Flight or Travel Fancy Dress Theme

Today’s fancy dress theme idea is Flight, or Travel. Originally, it was just flight, but we did think that this was a bit too limiting. Including Travel means that you can dress up in various country costumes as well as standard pilot and stewardess costumes.

Think about other ways of travelling to think a bit ‘outside of the box’, what about a chauffeur if you don’t fancy dressing up too much, or a train driver, or even a cyclist, or an astronaut, travel means so many different things to different people – you are guaranteed a huge range of costumes.

Flight Costume IdeasIt’s Wright Brothers Day, celebrating their first flight at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina in 1903. Although Orville and Wilbur were not the first to build and fly an aircraft, they did at least perfect a way of controlling the fixed wing plane so it could change direction! Up until then early aircraft had only been able to go in a straight line, but then, as the longest flight they achieved on the day was 200ft at a height of 10ft above the ground there was still a little way to go before the airport had to be invented. Nonetheless the principles of the Wrights’ control system are still valid in modern aircraft and in celebration of their anniversary, and the new found interest in the early days of transatlantic travel thanks to the ‘Pan-Am’ TV series, we though Flight, or Travel was a good theme for the day, especially as a certain seasonal traveller makes his own flight a week from tonight!