Stars In Your Eyes Fancy Dress Party

Today in honour of Simon Cowell’s 51st birthday we thought an Xtra Special theme was called for. Naturally he is noted for his role in the X-Factor and as he shares his birthday

Beatles Style Fancy Dress Costume

Beatles Style Fancy Dress Costume

with the actress & singer June Allyson (born 1917, died July 2006) and the singer Alesha Dixon, (born in 1978) we just had to advocate a Karaoke X-Factor or ‘Stars in their Eyes’ tribute night. So think about your favourite pop star, singer or musician and head down to Props n Frocks, where you will find costumes and accessories for all musical eras.

Take a look at our Michael Jackson costumes, including Thriller, and Freddie Mercury is always a good choice. What about a ladies costume? Well, you could wear one of our fabulous Abba Costumes – some of these fantastic 70s jumpsuits are available in 3 colours and 6 sizes and how could we forget our Madonna outfits? We have so many other costume ideas for this theme, check out our website to get more fabulous costumes.

Musical Icons Fancy Dress Party

Mid August 16th is a fantastic time for a Musical Icons costume party, with two great stars leading the way. It was on 16th August 1977, the undisputed “King of Rock n Roll” Elvis Presley, died of a heart attack aged just 42, in Memphis, Tennessee. Props n Frocks stocks Elvis Costumes and all the Elvis Accessories you could need including Elvis wigs, glasses, rings and medallions.

On the same day in 1958 legendary performer, actress and all-round World’s Greatest Best-selling Female Recording Artist, Madonna (born Madonna Louise Ciccone) was born in Bay City, Michigan. We stock Madonna Costumes (both her 80’s ‘Material Girl’ look and the 90s gold pointy boob costumes).

Also on this day in musical history Pete Best was replaced by Ringo Starr as the Beatles’ drummer in 1962 (of course, we stock Beatles Costumes and accessories including pudding bowl wigs and dark round glasses). At the 1969 Woodstock Festival, the second day featured such greats as Janis Joplin, The Grateful Dead, Sly & The Family Stone and Jefferson Airplane. The day started early, at 4am , with The Who embarking on a 25 song set, including highlights from their new album ‘Tommy’, which had been released in May. So it’s time to see it, hear it and feel it and strut your stuff dressed up as one of your musical heroes, possibly with the help of a karaoke machine.

80’s Fancy Dress Costumes

If you need inspiration for an 80s themed party, look no further than, Mark Knopfler who was born on August 12th (same day as my brother) 1941. Best known for being in Dire Straits – it happens to the best of us – he also produced music for films such as ‘Local Hero’ and ‘The Princess Bride’ and his band’s music graces the soundtracks of numerous films. It was, of course, the Brothers in Arms album (1985) that is credited as being the groundbreaking first million-selling album on the CD format. To many Knopfler was Dire Straits as few people know who else was in the band (his brother David, John Illsley and Pick Withers (later replaced by Terry Williams)), since you ask.
As the ‘Straits’ were a major influence on the Eighties, this might form the basis of a theme event. You might even work some costume ideas based on Dire Straits song titles – Romeo & Juliet, Sultans of Swing? Pop down to us here at Props n Frocks for some Private Investigation into Our Latest Trick. We’re not So Far Away!

Props n Frocks has a great range of 1980s costumes, including Freddie Mercury outfits, Madonna (her 80s and 90s look) and Michael Jackson costumes. We also stock a large range of neon accessories including wigs, gloves and glasses. Let’s not forget that punk was still around in the 80’s and, of course, Props n Frocks stocks punk costumes and accessories

Strike a Pose with our Madonna Costumes

Madonna is an international favourite for all ages, with astonishing independence and here-to-stay power. Having not necessarily been too highly rated as a natural talent, particularly at the beginning of her career, she went on to prove the doubters wrong with her charisma and chutzpah and continues to top the charts today. Often controversial, she has continually reinvented herself, and with such hit songs and videos spanning the decades as Like a Virgin, Like a Prayer, Vogue and Ray of Light, it is of no surprise that so many women seek to copy her style through a range of Queen of Pop themed fancy dress costumes, jewellery, wigs and other accessories.

The Madonna style ladies fancy dress range at Props n Frocks includes the iconic gold outfit. As well as the famous cone bra, it includes a flesh coloured corset top which is elasticated at the back to fit more flexibly, as well as a hair scrunchie and hot pants. Also available is a dark dress to which could be added whalenet tights, a wig and lace gloves, as well as the 1980s Pop Star Costume with a gold basque. Other costumes available include the 1980s Diva costume, which is another outfit reminiscent of Madonna’s 1980s costume style. It includes a dress, wristbands, leggings, a headpiece, lilac chain and belt. Other accessories on sale to complete the look include tutus, wigs and eyelashes. For the ultimate 1980s Madonna costume, Props n Frocks is the only online fancy dress shop any lady will ever need.

Popular 1980s Ladies Fancy Dress Outfits

As it is for men, the 1980s fancy dress style for women is all about excess: bigger, louder and brasher simply ruled in the eighties. To many this means such a predominant style of dress of the era as ra-ra skirts or tailored suits with large shoulder pads, with the flamboyant New Romantic look being particularly popular. Many others, meanwhile, like to dress in the style of specific eighties pop bands, rock stars, superheroes or film icons such as Madonna, Wonder Woman, Fame, Blondie or Bananarama.

Women looking for that perfect outfit to evoke the 1980s power dressing era for their own fancy dress party will find just what they need at Props n Frocks. The shop sells a number of 1980s Madonna style costumes, including the gold outfit with cone bra, hair scrunchie and hot pants, and the 1980s Pop Star Costume with a gold basque. Other costumes available include the 1980s Diva costume (again Madonna inspired), the 80s Funky Pop Star costume with under top, lace over blouse, belt, net and lace skirt and leggings, and the 1980s Snake Jacket, available in assorted colours and sizes.

Additional accessories on sale for women at Props n Frocks include ladies fancy dress jewellery, wigs (such as the Cher Curly Wig), neon or lace gloves, microphones, fishnet tights and chokers. A lady wishing to get hold of a Madonna costume or any other outfit or accessory for a fancy dress party need look no further than Props n Frocks.