Classic Films Fancy Dress Theme

Classic films or a ‘Night at the Movies’ is our featured fancy dress theme today and is one of our most popular costume themesBatman - Black Knight Costume

A movie theme is such a big one that sometimes people are just too spoilt for choice, particularly when confronted by our extremely varied collection of costumes and accessories. In some respects it can be as bad as having no theme at all, and often people just don’t know where to start. Well, here at Props & Frocks we try to inspire you and get those creative juices flowing. Our film section in our film costume theme & ideas section is full of many varied film ideas.

Take a look at our range of film costume ideas

Undead Issues

More Halloween costume ideas

Frankenstein Fancy Dress Ideas

Frankenstein Mask

After bringing us his take on Alice in Wonderland a year or so back, today sees Tim Burton’s latest film ‘Frankenweenie’ opening in the UK. Actually it is a remake of one of his earliest pre-Beetlejuice projects (the original can be found amongst the extras on the ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ DVD). Whereas the last time he used actors, this time he’s back to using stop-animation (in the same style as ‘Nightmare’) but then he also gathers together some of the same cast as he had for Beetlejuice – Winona Ryder and  Catherine O’Hara – for the vocal talent. The film is a variation of the Frankenstein story (bit of a clue in the title, of course), but also fits well into the current enthusiasm for zombies and the like. Our zombie accessories are flying off the shelves this year, and look like they are going to be the most popular Halloween outfits this year. The Beetlejuice film also concerned itself with aspects of ‘The Other Side’ and although not linked to the film, coincidentally this year we’re seeing a female version of the classic black/white Beetlejuice outfit coming to the market, complete with a rather wild grey afro-style wig. It may not be to die for, but at the right event, it has the potential to be drop dead gorgeous.

Van Helsing Costume Ideas

Van Helsing Costume Ideas

Van Helsing Fancy Dress Ideas

Frankenstein – Van Helsing Character

As we continue in our Halloween month, we today celebrate the birthday of Australian actor Hugh Jackman (born 1968). Although he has appeared in a vast range of stage productions, musicals and movies (he is in the new screen version of Les Miserables, released early in the New Year), it is his part as the legendary hunter of the supernatural, Van Helsing that interests us here. This 2004 film is arguably a movie that combines classic Halloween monsters with elements of steampunk (that’s pseudo-Victorian-style science). So, whereas your traditional vampire hunter goes armed with wooden stakes and garlic, this Van Helsing has some rather novel grenades and a machine-gun-style crossbow for distance stake-firing work. Furthermore, the Frankenstein-monster of the film (which features more than just vampires) seems to run off a power-cell reactor rather than stray lightning bolts. Whilst basing itself in tradition, there are many innovative aspects to provide novelty, and the same approach can be useful when it comes to your Halloween costuming: Where money is tight and many people are noting that they risk looking the same as everyone else if they buy a costume off-the-peg, injecting some of your own ideas – a quirky prop or weapon here, a wild make-up design there – can lift you above the norm and get you noticed.

Van Helsing (2004 film) has the following characters:

  • Count Dracula
  • Frankenstein – we stock Frankenstein costumes as well as accessories
  • Vampires – we stock everything you’d need for a vampire costume from fangs, capes and fake blood
  • Werewolves – look at our range of werewolf accessories
  • Dr Jekyll & Dr Hyde
  • Igor
  • Cardinal
  • Van Helsing – wear a long battered looking coat and our bushman hat although it will need to be battered up a bit more and a little darker, it is the right shape. Long dark hark with stubble
  • Steampunk – Gothic and Victorian for a sexy ladies costume

Van Helsing is also a character in the classic novel Dracula (written by Bram Stoker) for an alternative costume idea, just wear a Victorian gentleman’s costume with a stethoscope (he is a Dutch doctor). He is clean shaven with auburn hair and bushy eyebrows (as described in the book)

Horror Costumes

Today we celebrate the 65thbirthday of writer Stephen King – The King of Horror! How can

Scary Clown Costume Ideas

Scary Clown Costume – ideal for IT

we mark this event through the medium of costume? Given that King is known for horror novels, we can get some early practice in for the Halloween season next month by looking at costumes inspired by characters from his books:

Probably the best known off-the-peg (well, definitely ‘off’) outfit is the bloodied Prom Queen costume, derived from King’s first popular novel ‘Carrie’, which was also made into a film (one of the better adaptations and – trivia fact – featured John Travolta before he was famous).

Next there is Pennywise the Clown, from the novel ‘It’, a malicious practitioner of the clowning arts, played in the film of the book by Tim Curry. We stock many scary clown outfits and masks, or the make up to create your own unique look.

Then there’s caretaker-cum-writer, Jack Torrance from ‘The Shining’. As we know, men are sometimes loathe to dress up, but perhaps the opportunity to impersonate Jack Nicholson, wield a bloody axe and embrace their inner homicidal maniac might bring them out of their shells.

Various incarnations of devils and demons turn up in King’s books – notably ‘Salem’s Lot’ and ‘Needful Things’, but always in a subtle way, so keep your costume equally low key – dress sharp, but sport a forked tail or cloven hoof here, some odd eye colour (through contact lenses) there and keep people guessing.

Finally, if all else fails, there’s a Zombie, notably from the novel ‘The Cell’: A world-wide pulse turns all mobile-phone users on their phone at that moment into mindless zombies – some might say, no change there then! Joking aside, we stock a great range of zombie fancy dress outfits and accessories

Film Costume Ideas

Films (or Movies) remains one of our most popular fancy dress themes, & at Props &

Movie Fancy Dress Ideas

Darth Vader Costume

Frocks, we have plenty of film costumes, whether you want to hire, or purchase.

We have a dedicated section for film costume themes and the various genres you can chose (if you wish).

Today is the general release date for the new film ‘Total Recall’ featuring Colin Farrell and Kate Beckinsale. Now you might think you remember a film with a similar name featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sharon Stone back in 1990. This involved a construction worker with an identity crisis and featuring a trip to Mars, but as this new film seems to have a different storyline, perhaps it was all a figment of your imagination? Actually, no, it’s just another in a long line of re-imaginings of previous films and stories, where a group of people think they can improve on the original (the variation being to product a prequel or sequel to the original, as in the forthcoming ‘Oz:The Great and Powerful’). Anyway, not having seen the film yet, we cannot comment on this alternative version but it does give us a chance to repeat that we are always keen to help you achieve an alternative personality here at Props & Frocks, and we cost a lot less than Rekall, the firm in the film!

Movie Songs Fancy Dress Theme

Yesterday we looked at Pop Music video ideas as a costume theme and this is linked to Film song Costume Ideasour theme today of Movie Songs. Over the years there have been some really iconic songs from films, and most will tend to use clips of the movie in their video. So you need to think of some famous songs associated with a major film, here are some to get your grey matter working…

  • Top Gun – Take My Breath Away – wear an aviator costume
  • Up Where We Belong – An Officer &  A Gentleman – wear a white naval uniform
  • My Heart Will Go On – Titanic – wear Edwardian costume
  • Everything I do, I do It for You -Robin Hood, Prince Of Thieves – Robin Hood Costumes
  • Moon River – Breakfast At Tiffany’s – Dress up as Audrey Hepburn
  • Kiss From a Rose – Batman Forever
  • Diamond’s Are a Girl’s Best Friend – Gentleman Prefer Blondes- dress up as Marilyn Monroe
  • Layla – Goodfellas – wear a gangster costume
  • The Banana Boat Song – Beetlejuice
  • Ghostbusters
  • Eye Of The Tiger – Rocky – Boxer costumes
  • Unchained Melody – Ghost
  • Night Fever – Saturday Night Fever – white 70’s suits

Somewhat unintentionally there seems to be a pop video thread running through this week’s blogs – perhaps it’s a result of trying to find something other than sport on TV! Anyway today is the anniversary of the death in 1979 of the film-maker Fritz Lang. The name may be vaguely familiar and this is because perhaps his greatest (or at least best-known) film ‘Metropolis’ has recently been re-released on DVD/Blu-Ray in a new, restored, print with a soundtrack by Giorrgio Moroder and other artists such as Freddie Mercury, Pat Benatar, Bonnie Tyler and -er- Adam Ant. The link with pop videos is, of course, that Queen used the ‘look and feel’ of the Metropolis film for their ‘Radio Gaga’ video, and to be honest the new film is like a feature length music video along the same lines. Although we say the original Metropolis film is well-known, many people have never actually seen it (this new version might change that), but given its original release date was in 1927, it still has theme elements which are relevant today. A potential theme for today is Future Fantastic (or Imperfect) according to your mood.

Horror Film Costume Ideas

It’s time to dust off those horror costumes with today’s Horror Film Fancy Dress themeHorror Film Fancy Dress Ideas

Some of our Horror film Costume Ideas include:

  • Dracula
  • Saw
  • Frankenstein’s Monster
  • the Lady in Black – just wear a black Victorian dress
  • A Nightmare On Elm street – take a look at our Freddy Krueger costumes and accessories
  • Twilight series
  • Friday The 13th
  • Chainsaw Massacre
  • Silence of The Lambs – wear one of our straight Jackets
  • Scream – we stock a great budget black robe and scream mask – ideal for this spooky character
If you need more costume inspiration, check out our in depth Horror film costume idea page

The name Rod Serling will not be immediately familiar to most people but he was the American writer behind the innovative TV series The Twilight Zone and the lesser-known Night Gallery. Today is the anniversary of his death in 1976. The Twilight Zone explored what one might call science-fiction stories of mystery and imagination (with a twist of horror) and its success spawned a good number of similar shows (some of you might recall Roald Dahl’s ‘Tales of the Unexpected’ in this country).

At a time when issues of corporate sponsorship are in the news, Serling had similar problems with the sponsors of his early shows during the Fifties – on one occasion he had to change the line ‘Have you got a match?’ just because Ronson lighters sponsored that particular episode and in another the Ford Motor Company refused to allow the New York Chrysler building be seen in a shot. Given the ingenious ways some are using to get around restrictions on use of names and logos in the current situation, today we thought we would celebrate Ingenuity and Imagination, or, as someone said in respect of some of the heavy-handed behaviour seen recently ‘You Couldn’t Make It Up’ – there’s always a challenge.