80’s Fancy Dress Costumes

If you need inspiration for an 80s themed party, look no further than, Mark Knopfler who was born on August 12th (same day as my brother) 1941. Best known for being in Dire Straits – it happens to the best of us – he also produced music for films such as ‘Local Hero’ and ‘The Princess Bride’ and his band’s music graces the soundtracks of numerous films. It was, of course, the Brothers in Arms album (1985) that is credited as being the groundbreaking first million-selling album on the CD format. To many Knopfler was Dire Straits as few people know who else was in the band (his brother David, John Illsley and Pick Withers (later replaced by Terry Williams)), since you ask.
As the ‘Straits’ were a major influence on the Eighties, this might form the basis of a theme event. You might even work some costume ideas based on Dire Straits song titles – Romeo & Juliet, Sultans of Swing? Pop down to us here at Props n Frocks for some Private Investigation into Our Latest Trick. We’re not So Far Away!

Props n Frocks has a great range of 1980s costumes, including Freddie Mercury outfits, Madonna (her 80s and 90s look) and Michael Jackson costumes. We also stock a large range of neon accessories including wigs, gloves and glasses. Let’s not forget that punk was still around in the 80’s and, of course, Props n Frocks stocks punk costumes and accessories

Goodwood Costumes

We mentioned Goodwood in connection with our 1940s blog. New this year is the Vintage at Goodwood festival, which is happening from August 13th-15th. Aside from being a music event featuring ‘vintage’ artists such as Sandie Shaw, Earth Wind & Fire and Kid Creole & The Coconuts (plus quite a few more modern performers), it promises to offer a complete ‘retro experience’: Not only will it take in the culture of the 1940s, but it will also be exploring the 1950s, 60s, 70s, 80s, up to the present day, with a ‘High Street’ of retro and vintage clothing and accessory outlets. So, if you want to be part of that event, we will be pleased to help kit you out in a fancy dress costume of the era of your choice. Props n Frocks stocks a huge range of 1950s costumes, 1960s & 70’s costumes, and of course, we stock 1980s costumes as well.

Also ‘Of the 40s’ is the Twinwood Festival, held over the late August Bank Holiday (August 28th-30th), which dedicates itself to jazz, swing and Big Band music, and also incorporates a Glenn Miller celebrational event. The festival is held at the Twinwood airfield, Bedfordshire. Festival goers are encouraged to get into the spirit by dressing up in 1940s costume.

I actually attended The Goodwood Revival a couple of years ago. My group of friends all dressed up in 1950s costumes and 1940s uniforms. The weather was terrible, which did ruin the weekend a bit, to be honest, but, we thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience and dressing up in costume made the entire weekend so much fun. All the people who had dressed up seemed to get more out of this terrific event, which looks like will be even better this year with the addition of ‘vintage’. Please let us know how you enjoy the weekend if you go this year.

New Costumes Just In

The costume range of an 80s themed fancy dress party just gets better and better. Props n Frocks now stocks a factory worker, suitable to wear as an Oompa Loompa costume, from Charlie & The Chocolate Factory. We also now have blue gnomes, suitable to wear as a Smurf costume.

We will always keep you up date with new costumes and accessories that we get in every week.

Props n Frocks has all the Accessories to Complete a 1980s Outfit

While Props n Frocks sells an exciting range of different 1980s fancy dress costumes, one size does not fit all as far as style is concerned and quite often, a touch of individual customisation is desired. For this, the shop sells a number of extra accessories including wigs and jewellery, but also everything from chokers, hats, make-up, bracelets and fishnet fingerless gloves – in a variety of colours – to machetes, fake blood, chainsaws and masks. These accessories include both those to suit a general look, from punk to New Romantic, and that of a specific pop, film or TV star; including moustaches (Freddie Mercury) and silver sequinned gloves (Michael Jackson).

Props n Frocks sells a range of wigs designed to suit 1980s style costumes. These include a layered mullet style male Bee Gees wig, the Cher Curly Wig, the 1980s Rock Star wig and the punk rocker style Spiky Budget Black Wig, with many of these wigs being available in various colours and to suit various budgets. The shop also sells jewellery potentially suitable for 1980s fancy dress, from bracelets to clip-on rings. In addition to these items, the shop also sells accessories in other sections of the site, such as the Historical or Films sections, which may be suitable for the customisation of fancy dress costumes depending on the exact desired look. To find out more about the complete range of 80s fancy dress accessories and costumes available to buy, just visit the Props n Frocks website now.

Ideas for 1980s Costumes Themed around Films

Many of the most popular 1980s fancy dress costumes are based on the decade’s pop, rock or TV stars, but they are not the only sources of inspiration for a great costume. Also worth considering are 80s costumes themed around films, such as:

  • Airplane,
  • Back to the Future,
  • Beetlejuice,
  • Beverley Hills Cop,
  • The Blues Brothers,
  • Ghostbusters,
  • The Indiana Jones series,
  • A Nightmare on Elm Street
  • The Rambo series,
  • Robocop,
  • Scarface,
  • Star Wars, and
  • Top Gun.

Props n Frocks sell a range of outfits and accessories based around 1980s movies. Full costume sets include the Freddy Krueger Costume and Blister Pack; the official costume for A Nightmare on Elm Street, as well as a Ghostbusters costume that consists of a jumpsuit and inflatable back pack.

Also available are several outfits based around the cult film Friday the 13th, including the Mechanic Jason Overalls Costume and the Jason Costume Blister pack; a licensed costume kit consisting of a screen printed blood stained tunic, a blood stained cleaver and mask. Also available to complete these particular costumes are ‘bloody’, chainsaws, machetes and masks.

Also on sale is the replica licensed Darth Vader Mask, as seen in the original Star Wars trilogy. Fancy dress costumes such as these are practically guaranteed to make your outfit the most authentic and original of the party.

To find out more about the huge range of fancy dress costumes and accessories available in the shop across many different categories, just take a look at the Props n Frocks website.

Ideas for Costumes Themed around 1980s TV Shows

Although many attendees of fancy dress parties tend to go dressed as pop, rock or film stars, from Madonna and Michael Jackson to Freddie Mercury and Adam Ant, there are also many other themes to base a great costume around. Among these are outfits based around 1980s TV shows, ranging from The Dukes of Hazzard, Miami Vice, Baywatch, Airwolf and Magnum P.I. to Dynasty, Dallas, Fame, Knight Rider, A-Team, ‘Allo ‘Allo and Blackadder. There are even 1980s cartoon characters to potentially base an 80s costume around, ranging from Danger Mouse and Bananaman to He-Man and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Full fancy dress costumes based around 1980s TV shows that are already in stock at Props n Frocks include the licensed Miami Vice Tubbs costume, which consists of a grey suit, glasses and police badge. For those not afraid to improvise and customise their fancy dress outfits further, it is also well worth looking through supposedly unrelated sections of the website, such as the Historical section for making those finishing touches to a Blackadder costume. It is an exciting quest to embark on to design a truly individual costume at those moments when an off-the-shelf version is not available, and indeed to complete these looks it is well worth having a browse through the full range of jackets, trousers, dresses, wigs, jewellery and other 1980s fancy dress accessories available at Props n Frocks, which can be done either from the shop in Essex or online.

Take a Look at the Props n Frocks Range of 1980s Style Wigs

The process of achieving the ultimate look for an 1980s fancy dress themed party does not stop with the right off-the-shelf fancy dress outfits. Whether one wishes to resemble a specific pop, rock or film star of the decade, from Michael Jackson to Alice Cooper, or simply a general look such as Punk or New Romantic, pulling it off also depends on adopting authentic headwear.

Props n Frocks has all the wigs in stock to complete 1980s style costumes. These include afro wigs, a mullet style male Bee Gees wig, a spiky Alice Cooper style wig and the Cher Curly Wig, which is of a long length with a fringe. Also available is the 1980s Rockstar wig, which is another long length wig with spiky top layers. For individuality, extra fancy dress accessories such as big hair bows could also be added to many wigs. Props n Frocks sells its wigs in a number of different colours, including blonde and black. Budget versions of a chosen wig may also be available.

Props n Frocks also sell products across a number of other categories that may be suitable for 1980s fancy dress costumes. These include everything from glasses, gloves, microphones and moustaches to chokers, bracelets and beards. It must be kept in mind though that for hygiene reasons, the shop cannot refund its wigs as per the usual returns policy. For top quality 80s costumes, wigs and accessories, Props n Frocks is the number one choice.