How About Having a Mad Hair Themed Party?

Never let it be said that Props n Frocks cannot come up with some great ideas or excuses for your next fancy dress party.

Pop wigs - Various Colours Available

Pop wigs - Various Colours Available

We thought we’d throw a really wacky excuse for a weird wig event into the mix. In 1905  Charles Nessler, a German hairstylist, created the first permanent wave. This involved using curlers covered in borax paste and attached to heat through electric wires. Apparently this technique took 12 hours and was extremely expensive (we’re not sure if the electricity cost was included in the price).. Not so, at Props n Frocks where our fantastic selection of fancy dress wigs in different colours and styles allows you to change your hair virtually immediately for a very small price!

Now we know that not everyone likes to wear a wig, so why not purchase a can of our coloured hairspray to achieve a very cost effective mad hair look.

If you are hosting a ‘Mad Hair’ party we would recommend you  purchase a few spare wigs, just in case someone ‘forgets’ their own one – this way your party will be a huge hit and helps the party to get going immediately.