Best Of British Fancy Dress Theme

Celebrate with The Best of British Costume Theme. At a time when the country is in the midst of an intense push of patriotism due Union Jack Hatsto the Jubilee, the Euro football and the Olympics, to name but three, today we mark the anniversary of a pinnacle of patriotic fervour – Winston Churchill’s ‘Finest Hour’ speech relating to the Battle of Britain in 1940. Of course in a normal year there are a number of 1940s commemorations occurring around now, and the start of the Queen’s reign came at the end of the period of austerity caused by the War. This, plus the fact that 1940s wartime is on the school National Curriculum means there is an upswing in demand for 1940s outfits. The problem is, as those of you who have searched the Internet will know, there are not the same multitude of sources for 40s outfits as there are for other eras. Here at Props & Frocks we have gradually built up a collection to help cater to the demand, but it helps if you can be a little realistic – it was not a particular glamorous era, for obvious reasons, and not everyone can be dashing WW II flying aces!

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1940s Fancy Dress Theme

We thought we’d recommend a 40s fancy dress theme today as t’s a big night for the British Movie Industry as we seeamerican GI Fancy Dress Outfits the British Academy Film & TV Awards being held, sponsored by Orange.  With fourteen nominations, arguably the most popular film to dominate this year’s award ceremony will be ‘The King’s Speech’.  Although this film is set mainly in the 1930s, it does lead up to the start of the Second World War.

Here at Props n Frocks we know that 1940s is always a popular costume  theme. Although people were encouraged to ‘Make Do and Mend’ during this period, we do not expect you to do the same, particularly if you are thinking of taking a militaristic approach to dressing up.  Military outfits can be difficult to obtain and may often fit only particular sizes, but we endeavour as always to offer a range of these to accommodate all comers.  If the uniform is not for you we also have a selection of day dresses, spiv suits and evening wear. Anyone who is local to our fancy dress shop in Essex will be able to choose from our huge range of 40s costumes that are available to hire, but please bring proof of your address with you.

In our for sale range, we stock a great American GI costume for ladies and men, these have really been popular. We have also recently added a Home Guard costume to our range of 40 costumes. All of these costumes come in a good range of sizes, so you should be able to order the size you need. Gangster costumes also double up as a Spiv costume – ideal for the WWII era – just add some ladies nylon stockings and chocolate. Take a look at our 40s costumes

If 1940s isn’t quite your thing, the other film expected to get an award or two is ‘Black Swan’. Obviously a movie about ballet also has limited costume appeal (especially for men), but as a psycho-drama, Natalie Portman probably wins it on pointes. The Oscars in two weeks time (Feb 27th) will be the ultimate test.