Film Heroes & Heroines Fancy Dress Theme

Today, we thought we’d have a Film Heroes & Heroines fancy dress party a today is Rupert Grint’s 22ndHero Costume Ideas birthday, better known as Ron Weasley, from the films of the Harry Potter books which have now reached their conclusion. (Actually it is also Stephen Fry’s birthday – he’s narrated a few of the Harry Potter audio books and games, amongst his multitude of other talents!).  Anyway, as we mentioned a couple of months ago as we were discussing Daniel Radcliffe, the question is ‘What will ‘fill’ the Harry Potter slot’? Obviously there are longer running franchises – after a bit of a break for financial difficulties, James Bond is due to return for a 23rd time – and after the success of the three Lord of the Rings films, we have two based on ‘The Hobbit’ in prospect, but there are few other franchises with which people can ‘grow-up’. The Narnia Chronicles continue, but have not caught the public imagination the way Harry Potter did, and Phillip Pullman’s ‘His Dark Materials’ trilogy foundered at the first hurdle. Nonetheless, there are many other heroes and heroines new and old coming to the cinemas in the near future and you can be assured that where possible, we at Props n Frocks will have the costumes and accessories necessary to turn you into someone else.

Some Ladies Film Hero Costumes for you…

  • Lara Croft
  • Bat Girl
  • Catwoman
  • Wonder Woman – take a look at our range of ladies superhero costumes
  • Trinity – The Matrix
  • Silk Spectre – Watchmen
  • Ellen Ripley – Alien
  • The Bride – Kill Bill
  • Princess Leia

And now for some male Film Hero Costumes…

  • Batman
  • Robin
  • The Hulk
  • Superman
  • Spiderman
  • Rambo
  • Woody
  • Buzz Lightyear – take a look at our Toy Story costumes
  • James Bond
  • Indiana Jones
  • Captain J Kirk
  • Lawrence of Arabia
  • Obi Wan Kenobi
  • Spartacus
  • William Wallace
  • Zorro
  • Neo – The Matrix