Props & Frocks is open until 4pm today

Good luck if you are running (or even watching) the @LondonMarathon today – we hope the sun shines on all of you.Props & Frocks Fancy Dress Essex Alex Polizzi Let us know what you think the best costumes were.

Rhys & Ellis know what it is like to run in a fancy dress costume, those who watched our recent appearance on BBC2’s The Fixer, would have seen them running in the Great Gorilla Run!). and, it was just over 8km! Here they are trying to recover!

Being a Sunday, Props & Frocks is, of course, open for business all day from 10am-4pm. We know that there are several events on tomorrow (it being St George’s Day and also William Shakespeare’s birthday). Throughout the working week we always find there are a few people out there who have known about particular events for ages, but have left it right up until the last minute. That’s where we come in.  So, if you can tear yourselves away from the TV (or whatever else you are doing) why not come down and check out our fantastic costumes, accessories and other products? Our red and white ‘England’ merchandise has been selling particularly well over the past few weeks and with so many events planned for the next few months, it helps to shop early.  After all, you may be able to use bunting, flags, wigs, masks, costumes, etc., for more than one event this summer.

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Props & Frocks & The Fixer

Did you see the last episode of The Fixer last night? Okay so now it has finished, and you’veThe Fixer - gorillas all seen ‘behind the scenes’ so to speak, we’d love to know what you think.

Was it a good idea to be involved? Did we make ourselves look complete idiots?

I must say that we thoroughly enjoyed the filming process (once we’d got used to seeing cameras everywhere!) and the production team were fantastic!

We would like to say that those of you who have been in the shop, and know us, will appreciate that with many filming hours constricted down to a one hour slot, does not always show things exactly as they are (if you get what I mean?) but hopefully, you would have seen how important we feel good customer service is to us.

The picture show Rhys & Ellis, after The Great Gorilla run (poor Rhys couldn’t walk for about 10 days afterwards, she has such a bad back). They had been led to believe that the run was much shorter than it actually was due to an error in communication.

and communication is what it is all about today…

On this day in 1876 Alexander Graham Bell patented the telephone and three days later he actually got the thing to work. There was also controversy because whilst in competition with another inventor to be the first with the phone, he used some of his rival’s technology in his prototype, but came up with a sufficiently original design for his final model. Here at Props & Frocks the competition to come up with novel costume concepts isn’t quite as cut-throat. For the most part, some of our suppliers seem to be rather stuck in a rut as to new innovations and are following the trend of ‘revisiting’ old ideas and characters. Therefore we are currently working on a few ideas of our own with the emphasis on originality. Hopefully the fruits of our labours will be available to all soon.

Did you see The Fixer last night?

Still waiting for The Fixer!

Props and Frocks Fancy Dress - Alex Polizzi

Yes, for all of those who tuned in to see Props & Frocks fancy dress, the waiting continues!

At a time when we are expecting an invasion of enthusiastic new customers following our forthcoming TV appearance and the country anticipates an influx of tourists for the range of celebrations in Britain this year, today we commemorate the last invasion of Britain by foreign forces – in 1797. For reasons we need not go into, the invaders were the French but they had the novel idea of invading through Fishguard in Wales. Through a combination of luck, bluff and the indiscipline of the French forces, the invasion was defeated and the French had surrendered by February 24th. Also around this date in February 1848 was the start of the second major French Revolution.

Now we would like to think that the entente cordial between nations has improved over the centuries and with the Diamond Jubilee and Olympics on the not too distant horizon the chances of everybody working in partnership is one to be applauded. The Olympic motto is swifter, higher, stronger and we certainly hope that this is a year that allows everyone to achieve their goals, whatever they may be.

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The Fixer BBC2 Tonight 8pm

Not tonight!The fixer Props & Frocks Fancy Dress

Here at Props n Frocks, we have been waiting with bated breath (or we would have, if we had time to draw breath) for our appearance on the BBC 2 programme The Fixer.  Today is Mardi Gras and we thought that “tonight might be the night”, given that Mardi Gras and Fancy Dress is all about disguising yourself and being given a make-over. BUT we are still waiting for our celebrity appearance. After tonight there are just two weeks left of the series, so it’s going to be either next week or March 6th.  The suspense should soon be over and we can see how much of a fool we made of ourselves.  Maybe we should just have dressed up as Jesters for the whole of the filming? Hmmm, well it’s too late, to think about that now.