Gone With The Wind – Movies Is Today’s Fancy Dress Theme

Movies is today’s fancy dress theme suggestion. For many in Southern England, October 15th 1987 will be remembered as the day/night of the Great Storm where several factors combined to create winds of around 70mph, causing severe structural damage, beaching ships and flattening trees (six out of the seven oaks at Sevenoaks, Kent, blew down). If we

Beetlejuice Fancy Dress

Beetlejuice Fancy Dress

were choosing a theme, Gone With The Wind would suggest itself, but prior to 1987, this date in 1940 saw the release of Charlie Chaplin’s first real ‘talkie’ film, ‘The Great Dictator’ in which he depicts the fortunes of a Jewish barber and the rise of one Adenoid Hynkel (Chaplin played both roles). This satirical film was Chaplin’s most commercially successful, and given that it has its 70th anniversary this year, the ‘Movies’ theme is an obvious choice.

Choosing the theme ‘Movies’ or ‘Films’ gives you and your guests a huge range of costumes to choose from. This theme is also great for couples costumes and even gives a good selection of costumes for those of you looking for some group costume ideas. Some great examples for couples (and groups) film costume include:

Looking at some of other popular movie costumes, these include:

  • Freddy Krueger
  • Jason – Friday The 13th
  • Oliver – various costumes for Oliver, Nancy etc…
  • Harry Potter – an obvious choice for children

This is such a great theme for a costume party, go on you know you want to! Check out our range of film costumes

Movies Fancy Dress Theme

Celebrate the first Cannes Film Festival on the 20th September in 1946 with a ‘Film or Movies’ fancy Dress Party. The Festival had rocky beginnings (the proposed first festival was cancelled because of the outbreak of War) and politics, controversy and hissy-fits still occasionally disrupt this showcase event, which is nowadays usually held in May. In these modern times when everyone can be their own director and access an audience through the Internet, we thought we’d propose a Film Festival theme (a sort of Cannes Karaoke) in which you and your guests can re-enact scenes from favourite of classic movies. We’ve got the props, we’ve got the frocks, you just bring the cast and the clapper-board.

If you broaden this out to a film or movies costume theme, your costume choices are really endless with some great ideas for couples fancy dress costumes including:
Scarlett O’Hara & Rhett Butler from Gone With The Wind; Sandy & Danny from Grease; Superman & Supergirl (in fact there are loads of couple ideas in the superhero costume range)the list goes on and on. Check out our huge selection of film fancy dress costumes for men and women and you too can be a star for the night.