Comic Relief Costumes

As Comic Relief 2013 gets ever closer, it is still not too late to join in with Friday’s fun

You too can enjoy yourself like this crazy lot!!

You too can enjoy yourself like this crazy lot!!

& raise money for these deserving charities whilst having a laugh. The above group had to dress up with costumes using the letter C!

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Costume Practicalites

If you are wearing a fancy dress costume this Christmas, today’s post will help you

Funny Costumes

Gingerbread Man – not the easiest costume to wear serving behind a bar!

choose the most appropriate costumes to wear.

There has been an increasing trend to ally some aspect of dressing up (or down) to various charities in the course of the year. Be that as it may, it is probably true to say that this period leading up to Christmas is a potentially fertile period for opportunities to dress up, from the special outfit saved to stun your work colleagues at the office ‘do’ to the potentially hazardous decision to dress up as Festive Characters in the run-up to Christmas. Whilst we cannot help on the minutiae of work-place politics, we do know our subject when it comes to costume (evening-wear, perhaps not so much, but we’ll give it a go if necessary). Here are a few pointers to help in your costume choice:

a) If you are working in an outfit, ensure it is fit for purpose: Whilst the newer foam-based novelty costumes are an improvement on the older-style costumes, make sure you can reach, bend and do all you need to do, without damage to either yourself or your outfit. Also, short and skimpy might work well for club-wear, but it might not be practical (or warm) in a work environment.

b) Overhead Masks might ‘make’ many a costume, but they are not always practical, if only for reasons of health and safety if your vision or hearing is impaired by the mask. Explore the possibilities of fancy dress make-up as an alternative.

c) Note that not all costume outfits have pockets or means of storing essentials. Look to an alternative which either works within the spirit of the outfit – Bo-Peep and a ‘Lamb-bag’, for example,  or some other method of storage which can be concealed about your person, without compromising the costume.

d) It might seem obvious, but it helps to forsee potential glitches beforehand: How are you getting to the venue?: Are there facilities for sorting out final preparations such as make-up at the event?; Are you able to ditch and store any accessories which are great for the Grand Entrance but become a potential liability thereafter?

Hen & Stag Accessories

No Hen Hight is complete without a selection of Hen Night accessories whether it’s a Bride To Be Sash, saucyHen | Stag Joke Accessories straws or a blow up doll, our sexy novelties are guaranteed to make your last night of freedom, one to remember. Stags, I am afraid do not get as much choice as the ladies, but even so, we stock some great fun novelties for a brilliant stag night. Men, we do find, tend to wear novelty costumes (even if it just to dress the poor stag up and embarrass him completely), so it is definitely worth taking a look at our large range of Novelty costumes that every stag night needs.

Tomorrow sees yet another Royal Wedding in 2011. Earlier this month was that of His Serene Highness Prince Albert II to Charlene Wittstock, who is now Princess of Monaco, following in the footsteps of Prince Albert’s mother, Grace Kelly. This Royal Wedding will be at Canongate Kirk in Edinburgh and is that of the Princess Royal, Princess Anne’s daughter (and Queen Elizabeth’s granddaughter) Zara Phillips, to rugby player Mike Tindall.

Now we love a wedding here at Props n Frocks, but this is likely to be a much more low key affair than that of the Queen’s grandson Prince William to Kate Middleton, back in April. Talking of which the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge seemed to have wowed the crowds during their recent visit to Canada. Anyway, back to weddings. Given the recent fascination with Royal weddings, and at the other end of the scale, Gypsy weddings, the contrast between the different styles of wedding and bridesmaids dresses has never been so marked, not only in shape, but also in colour. This may not be a market that we get involved with, aside from those having themed weddings. However, every girl getting married wants to feel like a princess on their special day and prior to it we can of course help out with the Hen and Stag events, where costumes and accessories can also be extremely important.

Comic Relief Costumes

Today is, of course the culmination of this year’s Comic Relief ‘Do Something Funny for Money’ effortsNovelty Costumes and although some of you might have been planning your events and fund-raising strategy for a few weeks, there’s always room for a bit of last minute spontaneity. So if you have decided to wear fancy dress this year, Props n Frocks is open from 12 noon ’till 6 pm today. Checkout our range of novelty fancy dress costumes, they are guaranteed to rake the money in.

Of course the whole aim of Comic Relief is to raise money, and increasingly this involves using a credit card rather than traditional cash. Coincidentally, today marks the anniversary of the founding of American Express in 1850. Nowadays it is an international finance company known for its credit cards and travellers cheques, but way back then it was an express mail company, whose founders Henry Wells and William Fargo also went on to establish the legendary stage-coach company.

So today it’s all about the money, and good luck in your fundraising, be it for Comic Relief or any other worthy cause,

Comical Fancy Dress

As you know, we try and look back into history to give you some different reasons to hold your own fancy dress party. On September 8th 1966, the first motorway bridge over the River Severn was opened, making it a lot easier for the M4 to get to Wales (and for the Welsh to travel to England). We were going to say that a Bridge Night might be on the cards but that would lead to some flippant card-game puns and people who couldn’t deal with it might lose their Patience (told you!). Instead we could celebrate one of the other good things to come out of Wales – Harry Secombe who was born on this date in 1921. Some will remember him for his singing – he was a regular on ‘Songs of Praise’ and starred in the Dickens-based musical ‘Jorrocks’ – but most will know him as one of the Goons, and as, coincidentally, his co-Goon Peter Sellers was also born on this day in 1925 (both Goon, but not forgotten), we thought a Comedy Night or Joke Karaoke might work.

Now holding a comical fancy dress party really opens up the theme (as most fancy dress cotumes once worn are very funny, no matter the theme), but we are thinking more of really stupid costumes. For example, last weekend I attended a fancy dress party as a Wacky Tourist. The costume is hilarious anyway, but I made it even more funny by wearing socks and sandals and I made up my face so that it looked like I had terrible sunburn (complete with huge panda eyes). I carried a phrase book (which I made up myself, with all the standard phrases a typical stereotypical Brit would need abroad) and I also had some St. George flags. It is the little details that you can add to a standard costume to make it truly fantastic!

Props n Frocks stocks a huge range of novelty fancy dress costumes – ideal for you to wear at a Comical Fancy Dress Party!

Comical Fancy Dress Theme

As regular readers of this blog will know, we try to give you different reasons for having a fancy dress party based on history and we try and use some fancy dress ideas that you may not have thought about. In past years August 19th has seen the loss of great comedic talent. On this date in 1976, Scottish actor Alistair Sim, probably best known for the early St Trinian films but also involved in classics such as ‘Green for Danger’ and ‘The Green Man’ (often shown in the ‘afternoon film’ slot on telly) passed away. A year later, in 1977, possibly the best known of the Marx brothers, Groucho, died. The two actors had contrasting styles – Sim’s droll, lugubrious delivery against Groucho’s quick-fire wit – but their work has not dated as much as that of some other comedians and continues to entertain. As mentioned in a previous blog, Groucho is commemorated in one of the ‘O’s in the famous Hollywood sign, as his death coincided with the appeal for donors to renovate the iconic symbol. The rock star Alice Cooper ‘bought’ the letter in honour of the comedian, with whom he was good friends.

To broaden out the comedy costume theme, you could include the ‘Carry On’ films – which gives you a huge range of costumes to choose from. We are preparing an information page on all the cary on films – so watch this space!

There have been so many iconic comedy masters, Tommy Cooper, Laurel & Hardy (for a couples fancy dress choice) & Charlie Chaplin to name just a few. We are sure that you can think of some more.

Fancy Dress Runners In The London Marathon

The London Marathon, sponsored by Virgin, celebrates its 30th birthday today. The early rain did nothing to dampen the spirit of the 1000s of runners, a lot of whom were running in fancy dress costumes to raise more money for their chosen charity.

We watched the race looking out for costumes and to see if any celebs ran the race in fancy dress. Richard Branson did the Virgin name proud, dressed as a Butterfly (maybe he thought that he could still fly if we had another ash cloud!!!) and Andy Audenshaw (Bob Hope in Emmerdale) got the record for the fastest baby ever to finish. Well done to both of you.

Running the marathon in running kit is a feat in itself, but to run it in costume takes guts, determination and a good sense of humour. We are in awe of all of you.

Our favourite costumes were…
Angel of The North – How did he run in that?
Banana Costume
Runaround Emu
Mr. Man
Gingerbread Man
Leprechaun – complete with a bottle of Guiness
Rhinos – another appearance this year
Star Fish
Thomas the Tank engine
Borat – oh, the chaffing!
Runaround Horse

We also saw…
Batman & Robin, Scooby Doo, Darth Vader, Dorothy, Tigger, Caveman, Clown, Fireman, Penguin, Smurfs, Fairies, The Hulk and a Knight – if we missed you, we apologise, just drop us a comment back with what you were wearing and who you were raising money for. Send us in a picture too!

If you have decided to run the marathon next year, take a look at our fantastic range of fancy dress costumes.

Watching all that hard work has made me feel quite tired, I think I will have a nice cup of tea!