Music Stars Fancy Dress

Today, we offer you a Music Stars Fancy Dress theme. Previously, we have had a Rock & Pop Star Madonna Fancy Dress Outfits fancy dress theme and also Musicals, and there will be overlaps with these themes.

This costume theme is also a little broader, so that it includes famous composers ( Wear a Georgian style costume for Mozart), and what ablout going as a conductor (an easy costume, just wear a tailsuit and hold a baton – or wand, if you have nothing else to hand).

You can still take your costume inspiration from Rock and pop stars, Musical Films, Musicals as well as composersand famous classical musicians, so it really is a broad theme that will give you plenty of costume choices. Take a look at some of our music star costumes to get some more fancy dress ideas.

An auspicious day for music, as on this date in 1986, the newly opened Rock N Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio, inducts its first artists. These included James Brown, Little Richard, Elvis Presley, Fats Domino, Ray Charles, Chuck Berry and, as mentioned yesterday, Sam Cooke. Since then many others have been added to their number, as a handful of artists are added each year as a result of voting by their peers (the public are not allowed to vote!)

If the list looks a little American orientated, it is and this caused controversy in 2007, when it was discovered that the induction voting had been rigged to allow Grandmaster Flash (of the US) in, as opposed to the UK’s Dave Clark Five. This wrong was righted the following year. In addition to the ‘stars’, the Hall is equally keen to honour others in the music business from ‘back-room techies’ to DJs, and those who contribute to music as session musicians and ‘sidemen’ (and women). So, today our theme is Music Stars.

‘Rockin’ All Over The World’ Costume Theme Ideas

We thought ‘Rockin’ All Over The World’ would be a good fancy dress theme topic for today. Not only was the rock ‘n’ roll music legend Chuck Berry born on October 18th 1926, but

this same date in 1956 saw the premiere of ‘Around The World in Eighty Days’. This was a star-studded blockbuster film of its time which won five Oscars and numerous other awards. Furthermore it was also on this date back in 1922 that the British Broadcasting Company (later to become Corporation) was set up, initially broadcasting to Britain but nowadays, through its World Service and Internet Radio services, a leading player in international broadcasting.

So what costume choices do you have? Well, you could look at various dances from around the world, for example how about a ladies flamenco costume, or go for a 50’s Rock n Roll costume like our mens Teddy Boy costumes and our 1950s bopper costumes. Our ladies 20s flapper dresses are also popular for this theme, but you will probably have to learn to do the Charleston!  We have also just got in our new range of Strictly Come Dancing costumes, designed by the show’s Anton & Erin. The range of these fabulous ladies dance outfits includes: Tango, Foxtrot, Salsa and Jive.

If you do not fancy wearing a dance related costume, how about going as your favourite rock or pop star, it’s all to do with music and enjoying it, whether you are dancing or just singing along to the words!

Stars In Your Eyes Fancy Dress Party

Today in honour of Simon Cowell’s 51st birthday we thought an Xtra Special theme was called for. Naturally he is noted for his role in the X-Factor and as he shares his birthday

Beatles Style Fancy Dress Costume

Beatles Style Fancy Dress Costume

with the actress & singer June Allyson (born 1917, died July 2006) and the singer Alesha Dixon, (born in 1978) we just had to advocate a Karaoke X-Factor or ‘Stars in their Eyes’ tribute night. So think about your favourite pop star, singer or musician and head down to Props n Frocks, where you will find costumes and accessories for all musical eras.

Take a look at our Michael Jackson costumes, including Thriller, and Freddie Mercury is always a good choice. What about a ladies costume? Well, you could wear one of our fabulous Abba Costumes – some of these fantastic 70s jumpsuits are available in 3 colours and 6 sizes and how could we forget our Madonna outfits? We have so many other costume ideas for this theme, check out our website to get more fabulous costumes.

Pop Star Fancy Dress Theme Ideas

Yes, you may think that this choice of a fancy dress theme is a bit unusual – well, we do try and give you a different reason to dress up every day at Props n Frocks…

September 13th 1958 saw the start of a new TV pop show ‘Oh Boy!’ on which a promising young singer, Cliff Richard, made his first small screen appearance. Others on that first show included Marty Wilde and some members of The Drifters, who would later become The Shadows. Of course Cliff (and the Shadows) then went onto bigger things (and screens) with movies such as ‘The Young Ones’ and ‘Summer Holiday’. He even appeared (as a puppet) in the first Thunderbirds movie! Our theme suggestion for today is costumes based on Cliff’s song titles – Living Doll or Devil Woman are obvious choices, but with several decades of hits to choose from there should be plenty of room for inspiration, though some lateral thinking may be required.

If you still think that this costume theme is a bit too restrictive, what about broadening it out to include 50s & 60s popstars? This of course, gives you numerous costumes to choose from including The Beetles costumes and Buddy Holly costumes. Ladies could choose one of our A Line dresses to go as Sandy Shore, or Lulu.

Alternatively, you could use TV Pop shows as a great costume theme – this includes ‘Oh Boy’ where Cliff started on his road to stardom, The Old Grey Whistle Test and of course, the iconic, Top of The Pops. This gives you such a huge range of pop star costumes, past and present, to choose from. You could match this with a karaoke & your guests have to sing a song from the person they have come as (although you may lose a few friends!). Ladies could dress up in a Madonna costume, and men could go in a Freddy Mercury costume - whatever costume they choose to wear, you can be sure that they will ‘have the time of their lives’.