Famous People Fancy Dress Theme

Our fancy dress theme today was a bit problematic as it was difficult to tie in a suitable theme. We have quite a few celebrities celebrating a birthday today, so we decided to have aMarilyn Monroe Fancy Dress Outfits Famous People fancy Dress theme

Amongst those celebrating today are Grace Jones (the singer and model who famously attacked chat-show host Russell Harty for ignoring her), Pete Townshend of The Who, and Lily Cole, a red-headed model famous for her waif-like look and developing acting career (she was in the Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus and featured as a Siren in  the Dr Who episode ‘Curse of the Black Spot’ a week or so ago). Yet today, we also have the strange case of the birthday that wasn’t: On this day in 1962 Marilyn Monroe performed her famous rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’ to President John F Kennedy at Madison Square Garden, the problem being that it wasn’t actually his birthday until ten days later. Nonetheless the president commented ‘He could now retire from politics having had Happy Birthday sung in such a sweet way’. Incidentally, the song ‘Happy Birthday’ will next year celebrate its centenary of first appearing in print – we will doubtless be mentioning the fact at the appropriate time.

Famous people is a huge theme with countless costuming possibilities, some areas that you may want to look at for your fancy dress outfits are:

  • Pop Stars, we stock a huge range of pop star costumes from Cheryl Cole, Boy George, Madonna, Freddy Mercury, Adam Ant, Abba, The Beatles to name just a few
  • Movie Stars, again a theme in it’s own right, take a look at this blog with loads of  movie star costume ideas. It is always a good idea to wear a costume that the movie star wore in a film. For example you could wear a naval officer for Richard Gere from An Officer & a Gentleman’.
  • Politicians, we stock many of the British & American leaders
  • Television Stars –  Take a look at our Del Boy & Rodney Masks
  • Kings & Queens
  • Historical Figures such as William Shakespeare, Caesar or Cleopatra