How to Throw the Perfect 80s Fancy Dress Party

80s nights are becoming more and more popular, and it really isn’t hard to see why. The decade has become fashionable again, making 80s fancy dress great fun to try out. So, to help anyone throw the perfect 80s fancy dress party, here are just a few tips on how to make it a huge success.

•    Make sure that everyone will wear appropriate fancy dress costumes. The decade even offers scope for people who don’t normally like to dress up, so there’s no excuse for non-compliance.
•    Have plenty of 80s music throughout the fancy dress party, either through a DJ (depending on the size and budget of the event) or through a mix tape – what could be more 80s?
•    There should ideally be a film room or white screen that’s available to show iconic films of the decade.
•    Cocktails became popular in the 80s, so a fully-stocked cocktail bar should always be available for guests at any 80s fancy dress party.
•    Everyone will be looking to the host for inspiration, so as such it’s essential that they put proper time and effort into their fancy dress costumes.
•    Keep a can of hairspray in all bathrooms for women to keep their hair as big as possible.

These are just a few tips on how to throw the perfect 80s fancy dress party, but the most important point to remember is to have a killer outfit. Fancy dress costumes can be found from a range of places, but for a great selection of all kinds of 80s fancy dress, customers should always check out Props n Frocks to see what can be found.

Why 80s Fancy Dress is Making a Comeback

Theme nights are a great way to make any party go off with a bang, and it doesn’t get much better than 80s nights. 80s fancy dress has risen in popularity in recent years, but why is it making a comeback?

That largely comes down to the fact that the 80s were long enough ago to instil a sense of nostalgia in most people. Those that were growing up during the 80s can relive their youth through 80s fancy dress costumes, and the whole decade is becoming incredibly fashionable again so even those that were born more recently can appreciate it.

The fact that the decade is becoming popular again probably explains why 80s fashion is flooding the high street. Power suits, cocktail dresses, leg warmers, ra ra skirts, leggings – all of these are readily available, making 80s fancy dress costumes particularly easy to source. A lot of costume retailers, such as Props n Frocks, also have an influx of suitable 80s fancy dress, meaning that dressing up for the decade has never been easier.

Let’s not forget the many films from the 80s that have recently enjoyed renewed popularity. The remake of Fame was a great success, and Patrick Swayze’s upsetting death has led many people to pine for Dirty Dancing. A lot of great 80s films have never really left, offering a wealth of choice when it comes to 80s fancy dress.

These are just a few reasons as to why 80s fancy dress is making a comeback, and there are sure to be many more besides. So, 80s fancy dress costumes should always be considered for anyone looking to impress at a party, and for a great range Props n Frocks should always be consulted.

Reasons That Fancy Dress Sales Are Soaring

Dressing up has always been popular, and fancy dress sales are doing a roaring trade. But just why are such costumes proving to be so popular?

Well, that largely comes down to the fact that fancy dress parties are one of the best ways to relax and unwind. In the current climate people are always looking for ways to have fun, and it doesn’t get much more fun that dressing up in outrageous clothes. It allows people to let their hair down and enjoy themselves, and what could be better than that?

Then there’s the fact that a lot of universities, colleges and other student venues host regular fancy dress nights, making the purchase of a suitable outfit essential. A lot now host theme nights, with 80s fancy dress being an increasingly popular choice.

Fancy dress sales don’t have to cost the earth either, making dressing up an incredibly cost-effective way to have fun. Of course, it still takes time to find the perfect outfit, but for a great selection of 80s fancy dress, Halloween outfits and everything in between, customers should head to Props n Frocks for some varied options at great prices.

So, fancy dress sales are soaring simply because dressing up is fun! It lets people forget about the stresses of everyday life, and by turning themselves into their favourite character or film star for the night they can really let loose and enjoy themselves. Anyone looking to host a party would definitely be advised to make it a fancy dress night, and for a great selection of costumes Props n Frocks should always be consulted.

Props n Frocks has all the Accessories to Complete a 1980s Outfit

While Props n Frocks sells an exciting range of different 1980s fancy dress costumes, one size does not fit all as far as style is concerned and quite often, a touch of individual customisation is desired. For this, the shop sells a number of extra accessories including wigs and jewellery, but also everything from chokers, hats, make-up, bracelets and fishnet fingerless gloves – in a variety of colours – to machetes, fake blood, chainsaws and masks. These accessories include both those to suit a general look, from punk to New Romantic, and that of a specific pop, film or TV star; including moustaches (Freddie Mercury) and silver sequinned gloves (Michael Jackson).

Props n Frocks sells a range of wigs designed to suit 1980s style costumes. These include a layered mullet style male Bee Gees wig, the Cher Curly Wig, the 1980s Rock Star wig and the punk rocker style Spiky Budget Black Wig, with many of these wigs being available in various colours and to suit various budgets. The shop also sells jewellery potentially suitable for 1980s fancy dress, from bracelets to clip-on rings. In addition to these items, the shop also sells accessories in other sections of the site, such as the Historical or Films sections, which may be suitable for the customisation of fancy dress costumes depending on the exact desired look. To find out more about the complete range of 80s fancy dress accessories and costumes available to buy, just visit the Props n Frocks website now.

Take a Look at the Props n Frocks Range of 1980s Style Wigs

The process of achieving the ultimate look for an 1980s fancy dress themed party does not stop with the right off-the-shelf fancy dress outfits. Whether one wishes to resemble a specific pop, rock or film star of the decade, from Michael Jackson to Alice Cooper, or simply a general look such as Punk or New Romantic, pulling it off also depends on adopting authentic headwear.

Props n Frocks has all the wigs in stock to complete 1980s style costumes. These include afro wigs, a mullet style male Bee Gees wig, a spiky Alice Cooper style wig and the Cher Curly Wig, which is of a long length with a fringe. Also available is the 1980s Rockstar wig, which is another long length wig with spiky top layers. For individuality, extra fancy dress accessories such as big hair bows could also be added to many wigs. Props n Frocks sells its wigs in a number of different colours, including blonde and black. Budget versions of a chosen wig may also be available.

Props n Frocks also sell products across a number of other categories that may be suitable for 1980s fancy dress costumes. These include everything from glasses, gloves, microphones and moustaches to chokers, bracelets and beards. It must be kept in mind though that for hygiene reasons, the shop cannot refund its wigs as per the usual returns policy. For top quality 80s costumes, wigs and accessories, Props n Frocks is the number one choice.

1980s Fancy Dress Costumes for Men

Popular male 1980s fancy dress costume styles vary greatly, from New Romantic to MC Hammer style parachute pants, with most being seen around the world today in fancy dress settings everywhere. Alternatively, many attend parties themed around a particular band or TV or film star or programme, from David Bowie to Indiana Jones, Blackadder to Rambo, Spandau Ballet to Ozzy Osbourne, and all of the styles of that era live on today at Props n Frocks. Props n Frocks have a range of outfits for sale suitable for 1980s pop or rock star or icon themed fancy dress parties.

Particularly popular in the shop right now are Michael Jackson style 80s outfits and accessories, since the singer’s untimely death last June. Items for sale include the red PVC Thriller jacket based around the groundbreaking 1980s music video. Also available is a military style jacket with gold buttons and braiding. The shop also sells all the popular Michael Jackson style accessories, such as overhead and surgical masks, silver sequinned gloves, afro wigs and glasses.

Other outfits and accessories on sale include those themed around another much-missed male 1980s icon, Freddy Mercury; including a white jumpsuit, white trousers and PVC jacket as well as moustaches, wigs and microphones. Also in stock are the licensed Miami Vice Tubbs costume (complete with grey suit, glasses and police badge) and Alice Cooper and Bee Gees style wigs. There are 1980s fancy dress outfits to suit any man here at Props n Frocks.

Fancy dress fun

Dressing up in a fancy dress costume can potentially be daunting, especially if you have never dressed up before. However, what you need to remember is that everyone at the fancy dress party will all be dressed up, too, whether it is in 50s fancy dress or a simple masquerade mask.

Fancy dress costumes are a way of imitating or replicating another person or being, for example, someone famous or an animal.

Fancy dress parties are becoming more and more popular and are extremely entertaining for everyone involved. If you are planning to attend a fancy dress party and are concerned about what you will dress up as, well do not fret as there are so many great ideas to choose from when is comes to fancy dress ideas.

Looking your best at the fancy dress party is a priority and can take some time to plan. Unique and different ideas will definitely get you noticed and will more than likely ensure that you are picked to win a prize for the best fancy dress costume, if such a competition is organised.

When choosing your fancy dress outfit, remember that fancy dress parties are meant to be fun and entertaining. Everyone can feel a bit shy, but you can feel great once you get into the swing of things.

If you are unsure about what to dress up as, here at PropsnFrocks we have a multitude of ideas for you to choose from to get the outfit that is right for you. Forget about any inhibitions you may have and just relax and enjoy yourself.