1980s Fancy Dress Theme

Today’s fancy dress theme suggestion is the 80’s…Today we celebrate the birthday of Bo Derek, born in 1956. Some will say “Who?”, and it’s true that she has now somewhat faded from the star scene, but in her day she was one of the sex symbols of the 1980s. She was first seen in 1979 as Dudley Moore’s object of desire in ‘10’, (where she also started a brief craze for cornrow braided hairstyles). With a little help from her film director husband, she undertook other, sometimes ill-judged, projects designed to show off her talents including a version of Tarzan in which, as Jane, she ended up naked and painted white! The 1984 film ‘Bolero’ where she played the love interest to a matador and again managed to lose her clothes rather finished her film career, but she was an undoubted star of her times and in her honour, we’re suggesting 1980s as a theme.

Now, 1980s as a fancy dress theme is growing in momentum as the choice of  80s fancy dress outfits gets larger every year. although still not as popular as 60s and 70s themed events, it will no doubt become as popular in the years to come.

So what 80s  fancy dress costumes can we offer you today? Well, you can get your costume inspiration from films, released in the 80’s. These include:

  • A Nightmare on Elm Street – we stock a great range of Freddy Kruegar outfits. Two films were released in the 80s
  • Airplane – We stock pilots hats. Two films were released inthe 80s
  • An American Werewolf in London – we have a great range of werewolf accessories
  • Batman – An iconic costume, which of course, we stock!
  • Beetlejuice – We stock a great range of Beetlejuice costumes and accessories
  • Blues Brothers – a great costume idea for a couple. We stock the blues brothers hats, glasses and ties.
  • Friday The 13th – We stock the licensed Jason costumes and accessories to create this look
  • Ghostbusters – a great idea for a group fancy dress costume
  • Officer & a Gentleman – all the ladies love a man in a uniform, so now is a great chance to dress up like Richard Gere

You are certainly spoilt for choice for costumes based on films, the above is only a very small selection of what you could wear.

You could also look at the popstar route:

  • Freddy Mercury – a pop / rock icon and sadly missed. We stock a Freddy Mercury style costume
  • Michael Jackson – we stock the Thriller style costume as well as the military jacket and sequinned gloves to complete your outfit
  • Madonna – Back in her ra-ra days. We stock a great costume, ideal for Madonna

What about looking at television series that were big in the 80’s? Below is a small selection that may give you some costume inspiration…

  • The A Team – a new Mr T headpiece is available to purchase now (about time!)
  • Baywatch
  • Black Adder – various histoircal eras to choose for this fantastic television series, we particularly like our Tudor man costume to wear for this character.
  • Star Trek – The Next Generation
  • Knight Rider
  • The Young Ones

As you can see, the costume choices are endless, and Props n Frocks has a great range of 80s costumes, in stock and available for a next working day delivery option, if you need the item very quickly.

80’s Fancy Dress Costumes

If you need inspiration for an 80s themed party, look no further than, Mark Knopfler who was born on August 12th (same day as my brother) 1941. Best known for being in Dire Straits – it happens to the best of us – he also produced music for films such as ‘Local Hero’ and ‘The Princess Bride’ and his band’s music graces the soundtracks of numerous films. It was, of course, the Brothers in Arms album (1985) that is credited as being the groundbreaking first million-selling album on the CD format. To many Knopfler was Dire Straits as few people know who else was in the band (his brother David, John Illsley and Pick Withers (later replaced by Terry Williams)), since you ask.
As the ‘Straits’ were a major influence on the Eighties, this might form the basis of a theme event. You might even work some costume ideas based on Dire Straits song titles – Romeo & Juliet, Sultans of Swing? Pop down to us here at Props n Frocks for some Private Investigation into Our Latest Trick. We’re not So Far Away!

Props n Frocks has a great range of 1980s costumes, including Freddie Mercury outfits, Madonna (her 80s and 90s look) and Michael Jackson costumes. We also stock a large range of neon accessories including wigs, gloves and glasses. Let’s not forget that punk was still around in the 80’s and, of course, Props n Frocks stocks punk costumes and accessories

Goodwood Costumes

We mentioned Goodwood in connection with our 1940s blog. New this year is the Vintage at Goodwood festival, which is happening from August 13th-15th. Aside from being a music event featuring ‘vintage’ artists such as Sandie Shaw, Earth Wind & Fire and Kid Creole & The Coconuts (plus quite a few more modern performers), it promises to offer a complete ‘retro experience’: Not only will it take in the culture of the 1940s, but it will also be exploring the 1950s, 60s, 70s, 80s, up to the present day, with a ‘High Street’ of retro and vintage clothing and accessory outlets. So, if you want to be part of that event, we will be pleased to help kit you out in a fancy dress costume of the era of your choice. Props n Frocks stocks a huge range of 1950s costumes, 1960s & 70’s costumes, and of course, we stock 1980s costumes as well.

Also ‘Of the 40s’ is the Twinwood Festival, held over the late August Bank Holiday (August 28th-30th), which dedicates itself to jazz, swing and Big Band music, and also incorporates a Glenn Miller celebrational event. The festival is held at the Twinwood airfield, Bedfordshire. Festival goers are encouraged to get into the spirit by dressing up in 1940s costume.

I actually attended The Goodwood Revival a couple of years ago. My group of friends all dressed up in 1950s costumes and 1940s uniforms. The weather was terrible, which did ruin the weekend a bit, to be honest, but, we thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience and dressing up in costume made the entire weekend so much fun. All the people who had dressed up seemed to get more out of this terrific event, which looks like will be even better this year with the addition of ‘vintage’. Please let us know how you enjoy the weekend if you go this year.

New Costumes Just In

The costume range of an 80s themed fancy dress party just gets better and better. Props n Frocks now stocks a factory worker, suitable to wear as an Oompa Loompa costume, from Charlie & The Chocolate Factory. We also now have blue gnomes, suitable to wear as a Smurf costume.

We will always keep you up date with new costumes and accessories that we get in every week.

14th June 2010

As part of a publicity stunt to raise public awareness of the importance of free public libraries, New York Central library was recently invaded by ghosts. Admittedly they were the basic white sheet with two eye-holes variety, but given this threat to the solemnity of the reading room, who you gonna call? Yes, Ghostbusters! True to form, in a homage to the classic scene from the 1984 film, four fearless dudes, complete with proton packs, moved in to clear the infestation, to the amusement and applause of the assembled library users. The whole event was captured for the benefit of YouTube, and hence can be enjoyed by all. Isn’t costuming in the community wonderful?

If you want to face the ghosts straight on, why not get your own Ghostbuster Fancy Dress costume? A great costume choice for a Halloween themed party but also great for a film or 80s theme as well.

How to Pick the Best Fancy Dress Outfits

Anyone looking for the perfect fancy dress outfits will undoubtedly have a lot of options in mind. It can seem difficult to know which one to go for, so here are a few tips on how to pick the perfect costume.

First up, it’s important to have a theme and stick to it. A specific decade or era would be a great place to start, and in that vein 80s fancy dress outfits are becoming increasingly popular. It’s a good idea to base the costume on a film, genre or even celebrity, and luckily there are plenty of options to suit just about everyone.

Once an idea is in place, it’s important to go somewhere that has a great selection of fancy dress outfits to choose from if the right decision is to be made. There are a lot of costume retailers out there, but the best option is bound to be Props n Frocks.

Props n Frocks has a great selection of all kinds of costumes, including a fantastic array of 80s fancy dress ideas. There are choices to suit everyone no matter what they’re looking for, and with great prices there’s no need to look anywhere else.

So, choosing the best fancy dress outfits largely depends on the theme that’s chosen and the place that’s visited to find them. 80s fancy dress would be well worth considering for the sheer variety of costumes that can be created, and for a great selection of fancy dress outfits Props n Frocks should definitely be considered.

How to Throw the Perfect 80s Fancy Dress Party

80s nights are becoming more and more popular, and it really isn’t hard to see why. The decade has become fashionable again, making 80s fancy dress great fun to try out. So, to help anyone throw the perfect 80s fancy dress party, here are just a few tips on how to make it a huge success.

•    Make sure that everyone will wear appropriate fancy dress costumes. The decade even offers scope for people who don’t normally like to dress up, so there’s no excuse for non-compliance.
•    Have plenty of 80s music throughout the fancy dress party, either through a DJ (depending on the size and budget of the event) or through a mix tape – what could be more 80s?
•    There should ideally be a film room or white screen that’s available to show iconic films of the decade.
•    Cocktails became popular in the 80s, so a fully-stocked cocktail bar should always be available for guests at any 80s fancy dress party.
•    Everyone will be looking to the host for inspiration, so as such it’s essential that they put proper time and effort into their fancy dress costumes.
•    Keep a can of hairspray in all bathrooms for women to keep their hair as big as possible.

These are just a few tips on how to throw the perfect 80s fancy dress party, but the most important point to remember is to have a killer outfit. Fancy dress costumes can be found from a range of places, but for a great selection of all kinds of 80s fancy dress, customers should always check out Props n Frocks to see what can be found.