Fancy Dress Destinations

It may be British summertime, but the weather doesn’t know it yet! Why not start thinking Morphsuit Outfitsabout your summer holiday and today’s post gives you lots of suggestions if you want to get the fancy dress spirit while you are away.

Destinations for Fancy Dress

Fancy dress parties are popular all over the world. There are plenty of festivals, events and clubbing scenes where you will find the locals and tourists dressing up, whether there is reason to or not! Locals are likely to take part in traditional events, whether it’s to celebrate a historic day in their country’s calendar, or just for a party. In tourist resorts around Europe, clubbing provides an ideal opportunity to dress up. Whether you are on a lads’ holiday, a getaway with the girls, on tour with uni or on your stag or hen do, there’s always one person who will suggest fancy dress! Here are some of the best destinations around the world if going out in your own clothes just seems too boring:

Ibiza, Spain
The most famous side of the island is the party scene. Known as a non-stop partying destination, it is home to some of the best and most famous clubs in the world. San Antonio is the heart of the island’s party scene, and is one of the most popular and well-known resorts in the Mediterranean. During the summer months, and at the height of the party season, you are unlikely to experience a night out without seeing someone in fancy dress. From morphsuits to mankinis and school girl outfits to smurf costumes, when it comes to dressing up on a night out, there is nothing too outrageous. With fancy dress on holiday being so popular, the clubs of Ibiza host some crazy nights throughout the year, and this one is definitely up there with the biggest:

Event: Don’t Let Daddy Know

When: Every Sunday from July 8th until August 26

Where: Privilege

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Magaluf, Majorca.
A fancy dress night is compulsory for any group holiday to Magaluf. Pack your superhero Holiday Fancy Dressoutfit and your old school tie when you head to this party resort in Majorca. The excellent sandy beaches and scorching sun are perfect for relaxing during the day, before partying the night away until the early hours.  The main party strip in Magaluf is called the Punta Ballena and it’s the ideal place to have your fancy dress night out. Punta Ballene, sometimes known as the Calle de la Punta Ballena, is home to some of the biggest clubs in the resort such as BCM, Boomerang and Banana’s. Of course, let’s not forget Majorca Rocks, which has an incredible line up of artists this year including Tinie Tempah, Bastille and Example.  At any of these venues you will always find a group of people in fun fancy dress having the ultimate party.

Event: W.A.R with Example + DJ wire.

When:  Every Thursday starting the 4th June to 5th September (subject to change).

Where: Majorca Rocks

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Malia, Crete
Malia is to Crete what San Antonio is to Ibiza. Providing you the best of both worlds, it consists of two areas, the new town and the old town.. In the new town there are plenty of bars, clubs and restaurants to suit everyone’s taste, an ideal opportunity for tourists wanting to dress up on a night out. Another opportunity to dress up is at one of Malia’s biggest festivals of the year, the International Tourism Day festival. This is a perfect chance for locals and tourists to come together and enjoy fantastic Greek traditions. Greek music plays throughout the day, with dancing and tasty delicacies in abundance for everyone to enjoy.

Event: International Tourism Day

When: September 27th

Where: Malia, Crete

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Tenerife, Spain

Tenerife is a fancy dress lover’s dream destination. It is warm all year round, with average temperatures still in the mid-teens even in winter months, so you don’t have to worry about getting cold in skimpy costumes. The island boasts a lively clubbing scene and, if you’re lucky enough to visit in February, you’ll be met by its Tenerife Carnaval!! The main clubbing strip is in Playa de las Americas, where you will find a mixture of bars, karaoke venues and clubs that are open until the sun comes up. If you are looking for something a bit different though, head to the capital of Santa Cruz in February where you will encounter drag queen marathons, parades of bejewelled dancers with feather headdresses and all sorts of other fancy dress spectacles. You will look out of place if you’re not dressed up! Take fancy dress wigs with you as they are easy to pack and take up next to no room.

Event: Carnaval

When: Every February

Where: Festivities are spread out all over the island, but the biggest parties are in Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

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Ayia Napa, Cyprus
Ayia Napa is a party capital where large groups love to dress up and make the most of a night out. A huge choice of clubs, bars, restaurants and beaches mean there’s always new fancy dress themes to embrace. Castle Club is the largest club in Cyprus and plays music that everyone will love to dance to, whether dressed as ninja turtles or in beachwear from an afternoon in the sun. If you visit in October, mix up your evening with the Ayia Napa Medieval Festival – here you’ll see a different side to dressing up, as dancers in traditional costumes perform to live folk songs. However you prepare for a night out, make sure to catch the sunrise from Nissi beach in the morning.

Event: The Ayia Napa Medieval Festival

When:Evenings from 8pm for one week in October.

Where: Ayia Napa Monastery’s Sepheris Square, Cyprus

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Back To School Costumes

Today we are taking you ‘back to school’ with our fancy dress theme. This theme can also be called ‘School Reunion’ , or plain old ‘School Days’. A great chance to reminisce about happy (or horrible) memories!.Back To School Fancy Dress Ideas

Back To School Costume Ideas:

  • Schoolgirl
  • School Boy – easy costumes to put together, we stock some budget schoolboy kits, school ties caps and boaters.
  • Head Teacher, just purchase one of our Teacher gown‘s, mortar board (hat) and a cane
  • School Nurse – wear a matronly style of nurse costume
  • PE Teacher – wear a tracksuit, or other sporting attire
  • Janitor – wear a white Doctor’s coat, or overalls, carrying a mop and wear a cap
  • Dinner Lady – wear an old fashioned cross-over apron, headscarf & rollers
  • Cheerleader – who says it has to be British school?
  • School Play – what role did you do? Now is the time to re-live this humiliation!
  • Team Player – where you in the school team, why not dress up in that?
  • Tudors, Victorians, Vikings and 1940’s are all themes that are covered by the National School curriculum now so it gives plenty of opportunity to dress in one of these themes to give a far broader range of potential costumes.

Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Props & Frocks fancy dress is open today for any last minute Halloween costumes,

Halloween Theme Decorations

Our Skeleton Bride & Groom Decorations

accessories & decorations that you may need.

Some people really go to town decorating their Halloween event, and this year, Props & Frocks has increased its range of Halloween decorations so that your event has a real spooky feel.

From bloody fingers (that are great used in amongst your buffet food!) to a skeleton bride & groom, whatever your budget, we can help you to create the best Halloween party ever!

Our spider web wool can also be used to great effect. One bag goes miles, and it is really cheap. In fact the more you stretch the spider web wool, the better the cobweb effect becomes. For any advice on helping to create your spooky atmosphere just give us a call, or drop us a line.

Whilst we do not want to get into any particularly heavy debate, because it is a Sunday, we thought we might deal with the concerns some people have about Halloween being anti-religious and helping promote the Darkside. The point is that everyone is entitled their own beliefs and opinions and in most things, for every force there has to be an equal and opposite counter-force. The Chinese call it Ying and Yang, and although Halloween might be on Wednesday October 31st, it is followed by an equivalently-sized All Saints Day on Thursday November 1st.

Unfortunately, there are not quite so many Saints costumes on the market as there are Halloween outfits (possibly the costuming equivalent of the devil having all the best tunes), but here at Props & Frocks we have never shirked from celebrating an obscure saint’s day or cultural event, should the opportunity arise. Besides, if you feel Halloween is giving the Devil too much due, you can always move to a multi-cultural basis for your celebrations – the Mexicans celebrate a Day of the Dead around this time of the year (we will be mentioning it again soon) and the occupants of several oriental countries, who are noted for honouring their dead ancestors, traditionally have a Ghost Day on the fifteen day of the seventh month of the lunar year. Unfortunately, there is no fixed equivalent date for this in the Western Gregorian calendar as, like Chinese New Year, the date varies every year. In so many ways, the Orientals do things differently!

Discounts For School Costumes

Following on from yesterday’s piece regarding kids school costumes, we neglected to

Cheap Book Day Costumes

Robin Hood Costume

remind you that Props & Frocks can set up a discount code for your school.

To take advantage of our cheaper kids costumes, or to find out more details, just ask your school office to contact Rhys Ranson on 01245 327156 to arrange a discount code for your school. Kids love dressing up & it really helps them learn, so our discount code encourages more parents to take part.

We also touched on fairy-tales and story-book costume ideas in yesterday’s piece about National Book Week. This reminded us to mention again that following the outbreak of Snow Whites back in July, a few other much-loved stories and characters are due to get cinematic upgrades and makeovers in the future. In no particular order, there is a prequel to the Wizard of Oz explaining how the ‘wizard’ actually got to Oz and featuring the witches of Oz as central characters (this has nothing to do with the movie of the stage show ‘Wicked’ which is being made into a movie, but apparently not until 2014). Then we have ‘Hansel & Gretel: Witchhunters’, in which we catch up on the siblings fifteen years on from the traumatic gingerbread house incident and find they have ditched the traditional Germanic folk-wear in favour of ‘combat gear’ in order to become bounty-hunters. Finally we have Maleficent where Angelina Jolie takes on the mantle of one of Disney’s greatest villainesses. It’s not due until 2014 but it is filming here in Britain at the moment – obviously a lot of CGI work to be done!

The Dark Side Costume Theme

The Dark Side as a costume theme gives for some interesting fancy dress ideas:Dark side Fancy dress ideas

Today is the 13th anniversary of the last full solar eclipse in the UK (August, 11th, 1999). Given how some people feel about the number thirteen, this got us thinking about a Dark Side event. Now whilst a new episode of the popular Darkside video game has been due this summer, and others with a little too much time on their hands might recall the fact that you can apparently run the Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon album alongside the Wizard of Oz film (you start the music after the MGM lion has roared) and get some interesting interplay, we were just thinking of something where you can be wicked for once and show your dark side. Given that Angelina Jolie is doing just that in her new ‘Maleficent’ film, we then got to thinking whether it works the other way – can villains have a lighter side? We all know that many of them have pets – Maleficent has Diablo, her raven, Blofeld has his cat and Dr Evil, Mr Bigglesworth, but beyond that, what? Even when there is not a solar eclipse, between the extremes of light and dark and black and white, there are many shades of grey, but then that is a whole different area of interest.

Cat Costumes

Today, we look at cat costume ideas. Whether you decide to purchase a complete cat fancy dresscostume or a cat accessory such as a tail, ears or mask, it is a flexible and easy costume to put together.

After gorillas yesterday, we go from one extreme to the other and consider catsuits, inspired by Anne Hathaway’s recent turn as Catwoman. Miss Hathaway is on record as saying that the suit was something of a tyrant in as much as she kept panicking that it might suddenly not fit. The figure-hugging look is indeed one that not everyone feels they can carry off (Hathaway’s predecessor, Michelle Pfeiffer was almost sown into her PVC costume to maintain the right look) but when it works, it works.

Cats is a great costume theme, although tending to be a bit biased towards the ladies, there are lots of male cat costume ideas as well, why not take a look at our page dedicated to cat costumes and how to get the look you want?

In a different field on entertainment, the catsuit/jumpsuit variation, the ‘onesie’ is becoming popular amongst pop stars, including its principal champion, Jessie J. whose collection of outfits from designer Pam Hogg continues to dazzle. Whilst there are not too many of these more glizzy outfits on the costume market, we have found some people making good use of their Bowie/Ziggy Stardust jumpsuits as a work-around.

Bad Taste Costume Party

We all love the chance to dress up for a bad taste fancy dress party. This is one costume theme that Bad Taste Costume Ideasdoesn’t necessarily need an entire costume, in fact you may be able to put some mis-matched costumes together from your own wardrobe! At least with a Bad Tast Party, you shouldn’t worry about offending anyone, so everything is possible. However, with this fancy dress theme, please think about how you are going to get to the party and back again – you may not want to be out on the streets in some of these costumes.

Here are a few of our Bad Taste Fancy Dress Ideas:

  • Punks – these really were considered bad taste back in the 70s. We stock a large range of punk accessories to help you to complete your outfit
  • Pregnant Nun. You could also use other religious type costumes with inappropriate props!
  • Blow Up Sheep – don’t think we need to say more!
  • Hitler
  • Osama Bin Laden costume
  • A Mankini
  • Normal clothing with very hairy armpits – we do stock theatrical hair to complete this look
  • Some of our novelty costumes have larger parts of anatomy and are worth having a look for a bad taste costume party, they include costumes such as a flasher, groping granny and a Knight To Remember

In theory the ‘The Dictator’ hits cinemas today (We say ‘in theory’ because recently a few of the major films we have been mentioning have had their release dates changed and it can wreak havoc with our credibility). Anyway, back to The Dictator, which is the latest film (and character) from Sacha Baron Cohen. Some of you may recall that Cohen achieved a little advanced publicity for this film by turning up in full costume and disrupting the red carpet preliminaries at the last Oscars ceremony, and the film itself, dealing with an oppressive dictator and his ’adventures’ in America, has all the same satirical elements of Cohen’s past work. Given that the comedian has been responsible for Ali G,. Borat, and the dubious minimalist look that is the Mankini, this new character may have some potential at your next ‘Great Dictators of the World’, ‘Heroes & Villains’ or ‘Bad Taste’ party.