Famous People Fancy Dress Theme

Our fancy dress theme today was a bit problematic as it was difficult to tie in a suitable theme. We have quite a few celebrities celebrating a birthday today, so we decided to have aMarilyn Monroe Fancy Dress Outfits Famous People fancy Dress theme

Amongst those celebrating today are Grace Jones (the singer and model who famously attacked chat-show host Russell Harty for ignoring her), Pete Townshend of The Who, and Lily Cole, a red-headed model famous for her waif-like look and developing acting career (she was in the Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus and featured as a Siren in  the Dr Who episode ‘Curse of the Black Spot’ a week or so ago). Yet today, we also have the strange case of the birthday that wasn’t: On this day in 1962 Marilyn Monroe performed her famous rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’ to President John F Kennedy at Madison Square Garden, the problem being that it wasn’t actually his birthday until ten days later. Nonetheless the president commented ‘He could now retire from politics having had Happy Birthday sung in such a sweet way’. Incidentally, the song ‘Happy Birthday’ will next year celebrate its centenary of first appearing in print – we will doubtless be mentioning the fact at the appropriate time.

Famous people is a huge theme with countless costuming possibilities, some areas that you may want to look at for your fancy dress outfits are:

  • Pop Stars, we stock a huge range of pop star costumes from Cheryl Cole, Boy George, Madonna, Freddy Mercury, Adam Ant, Abba, The Beatles to name just a few
  • Movie Stars, again a theme in it’s own right, take a look at this blog with loads of  movie star costume ideas. It is always a good idea to wear a costume that the movie star wore in a film. For example you could wear a naval officer for Richard Gere from An Officer & a Gentleman’.
  • Politicians, we stock many of the British & American leaders
  • Television Stars –  Take a look at our Del Boy & Rodney Masks
  • Kings & Queens
  • Historical Figures such as William Shakespeare, Caesar or Cleopatra

Romantic Couples Fancy Dress Ideas…

Today’s blog is all about costume ideas for romantic couples. Now, we get asked all the time for couples costumes and it can be harder than you think to get 2 people in costumes that they both like and fit them both equally.

On 23rd March 1990, in the US the film ‘Pretty Woman’ premiered (it was released June 1st in Britain). A variation on the Cinderella story, it tells of a ruthless businessman (Richard Gere) who hires a street-girl (Julia Roberts) as an escort but ends up falling for her (bit of a spoiler there, but most people know the Cinderella story anyway). The film was Roberts’ breakthrough role and although she has not been as active in the movies recently, we are told she is soon to play the Wicked Stepmother in a remake of Snow White – Pretty Woman to Wicked Queen-cum-Old Crone in twenty-one years.

Anyway, under the circumstances we thought a good suggestion for today’s theme would be ‘Romantic Couples’.  Aside from Cinderella and her Prince Charming, we have other fairytale and storybook characters including Shrek and Princess Fiona, King and Queen of Hearts, or what about looking at our historical costumes such as Romeo and Juliet, Robin Hood and Maid Marion or Cleopatra and Caesar (or Mark Anthony).

We have written some other blogs with loads of couple fancy dress ideas, take a look, and live happily ever after…

Romantic Couples Fancy Dress Theme

Today, we are suggesting that you have a ‘romantic couples’ fancy dress theme.  As regular readers of this blog will know, we

Robin Hood & Maid Marion

Robin Hood & Maid Marion

 try and see what has happened on this date in history to give you inspiration for your next  costume theme. The cartoonist Charles Schulz, creator of ‘Peanuts’, was born on November 26th 1922. As we celebrated the Peanuts characters a few weeks back and although there was an unrequited ‘thing’ between Charlie Brown and the ‘Little Red-Haired Girl’, today we celebrate two of the most romantic films of all time. ‘Casablanca’ (1942 – US) and ‘Brief Encounter’ (1945 – UK) both had premieres on this day. As both films are set in the 1940s – not some people’s favourite era for obvious reasons – costuming for these specific films may be a problem, but this is an opportunity for a Romantic Couples event (even if things did not work as romantically as Rick had planned in ‘Casablanca’, he’ll always have Paris!)

As always, we welcome the couples costumes that you have worn in the past to a romantic couples fancy dress party – it really helps our other readers.

This is a huge theme and the costume list endless, but we have a short list of couples fancy dress ideas below:

  • Pretty Woman – an easy pair. The ladies wear a pretty 80’s style costume and the men can get away with wearing a dinner suit.
  • Cleopatra & Mark Antony – we stock a lovely Queen of The Nile that is ideal for a Cleopatra costume and a range of Roman soldier costumes that are suitable for a Mark Antony outfit
  • Scarlett O’Hara & Rhett Butler – use one of our lovely Southern Belle costumes for Scarlett
  • Nelson & Josephine
  • Henry VIII & one of his doomed wives!
  • Romeo & Juliet – we stock a lovely Juliet style costume
  • Queen Victoria & Prince Albert

Go on, we are sure that you can think of many more than that!

Comical Fancy Dress

As you know, we try and look back into history to give you some different reasons to hold your own fancy dress party. On September 8th 1966, the first motorway bridge over the River Severn was opened, making it a lot easier for the M4 to get to Wales (and for the Welsh to travel to England). We were going to say that a Bridge Night might be on the cards but that would lead to some flippant card-game puns and people who couldn’t deal with it might lose their Patience (told you!). Instead we could celebrate one of the other good things to come out of Wales – Harry Secombe who was born on this date in 1921. Some will remember him for his singing – he was a regular on ‘Songs of Praise’ and starred in the Dickens-based musical ‘Jorrocks’ – but most will know him as one of the Goons, and as, coincidentally, his co-Goon Peter Sellers was also born on this day in 1925 (both Goon, but not forgotten), we thought a Comedy Night or Joke Karaoke might work.

Now holding a comical fancy dress party really opens up the theme (as most fancy dress cotumes once worn are very funny, no matter the theme), but we are thinking more of really stupid costumes. For example, last weekend I attended a fancy dress party as a Wacky Tourist. The costume is hilarious anyway, but I made it even more funny by wearing socks and sandals and I made up my face so that it looked like I had terrible sunburn (complete with huge panda eyes). I carried a phrase book (which I made up myself, with all the standard phrases a typical stereotypical Brit would need abroad) and I also had some St. George flags. It is the little details that you can add to a standard costume to make it truly fantastic!

Props n Frocks stocks a huge range of novelty fancy dress costumes – ideal for you to wear at a Comical Fancy Dress Party!

Couples Fancy dress

Often we are asked for fancy dress costumes suitable for couples to dress up in and do we have a great choice of costumes at Props n Frocks. There have been so many famous couples that it is releatively easy to find great costumes. For example, what about a Robin Hood costume, either paired with Friar Tuck, or a Maid Marion costume. As Halloween approaches how about a Morticia Addams & Uncle Fester costume
August 23rd – Romance is on our mind today as we mark the passing in 1926 of Rudolph Valentino and the birth of Gene Kelly in 1912. Best known for his smouldering Latino looks in silent screen roles such as ‘The Sheik’ (add a ladies belly dancer costume for a great couples fancy dress idea) and ‘Blood and Sand’ (where he played a matador – just add a ladies Spanish costume for another couples costume), Valentino was arguably the first movie ’heart-throb’. Such was the impact of his death that he had to have two funerals. The first, in New York, where he actually died, was marked with thousands lining the streets as the funeral vehicles passed, and reports of suicides by despondent fans. The body was then transported by train to the West Coast for a funeral held at Beverly Hills and his eventual burial in a crypt at Hollywood.

Gene Kelly is, of course best known for that dance routine from ‘Singing in the Rain’ but had a long and distinguished career in films and musicals. His last big screen appearance was with Olivia Newton John in the rollerdrome movie ‘Xanadu’ (1980). In honour of these two screen idols, we suggest that a Romantic Couples event could prove quite popular.

Why not let us know all of your couple fancy dress ideas?

Co-Ordinate Couples Fancy Dress Costumes to Impress At Any Party

Finding the perfect fancy dress outfits can often seem tricky. People always want to make an effort and to stand out from the crowd, but it can sometimes be difficult to know where to start. But, a sure-fire way to impress is to indulge in couple’s fancy dress costumes.

Co-ordinating couple’s fancy dress costumes will really show that effort has been put in, and will surely impress any other guests at the party. It looks far better than turning up in completely separate outfits, and also shows that the couple in question doesn’t mind displaying their affection for each other.

Luckily, there are plenty of avenues that can be gone down when it comes to couple’s fancy dress costumes. There’s the option of doctors and nurses, Robin Hood and Maid Marion, or maybe Morticia and Gomez Addams for a Halloween party. Then, to hit the 80s fancy dress market at the same time, there’s even the option of going as Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey from the ever-popular Dirty Dancing. The list is endless, and there’s bound to be something appropriate to suit just about any couple.

To really get a great selection of potential couple’s fancy dress costumes, Props n Frocks has everything that could be required. They have costumes from all eras and in all genres, and there’s bound to be something to keep all couples happy. So, for couple’s fancy dress costumes of all kinds, fancy dress shop Props n Frocks should be the first and only port of call.

Which Halloween Costume should I wear?

Last year went ever so quickly and without sounding too depressing, this year will be also be gone before we know it and it will be Halloween again. Halloween is the perfect time to have a fancy dress party and dress up in a fancy dress outfit.

There is absolutely no shortage of fancy dress costumes for you to choose from and more recently there has become an array of couples fancy dress costumes, related to Halloween for you to have your pick – if you choose early.

There are some modern fancy dress costumes for you to choose from, although many people do have a tendency to go with the more traditional Halloween fancy dress costumes, such as the wicked witch, the evil devil or the blood sucking vampire.

Vampire and werewolf fancy dress costumes have made a come back more recently due to many related major movies and television series being released.

No longer do you have to wear black bin liners as part of your costume, as there are so many fancy dress hire costumes available of such high quality now.

Shopping for a fancy dress costume online is a great way to look for your outfit, as you can browse at your own leisure in the comfort of your own home. If you are looking for a fancy dress costume, then here at fancy dress shop PropsnFrocks we have a huge range of Halloween costumes for you to choose from and they are guaranteed to grab the attention of your fellow party goers.