Bond Costume Ideas

Bond Costume Ideas

James Bond remains one of the most popular sub-sections from the main genre of film fancy dress. Most people think it is quite a limiting costume theme, but once you start to look at all the various films, where they were based, the main, and bit-part characters, you start to get a huge range of potential 007 costume ideas.

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  • Acrobat in Octopussy. Wear a leotard, top hat and tails. Other circus acts in this film include Clowns and the Ringmistress Magda
  • Ascot AttendeeA View To a Kill – Morning suit / posh summer dress (& hat)
  • Baron Samedi in Live & Let Die we find many people take our Grave Groom costume for this character
  • Blofeld’s CatYou Only Live Twice & Diamonds Are Forever – Wear a white fur catsuit, white cat mask, or make up, tail. For Diamonds wear a sequined collar (imitating the diamond-encrusted version in the film).
  • Carnival Go-er in Moonraker . Sequences are set in Rio in Brazil – wear Salsa costumes, bikinis
  • Chinese/Asian Coolie Tomorrow Never Dies Simple Chinese style costumes. A more colourful Chinese coolie outfit with dragon design is worn in Tomorrow Never Dies
  • Chinese Cheongsam- Dr No (Airport Photographer) Hostess on Goldfinger‘s jet. The masseur Peaceful Fountains of Desire in Die Another Day -An elegant fitted far eastern outfit which is the costume of choice for many oriental female characters in Bond films
  • Circus CharacterOctopussy – wear clown costume or an acrobat outfit
  • CrocodileLive & Let Die and Octopussy – Crocodile costume – why not just hold our inflatable crocodile prop?
  • Egyptian Belly Dancer features in The Man With The Golden Gun & The Spy Who Loved Me wear a standard Belly dancer costume
  • Ernst Blofeld features in You Only Live Twice, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, and Diamonds Are Forever. Wear a grey Nehru suit, bald head and eye scar. Similar to a Dr. Evil Costume
  • GoldfingerGoldfinger. Male villain in the third Bond film. Wear a suit or golfing gear. For those of you who do not want to do too much just put some gold face paint on 1 finger!
  • Goldfinger GirlGoldfinger – Gold Catsuit, gold hairspray, gold face paint.
  • FencerDie Another Day – Fencing outfit
  • Frogman in Goldfinger and Thunderball . Wear a Diver’s costume or black morphsuit with goggles!
  • Geisha You Only Live Twice standard Geisha costume, wig and makeup
  • Gypsy Dancer features in From Russia With Love. Gypsy blouse, headdress, sash & skirt.
  • Jenny Flex A View To a Kill wears a riding jacket, jodhpurs, riding boots and carries a whip
  • Las Vegas ShowgirlDiamonds Are Forever – Sequin bikini. Elaborate headdress. Glamorous make-up. Optional cape
  • Little Old Lady Henchwoman – Goldfinger – Standard old lady outfit plus a machine gun – our Tommy gun should be okay to use and our granny wig will help to complete the look
  • Sheik The Spy Who Loved Me Wear a standard Sheik Costume
  • Astronaut You Only Live Twice & Moonraker. A NASA-style astronaut outfit might prove a little cumbersome in a party environment, but when did practicality get in the way of a good idea?
  • Martial Arts Man Moonraker Wear a black Ninja Costume
  • Martial Arts Girl -The Man With The Golden Gun – White karate suit & belt
  • Miss Moneypenny – all films – wear a 2 piece business suit or a 60’s style dress made out of fake coins.
  • Moonraker Girl – Moonraker – White split front futuristic mini-dress
  • NurseThunderball, Never Say Never Again, Tomorrow Never DiesNurse costume
  • OddjobGoldfinger – Black 2 piece suit, bowler hat
  • Octopussy OperativeOctopussy – Red catsuit, Indian yashmak style headdress. Weapon
  • Pussy Galore’s Flying Circus MemberGoldfinger – Black catsuit
  • Q – all films -Usually casual jacket or white lab coat with gadget accessories. Has adopted other guises as well
  • Ringmistress (Magda) – Octopussy – Black top hat, glitter tailcoat. Leotards, fishnet tights.
  • Wai Lin Tomorrow Never Dies Black catsuit or Combat Fatigues
  • SharkThunderball & Licence to Kill- Shark costume
  • Solitaire – High PriestessLive & Let Die – Sorceress / Priestess long robe. Gold eye make-up
  • Soul Brother Live & let Die Wear a black Pimp suit and afro wig
  • Witch DoctorLive & Let Die – Headdress, animal fur / skulls, grass skirt, option to hold a fake snake

For something a bit different and for your next James Bond theme event, why not forget the personnel and go for representing the film titles in costume?
Here are a few suggestions:

1. Dr No – Doctor’s Coat with a ‘No’ hospital name badge.

2. From Russia with Love  – Russian Hussar, Baboushka.

3. Goldfinger – Gold painted finger. Gold painted girl.

4. Thunderball – Giant Lottery Draw ticket.

5. You Only Live Twice – A zombie-style outfit with a badge ‘I didn’t believe in reincarnation last time either’.

6. On Her Majesty’s Secret Service – There is a secret agent costume on the market, or you can use a tuxedo morphsuit.

7. Diamonds Are Forever – Marilyn Monroe, or any costume based on the card suit.

8. Live & Let Die – Witchdoctor/Baron Samedi.

9. Moonraker – Yokel with rake. Astronaut with rake. Mooning astronaut with rake!

10. The Man With the Golden Gun – Pretty obvious, although as the film featured a laser-style ‘sun gun’ (the Other golden gun), a yellow parabolic reflector ‘Big ear’ listening device might be a novelty.

11. The Spy Who Loved Me – Felicity Shagwell or Vanessa Kensington (Double smartypantness here as the Austin Powers films were a play on Bond titles).

12. Octopussy – Octopus, Cat with eight tails.

13. For Your Eyes Only – Polar Bear (For Your Ice Only) ,  Seven Veils Dancer.

14. View To A Kill – The huntsman in hunting pink is an obvious possibility. A fox in hunting pink is a novelty.

15. The Living Daylights – Tricky. Depending upon the amount of effort you want to expend, either find a reflective silver catsuit or sew a number of small mirrors (you can find them in craft stores) to a jumpsuit. (It’s a similar principle to the one designed to make Bond’s car invisible in ‘Die Another Day’).

16. Licence to Kill – Probably anyone touting a weapon plus a (fake) permit, but be careful about any realistic-looking weapons in a public environment – the Police don’t like it!

17. Goldeneye – Back to the gold make-up or contact lenses.

18. Tomorrow Never Dies – Rather like the basis of the film’s title, an outfit made of newsprint or internet print-outs.

19. The World is Not Enough – A space alien suggests itself, although if you can find an inflatable globe and devise some other ‘planets’ from circular objects such as plain (or painted) footballs, you might create a viable alternative.

20. Die Another Day – Zombie.

21. Casino Royale – Roulette Girl (Spin to Win) outfit, Queen of Hearts.

22. Quantum of Solace – Scientist with a number of small cushions or a small bottle of whisky!

23. Skyfall – Parachute/Skydiver outfit. Fallen angel.


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  1. Hello i am after a octapuss fancy dress costume, i dont want anything too heavy wonderd if you could help?

  2. Hi Alex, I am so sorry but we do not stock an octopus costume. But it is a great idea for this theme, so we will think about how you can make one at home!

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