cartoons. Some trace this trend back to when Disney gave Robin Williams the chance to voice the Genie in their animation of the Aladdin story, and his ad-lib wise-cracking was such that it helped contribute to the film’s success.

These days almost every A-lister (and others) have had a go – it is well-paid work requiring little rehearsal and no messing with costume and make-up, and their name helps sell the film. It also leads to some interesting potential when it comes to off-the-wall portrayal of film stars at Movie theme parties. Tom Hanks and Tim Allen as Woody and Buzz from Toy Story are well enough known but what about John Travolta as a film-star Dog (Bolt), Angelina Jolie as a Tigress (Kung Fu Panda), or Johnny Depp as a Chameleon (Rango)? It even works with some musical/pop stars, Katy Perry as Smurfette (The Smurfs) and Ozzy Osbourne as Fawn (Gnomeo & Juliet). Our suggested theme of the day is ‘Alter-ego’.

Alta Ego Fancy Dress Theme

In 1967 the Bond film ‘You Only Live Twice’ premiered on this day.  This was the first Bond film to have a story different from that of the book of the same name and the last to featureAustin Powers Fancy Dress Outfits Sean Connery until he was lured back for ‘Diamonds Are Forever’. Knowing that a Bond theme doesn’t always have people shaken and/or stirred (although if you do follow the link, we do offer you a great range of Bond costume ideas), we thought we’d work on the whole ‘alter ego’ persona concept. Obviously the idea of costuming is to help you create a new you – sometimes this may be you recreating a film or book character, sometimes it may be you doing your own creative thing to come up with something/someone totally original. In these cash-strapped times, this may have the benefit of being cheaper and you don’t run the risk of someone turning up in the same costume – as we saw at the Royal Wedding, three women managed to turn up in identical outfits, and chances are those didn’t come from the Internet!

Here at Props n Frocks, in our fancy dress shop, whilst we pride ourselves on having an outstanding selection of costumes and accessories, many of them originals not to be found elsewhere, we are equally keen to help those who just want the odd few items or hard-to-find props, in order to complete their alternative identity.

So, basically for an Alta Ego fancy dress theme, you can basically do as much, or as little as you want. A fancy dress wig could be enough if you don’t want to spend, or do, too much, or you could look at some of the spoof films that have been made such as Austin Powers and Scarey Movie.