Stars In Your Eyes Fancy Dress Party

Today in honour of Simon Cowell’s 51st birthday we thought an Xtra Special theme was called for. Naturally he is noted for his role in the X-Factor and as he shares his birthday

Beatles Style Fancy Dress Costume

Beatles Style Fancy Dress Costume

with the actress & singer June Allyson (born 1917, died July 2006) and the singer Alesha Dixon, (born in 1978) we just had to advocate a Karaoke X-Factor or ‘Stars in their Eyes’ tribute night. So think about your favourite pop star, singer or musician and head down to Props n Frocks, where you will find costumes and accessories for all musical eras.

Take a look at our Michael Jackson costumes, including Thriller, and Freddie Mercury is always a good choice. What about a ladies costume? Well, you could wear one of our fabulous Abba Costumes – some of these fantastic 70s jumpsuits are available in 3 colours and 6 sizes and how could we forget our Madonna outfits? We have so many other costume ideas for this theme, check out our website to get more fabulous costumes.

Elvis Forever Concert In Hyde Park

Many fans of ‘The King’ are expected to attend the concert in London’s Hyde Park today in Elvis costumes, or wearing Elvis Wigs & Glasses.

A host of stars including Tom Jones, Scouting For Girls., Michael Ball and Imelda May to name just a few, will sing Elvis’ greatest hits. Hosted by Chris Evans and Priscilla Presley, this event is a wonderful way to celebrate what would have been Elvis’ 75th year.

Icons – Past & Present Fancy Dress Themed Party

Icons – Past & Present is a great theme for a fancy dress party, but why have we chosen it today?

On September 5th two icons in differing fields were born. 1940 saw the birth of Raquel Welch, whose early film career pre-dated much of today’s celebrity hype but who was, in her day, a major screen sex symbol. This was probably most notable for fronting the poster campaign for the film ‘One Million Years BC’ (1966) in a fur bikini. Other appearances were as ‘Lust’ in the original ‘Bedazzled’ film (1967) and ‘Priestess of the Whip’ in ‘The Magic Christian’ (1969). After the 1960s, she took on more serious and challenging roles (for the most part) such as Fathom, a multi-talented secret agent and a scientist in a miniature submarine in ‘Fantastic Voyage. She has also continued to make TV and movie cameo appearances from time to time since. Meanwhile 1946 saw the birth of Farrokh Bomi Bulsara, who we know better as Freddie Mercury of ‘Queen’. Of course his work and impact on the world stage (in all senses of the term) need little further explanation. A charismatic character who, like many of his kind, passed too early, he was using costumes for creativity, long before today’s Dress-up Divas.

This theme for a fancy dress party gives you and your guests lots of scope for costumes. We have so many ideas, what about these for a few suggestions…
Elvis Costume – you are sure to hear the joke ‘Elvis has just left the building’ – we hear it every day in the fancy dress shop. uh huh!
Marilyn Monroe Costumes
Audrey Hepburn Outfit
Freddie Mercury (of course, we could leave him off this list).

As I have already said, this list could go on and on, and these are just dead icons. Why not drop us a line and let us know what costume you decide to go to the fancy dress party in.