All Things British – Fancy Dress Theme

It’s a well known fact that us British are thought to be eccentric by the rest of the world, well let’s show them that we are all completely mad with an All Things British Fancy Dress George & The Dragon Fancy Dress Themed party today!

Even though it’s Sunday, dawn will see many strange costumed creatures emerging from their lairs to welcome the day. These will be Morris Men (and Women) who see Mayday as the traditional first day of summer and therefore the start of their dance ‘season’. Some will merely mark this with a few dances at dawn and then, after a breakfast and possibly a few early ales, a day of dance at local hostelries and venues. Others will be more ambitious and include a giant walking (and occasionally dancing bush, The Jack in the Green, in their celebrations. In other areas of folklore, May 1st (or at least its eve) has marked one of the major witches’ sabbats, Beltane, which means it is six months to Halloween. Today’s theme – if you need one – ‘There’s nowt so strange as Folk’! Or, if this is too difficult, why not ‘All Things British’

We’ve some great British costume ideas but if you still need more costume inspiration, just think of famous Britains’ (and there have been a few!). And, if all else fails, what about some of The Little Britain Character Costumes?