The Rocky Horror Picture Show Fancy Dress

You may have realised that we’ve been trying to give you some alternative fancy dress suggestions for themes as we head up to the BIG DAY, aka Halloween. So we thought a

sporting theme could come into play, particularly as it is the legendary Argentinean footballer, Diego Maradona’s 50th birthday.  However, it is also the anniversary of that unique body builder Charles Atlas, who was born in 1892 (although some sources suggest it as 1893). So, realistically we just had to make Rocky Horror our featured theme. Why you ask?  Well, if you’re not into Rocky Horror, you might not know that Frank N Furter’s creation ‘Rocky/Charles Globe was an obvious spoof based on the Charles Atlas adverts of the 50s.

Dressing up as a Rocky Horror character is a favourite all year round, they also make a great Halloween costume choice for both men and women. There is normally a Rocky Horror event near you and the National tour (both the sing-a-long and muscial version) keep bringing in the crowds. We had The Rocky Horror Pictue Show playing very locally to us a couple of weeks ago, and we actually got used to 6′ men walking around the shop in fishnet tights! There are 4 licensed Rocky Horror Costumes and we stock them and the wigs for each of the characters. You do not need to be restricted to these 4 costumes, basically if it’s weird and wacky, it will do for the Rocky Horror Picture show.

If you want to know more details about The Rocky Horror Show, take a look at our information page.