The 80s Fancy Dress Costumes That All Women Need to Try

Women looking to indulge in 80s fancy dress costumes will have numerous options to choose from. Ladies fancy dress gives women the chance to be original, imaginative, scary, fun and even sexy, so here are just a few 80s ladies fancy dress ideas that all women need to try.

•    Princess Leia. Princess Leia, the ever-popular Star Wars character, would be ideal for women who want to make any men at the party hot under the collar.
•    Madonna. A Madonna costume is the perfect choice for ladies to get creative, as because she’s had so many looks the possibilities are endless.
•    Cyndi Lauper. Another icon of 80’s music, Cyndi would be another great star to emulate.
•    Fame. This film has recently enjoyed a revival, and with legwarmers, leggings and other 80’s fashion filling clothes stores this look shouldn’t be too hard to achieve.
•    Cocktail dresses. Perhaps slightly tame for a fancy dress party, but cocktail dresses came into their own in the 80’s are perfect for people who aren’t so fond of far-out costumes.
•    Power dressing. Another idea that’s particularly easy to achieve with tailored suits flooding the high street. Think big shoulder pads and even bigger hair to perfectly hit the mark.

These are just a few 80’s fancy dress costumes that would be well worth considering. Ladies fancy dress ideas can come from just about any 80’s film, fashion or trend of the era, and for a place to find even more ideas going to Props n Frocks would definitely be recommended.

Top 1980s Fancy Dress Costumes

Throwing a 1980s fancy dress party can be a huge success, and luckily there are plenty of potential outfits that can be chosen to suit the theme perfectly. So, here are just a few of the most popular 1980s fancy dress costumes to give people a few hints on what to go for.

•    Freddie Mercury. An icon of 80s music, Freddie would be the ideal choice for all fans of him and his band.
•    Madonna. A Madonna costume would be perfect, particularly as there are so many options of what to go for.
•    Fame. This iconic film is still popular to this day, particularly with its recent revival. Day-glo leg warmers, leggings and slouchy, oversized t-shirts are the order of the day.
•    Top Gun. No-once can resist Tom Cruise in his pilot outfit, so any men wanting to impress should bear this in mind.
•    Shell suits. Not the classiest of fancy dress costumes perhaps, but a great choice for anyone who wants to be a bit different in their choice.
•    Blues Brothers. This is quite an easy look to achieve but is incredibly popular, giving a suave and sophisticated look.
•    Village People. With this idea there are plenty of options to consider, so anyone’s bound to find something to suit.

These are just a few of the most popular 1980s fancy dress costumes, and there are sure to be many more besides. Above all it comes down to drawing from films and fashion trends of the day, and for a great selection make sure to check out Props n Frocks for the perfect fancy dress costume.

Punk Style Costumes and Accessories

Punk fashion first arose in the mid-1970s, and continued into the 1980s. The punk style was a response to the supposed pretentiousness and excess of mainstream culture. It was therefore characterised by anti-materialistic and anti-establishment fashion gestures, such as ripped, cheap, dirty and second-hand clothes held together with safety pins, along with spiked and studded jewellery, body piercings and deliberately messy hair; sometimes dyed in unnaturally bright shades.

Other typical punk items of fashion included fishnet stockings for women, while Dr. Martens boots proved popular with both genders. These styles were in opposition to both the long-haired hippie look and the more colourful or expensive styles of contemporary disco.

Props n Frocks stock a range of items suitable for punk style fancy dress costumes. These include wigs such as the Black Mohican Wig and the Alice Cooper style Long Length Spiky Rockstar Wig, which is available in both black and blonde. There are even rubber bald heads available to create a skinhead look to create extra authenticity for your fancy dress.

The store also sells a massive range of punk and rocker accessories for 80s costumes. These include non-piercing jewellery, consisting of rings which can be easily clipped onto a part of the body such as an eyebrow, ear, lip or nose. The store also sells tattoo sleeves, studded gloves, spiked and studded chokers and wristbands, spiked bracelets, metal dog tags on metal chains, black nail varnish and black lipstick. Props n Frocks is the store of choice for a range of 80s outfits and punk style accessories.

The Best Freddie Mercury Fancy Dress Outfits Available Online

As lead singer of the British rock band Queen, Zanzibar-born Freddie Mercury has been an inspirational figure for millions, being much-missed since his death in November 1991. His greatest hits with Queen include such instantly recognisable songs as Bohemian Rhapsody, Crazy Little Thing Called Love, We Will Rock You, We Are the Champions and I Want to Break Free. He is regarded by many to be the greatest rock singer of all time, with his performance with Queen at Live Aid in 1985 one of his most memorable. Just as individual as the music was the fashion sense, with many men today replicating his style for pop or rock star, 1980s, musical and icon themed fancy dress parties around the globe.

Props n Frocks stock two Freddie Mercury style fancy dress costumes, reminiscent of the one he wore in his 1986 Magic Tour performance at Wembley. The first consists of a 100% polyester white jumpsuit and yellow jacket combo, with the jacket being suitable for chest sizes up to 44″. The latter costume consists of a yellow PVC jacket and white trousers, with the jacket being available in three sizes to fit up to a 40″, 42″ or 44″ chest. As well as these 80s outfits, the store also sell a range of Freddie Mercury style accessories to complete the look, including moustaches, wigs and microphones.

Props n Frocks is the place to shop for Freddy Mercury 80s outfits and other eighties fancy dress pop or rock star costumes and accessories.

Strike a Pose with our Madonna Costumes

Madonna is an international favourite for all ages, with astonishing independence and here-to-stay power. Having not necessarily been too highly rated as a natural talent, particularly at the beginning of her career, she went on to prove the doubters wrong with her charisma and chutzpah and continues to top the charts today. Often controversial, she has continually reinvented herself, and with such hit songs and videos spanning the decades as Like a Virgin, Like a Prayer, Vogue and Ray of Light, it is of no surprise that so many women seek to copy her style through a range of Queen of Pop themed fancy dress costumes, jewellery, wigs and other accessories.

The Madonna style ladies fancy dress range at Props n Frocks includes the iconic gold outfit. As well as the famous cone bra, it includes a flesh coloured corset top which is elasticated at the back to fit more flexibly, as well as a hair scrunchie and hot pants. Also available is a dark dress to which could be added whalenet tights, a wig and lace gloves, as well as the 1980s Pop Star Costume with a gold basque. Other costumes available include the 1980s Diva costume, which is another outfit reminiscent of Madonna’s 1980s costume style. It includes a dress, wristbands, leggings, a headpiece, lilac chain and belt. Other accessories on sale to complete the look include tutus, wigs and eyelashes. For the ultimate 1980s Madonna costume, Props n Frocks is the only online fancy dress shop any lady will ever need.

The Thriller of the Party with a Michael Jackson Costume

Michael Jackson was possibly the quintessential world entertainer, and no more iconic was he than in his commercial heyday in the 1980s. Since his untimely death in June 2009, and with landmark albums behind him such as Off the Wall, Thriller and Bad, including the hit songs Beat It, Thriller, Billie Jean and Smooth Criminal, there has been a widespread revival of interest in his life and music.

Given his range of iconic looks, both in his music videos and on stage, it is no surprise that there has also been a renewed interest in 1980s Michael Jackson style fancy dress costumes. Props n Frocks are selling two 80s outfits, not to mention various accessories to complete the look.

Items for sale include the legendary red Thriller outfit, which consists of a red PVC jacket and matching PVC trousers with an elasticated waistband. It is suitable for many fancy dress settings, including 1980s, pop star or icon themed parties, as well as, of course, Halloween.

Also available is a fancy dress black military style jacket with gold buttons and braiding that is slightly more reminiscent of the singer’s later 1980s ‘Bad’ era. The shop also sells all the popular Michael Jackson style accessories, such as overhead and surgical masks, Billie Jean style silver sequinned gloves (wear just one for extra authenticity), afro wigs and glasses. Props n Frocks is the place to shop for a range of 1980s fancy dress outfits and accessories.

Popular 1980s Ladies Fancy Dress Outfits

As it is for men, the 1980s fancy dress style for women is all about excess: bigger, louder and brasher simply ruled in the eighties. To many this means such a predominant style of dress of the era as ra-ra skirts or tailored suits with large shoulder pads, with the flamboyant New Romantic look being particularly popular. Many others, meanwhile, like to dress in the style of specific eighties pop bands, rock stars, superheroes or film icons such as Madonna, Wonder Woman, Fame, Blondie or Bananarama.

Women looking for that perfect outfit to evoke the 1980s power dressing era for their own fancy dress party will find just what they need at Props n Frocks. The shop sells a number of 1980s Madonna style costumes, including the gold outfit with cone bra, hair scrunchie and hot pants, and the 1980s Pop Star Costume with a gold basque. Other costumes available include the 1980s Diva costume (again Madonna inspired), the 80s Funky Pop Star costume with under top, lace over blouse, belt, net and lace skirt and leggings, and the 1980s Snake Jacket, available in assorted colours and sizes.

Additional accessories on sale for women at Props n Frocks include ladies fancy dress jewellery, wigs (such as the Cher Curly Wig), neon or lace gloves, microphones, fishnet tights and chokers. A lady wishing to get hold of a Madonna costume or any other outfit or accessory for a fancy dress party need look no further than Props n Frocks.