Talk Like a Pirate Day

Talk Like a Pirate Day celebrates it’s 12th birthday today! What started out as a joke between friends has grown in strength year on year with even schools joining in the fun allowing kids to dress up in pirate costumes.

Maybe the reason why this novelty ‘day’ has been so popular with the general public is that it does not break the bank to join in with a few Pirate accessories, rather than having to purchase an entire pirate outfit. With so many Pirate accessories from a basic eye patch (see notes below as to why Pirates wear eye patches) to Pirate wigs, Pirate Pistols and even a Treasure Map, you can do as much, or as little as you want to.

Visit the official Talk Like a Pirate Day site

Here are a few phrases that may help you get through today!!!(or not as the case may be!)

  • Aye – Yes, I agree
  • Arrrrr – I agree to a certain extent but another drink might help
  • Arrgh – How can I come to a decision? There’s no drink!
  • Avast behind! – Look at the stern on that!
  • Black Spot – Notorious area for pirate ship collisions
  • Corsair – Unique atmosphere surrounding a gathering of pirates
  • Shanty – A pirate drinking song – usually involving stronger drink than the lemonade/beer mix with a similar name
  • Tar – Thanks, sailor

Meanwhile, has it ever occurred to you to wonder why an essential part of the pirate look is an eye-patch? They can’t all have suffered optical injuries? Apparently, the answer is that if you keep one eye ‘in the dark’, it enables you to see (and shoot) better in low-light conditions. So now ye knows!

Props & Frocks has a huge selection of pirate accessories and pirate costumes

Nautical Fancy Dress Costume Ideas

The costume theme we have chosen for today is Nautical.  The reason being that on October 21st 1805 (yes, we know we are a bit late with this), the Battle

Pirate Couple

Pirate Couple

of Trafalgar took place, mortally wounding Admiral Horatio Nelson.  But when it comes to the Sea that’s not the only reason, for also on this day in 1772 the poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge was born, one of his most famous works being the Rime of the Ancient Mariner. Now we might not have any Ancient Mariners in stock as such, but we certainly have plenty of other uniforms, including our Naval Officer Costume which is always a popular choice and is available for both males and females.  Take a look at our naval fancy dress costumes

Given the era of the Battle of Waterloo, we decided on a Nautical theme to give you and your guests more costume choices, this theme therefore also includes pirate costumes – very popular at the moment.   We have a fantastic range of costumes and pirate accessories for both male & female pirates and with the new Pirates of the Caribbean 4 currently being filmed in and around Greenwich, famous for its naval history this could combine a number of themes.

Are You a Fancy Dress Record Breaker?

You might have noticed recent press coverage about world record attempts involving fancy dress costumes – 5th August saw the ‘Greatest number of pirates in one place’ at Hastings. Props n Frocks stocks a huge range of pirate costumes and accessories if you think about trying to break this particular record. Earlier in the year we had ‘The greatest number of Star Trek characters in costume’ at the Millennium Bridge, London. There was also ‘The greatest number of people doing the Time Warp (from the Rock Horror Show)’ at Brighton. Of course, we also stock all the Rocky Horror Costumes. Check out our Rocky Horror page that will give you all the information you will need if you are brave enough to attend! All this effort at massed costuming is, of course, aimed at getting into the Guinness Book of Records.

On September 2nd, we celebrate two individuals of relevance to this topic. On this day in 1994, Roy Castle died. In his foreshortened career he helped many to great deeds – he was a popular all-round entertainer, an inspiration to many and host of the TV show ‘Record Breakers’, in which he attempted and broke several records himself – notably for tap-dancing. Rather longer ago, in 530BC the Athenian herald and Greek hero Pheidippides was born. It was he who ‘invented’ the marathon run, Firstly he ran 150 miles over two days to get help from the Spartans, when the Persians invaded at Marathon. Then, after the battle was won, he ran to Athens (about 25 miles) to announce the victory, then collapsed and died. These days the marathon is a less arduous affair, even when people insist on doing the event in costume to benefit a worthy cause. Perhaps we’ll see a renewed interest in this novel sport-form because of the new Weetabix advert which involves Mascot fun-runners beating the athletes to the finish line, but in the meantime you could browse the relevant Guinness World Records site which has a section on fancy dress records for the 2009 Flora marathon – ‘Fastest dressed as a vegetable’, Fastest dressed as a cartoon character’ and so on.