Which Halloween Costume should I wear?

Last year went ever so quickly and without sounding too depressing, this year will be also be gone before we know it and it will be Halloween again. Halloween is the perfect time to have a fancy dress party and dress up in a fancy dress outfit.

There is absolutely no shortage of fancy dress costumes for you to choose from and more recently there has become an array of couples fancy dress costumes, related to Halloween for you to have your pick – if you choose early.

There are some modern fancy dress costumes for you to choose from, although many people do have a tendency to go with the more traditional Halloween fancy dress costumes, such as the wicked witch, the evil devil or the blood sucking vampire.

Vampire and werewolf fancy dress costumes have made a come back more recently due to many related major movies and television series being released.

No longer do you have to wear black bin liners as part of your costume, as there are so many fancy dress hire costumes available of such high quality now.

Shopping for a fancy dress costume online is a great way to look for your outfit, as you can browse at your own leisure in the comfort of your own home. If you are looking for a fancy dress costume, then here at fancy dress shop PropsnFrocks we have a huge range of Halloween costumes for you to choose from and they are guaranteed to grab the attention of your fellow party goers.

Ahoy there sailor

When we all think about fancy dress costumes and fancy dress outfits, a lot of people tend to automatically think about clown costumes or princess dressing up costumes. However, there are so many more fancy dress costumes and fancy dress outfits available on the market today for you to choose from.

People dress up in fancy dress outfits for many different reasons, either for birthday parties, engagement parties and stag and hen parties – or just because they like to. One of the most popular fancy dress costumes is the sexy sailor costume, not just for men but also the ladies.

The men’s sailor fancy dress hire costumes usually consists of trousers, a bright white shirt, a sailor’s hat and a neck tie. There are so many great accessories to go with this fancy dress outfit.

Ladies fancy dress costumes often consists of a sexy short blue and white dress with long white stockings and red shoes. This fancy dress outfit will definitely drive the men wild and is guaranteed to turn heads. Also do not forget to accessorise with a hat and fantastic looking make up.

Children can also get in on the act to wear a sailor fancy dress costume. There are many children’s sailor costumes for you to choose from.

If you are looking for a fancy dress costume, then at fancy dress shop PropsnFrocks we have a wide range of fancy dress outfits for you to choose whether it is a sailor’s outfit or something completely our of the ordinary.

The popularity of Fancy Dress

Dressing up in a fancy dress costume or fancy dress outfit is far from being a new found incredible idea. Fancy dress parties and events have been around for many years and passed to generation to generation.

A lot of people seem to believe that fancy dress parties are losing their popularity and eventually you may not be able to get fancy dress costumes any longer. This is certainly a misconception and research has shown that there has been an increase in the purchase and hiring of fancy dress costumes.

A great way to help you decide which fancy dress character you want to dress up as is to watch some films and see which character jumps out and gets your attention as someone you would like dress up as.

To add that little bit more excitement to choosing your fancy dress outfit, you can even pick your accessories to match your fancy dress costumes. There are so many accessories to match every outfit.

One of the best ways to decide upon your fancy dress costume is to choose a theme first of all as that will give you an idea.  It could be an era in history or superheroes, or anything at all.  Consider whether you want to look scary, funny or sexy and choose accordingly.

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Top tips for Fancy Dress ideas

More often than not, picking out a fancy dress costume can be quite time consuming and a lot of hard work, especially if you have no idea what fancy dress costume you want or if you are a fancy dress hire first timer.

One highly popular event that you could dress up for is Halloween. It is not only children that have to have all the fun, so why not have an adult Halloween party? There is no harm in a little bit of early planning and preparation. Halloween costumes sell out fast, as they are always in high demand. Therefore, the earlier you pick your fancy dress costumes the more chance you have of getting just what you want.

Once you have picked your costume, you then need to decide on other aspects of your fancy dress costume, such as whether you need any accessories, such as a wig or any facial hair.

As the demand for fancy dress outfits has increased, then the cost of fancy dress costumes has come down, ensuring that all budgets allow a fancy dress costume.

When choosing the accessories to go with your fancy dress costume, you need to spend just as much time choosing picking these out as you did your fancy dress costume.

Whatever theme or whatever style of fancy dress costumes or fancy dress outfits you require, here at fancy dress shop PropsnFrocks we have the costume that you have been looking for, which will suit any and all of your needs and requirements.

Too many Costumes to choose from

Having a fancy dress party is a great way to act as someone else and lose any inhibitions that you may have. Take this chance to be someone that you have fantasised about being, someone that you perhaps admire and would love to imitate.

Picking your fancy dress costume is a difficult task, but trying to match a fancy dress outfit to your personality may help a little. However, picking a character that is nothing like you can be so much more fun.

If comedy characters are your favourite, then some of the old characters are the best, such as Charlie Chaplin. All you need to do is wear some large baggy pants, a hat and moustache and walk around with a walking stick. Another popular comedy character is a scarecrow or a clown and there are some great quality fancy dress costumes for these.

Popular themed fancy dress costumes consist of cowboys and Indians, pirates and super heroes. These themes are especially good if you are going in couples fancy dress costumes.

Maybe these ideas are too tame and you fancy something a little daring that takes you well out of your comfort zone. Why not try fancy dress hire with something sexy, like a nurse or sexy sailor? Maybe you could take it to the other extreme instead and dress up in a scary fancy dress costume.

There are so many ideas and fancy dress costumes to choose from, and you will need to use your imagination to get the best possible costume that is right for you. Here at fancy dress shop PropsnFrocks we have a huge variety of fancy dress outfits for you to choose from.

Hen and Stag party Fancy Dress

If you are planning to get married, then no doubt you will be planning on having a stag night or a hen party. Over the last few years the themes and ideas for stag and hen nights have changed dramatically.

One of the most popular ideas for a stag or hen party is to dress up in matching fancy dress costumes. Fancy dress outfits allow the person who is wearing them to pretend they are someone else and lose their inhibitions. Often when on a stag or hen party, the proprietors of public houses and night clubs visited by the group give away free drinks and incentives for coming into their pubs or clubs, so it pays to be recognised that you’re in a Hen or Stag group!

If you are considering wearing fancy dress costumes for your hen or stag party then you may like to pick out a theme.

If you are planning on travelling abroad for your stag or hen party, then you need to think about the climate of the country you are going to, as you do not want to wear a fancy dress costume that will make you too hot or one that will leave you freezing and with hypothermia.

Ensure that all your fancy dress outfits match, don’t forget the accessories and most importantly, do not forget your camera.

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Tips for making Fancy Dress make-up

Once you have chosen you perfect fancy dress costume and you are ready to dress up for that special event, you need to remember that your fancy dress make up is just as important as the rest of your fancy dress costume, as this adds to the authenticity of the costume.

Make up helps to make fancy dress costumes complete, so it always better to practice your fancy dress make up prior to going to the party or event.

If you are unsure how your make up should be, then why not look for ideas on the internet, or in books and magazines. Make up may not always be appropriate and is dependent on the character that you have planned to dress up as. For example, if you are planning to dress up as Count Dracula or the Incredible Hulk then your fancy dress make up should reflect the colours that they are.

Have a look at the tips below on how to make your own home made make up:

–    Mix half a teaspoon of cream and half a teaspoon of water with 1 teaspoon of corn starch
–    Now add food colouring to match your character and mix to form a thick paste
–    If you are going as Count Dracula then you will need to be extremely pale, so once you have covered your face in the paste, dust over some talc.

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