Rocky Horror Fancy Dress

This is the week for a Rocky Horror Fancy Dress Party. The film, The Rocky Horror Picture Show premiered in London on August 14, 1975, so it will be celebrating its 35th anniversary. (It did not get to the US until 26th September the same year). The film was originally not a success at the box office until someone had the idea (as outlined in the film itself) to show it as a ‘Late Night Double Feature’. Here in Britain, for many years, it was paired with Mel Brooks’ ‘Young Frankenstein’ and played at the cinema adjacent to Baker Street tube station. So in celebration, it’s just a step to the right, the right step being to come and see us here at Props n Frocks, where you don’t just dream it, you be it!

We have an information page giving you all the details you need regarding Rocky Horror Costumes. If you need inspiration on costumes, show dates and even tips on what props you should really take along to join in the fun, take a look at our Rocky Horror Picture Show costumes & ideas page

4th June 2010

At the end of April, we gave you a comprehensive list of where you could find the Rocky Horror Show, both its Touring and Singalong versions. What we forgot to mention is the Rocky Horror Convention – The Denton Affair – which is being held at Hoxton Hall, Hoxton St. London N1 on June 4th. Tickets do cost £20, but as anyone who has been will tell you, these conventions can be quite unconventional! Take a look at our Rocky Horror Costumes if you want to join in.