Carry On Films Costume Ideas

Carry on Films Costume Ideas

Carry On Films have been a British institution since 1958. They are a great theme for a fancy dress party as there have been so many variations so there will be plenty of choices for your costume. Many of these costumes will be found in our hire range, if you are looking to purchase, ask a member of staff and we will see if we can improvise with the costumes that we have for sale.

Carry on Sergeant – 1958      

  • William Hartnell as Sergeant Grimshawe: Home Guard costume
  • Eric Barker as Captain Potts: Home Guard
  • Bob Monkhouse as Charlie Sage: Home Guard

Carry on Nurse -1959

  • Joan Sims as Stella Dawson:  Nurse outfit
  • Kenneth Williams as Oliver Reckitt:  Striped  pyjamas
  • Shirley Eaton as Nurse Dorothy Denton: Nurse outfit
  • Hattie Jacques as Martron: Nurse outfit
  • Charles Hawtrey as Hinton: Stripped pyjamas
  • Harry Locke as Mick: Doctor Costume

Carry on Teacher – 1959

  • Ted Ray as William Wakefield: Teachers Gown
  • Kenneth Connor as Gregory Adams: Teachers gown
  • Charles Hawtrey as Michael Bean: Teachers gown and thin framed circular glass
  • Kenneth Williams as Edwin Milton: shirt and tie and a tweed jacket
  • Hattie Jacques as Grace Short: Teachers Gown and mortar board

 Carry on Constable -1960 – look at our police accessories

  • Sid James as Sgt. Frank Wilkins: Policeman
  •  Eric Barker as Insp. Mills: Policeman with glasses
  • Kenneth Connor as Const. Charlie Constable: Policeman with helmet
  • Charles Hawtrey as Spec. Const. Gorse: policeman with hat
  • Joan Sims as WPC Passworthy: policewomen with hat
  • Hattie Jacques as Sgt. Laura Moon: policewomen
  • Kenneth Williams as Constable Benson: policeman with helmet

Carry on Regardless -1961

  • Sid James as Bert Handy: Light coloured suit
  • Kenneth Connor as Sam Twist: Suit
  • Charles Hawtrey as Gabriel Dimple: Suit and glasses
  • Joan Sims as Lily Duveen: White beads, plain coloured dress to just below the knees
  • Kenneth Williams as Francis Courtenay: Pin striped light coloured suit

Carry on Cruising -1962

  • Sid James as Capt. Wellington Crowther : Black suite with a captain’s hat
  • Kenneth Williams as Leonard Marjoribanks: White Naval Officer
  • Kenneth Connor as Arthur Binn: Black suite with a captains hat
  • Dilys Laye as Flo Castle: Yellow summer dress
  • Liz Fraser as Glad Trimble: 60s pink blouse dress
  • Lance Percival as Wilfred Haines: Chef whites and chef’s hat

Carry on Cabby-1963

  • Sid James as Charlie Hawkins: Black woollen cardigan and a shirt and tie.
  • Hattie Jacques as Peggy Hawkins: Standard 60s two piece dress
  • Kenneth Connor as Ted: Woollen flat cap brown and 60s shirt, jumper and brown coat
  • Charles Hawtrey as Pint-Pot: Black beret with scarf, black leather jackets and black jeans
  • Liz Fraser as sally: 60s dress overalls
  • Esma Cannon as Flo: 60s type blazer and skirt with beret

 Carry on Jack -1964

  • Kenneth Williams as Captain Fearless: Victorian navy officer
  • Charles Hawtrey as Walter: Long grey/black hair glasses and black cloak
  • Bernard Cribbins as Albert Poopdecker: Victorian blue navy officer
  • Juliet Mills as Sally: Victorian blue navy officer
  • Donald Houston as Howett: Victorian blue navy officer
  • Cecil Parker as First sea Lord: Victorian blue general

Carry on Spying -1964

  • Barbara Windsor’s  as Daphne Honeybutt: Belly dancer’s outfit – huge range in our hire department
  • Kenneth Williams as Desmond Simpkins: Suit with a colourful tie
  • Charles Hawtery as Charlie Bind: Suit with checked tie and glasses
  • Jim Dale as Carstairs: Dinner suit (bow tie)
  • Bernard Cribbins: Harold Crump: Shirt and black tie
  • Dilys Laye as Lila: Roll neck top 60s clothing
  • Eric Barker as The Chief: Black suit and glasses

Carry On Cleo -1964

  • Sid James as Mark Anthony: Roman Solider Costume
  • Kenneth Williams as Julius Caesar: Red robe with a Roman laurels (gold)
  • Kenneth Connor as Hengist Pod: Purple tunic down to knees with a Roman laurels (gold)
  • Charles Hawtrey as Seneca: Roman Solider
  • Jim Dale as Horsa: light brown tunic
  • Amanda Barrie – Cleopatra outfit

Carry On Cowboy- 1965

  • Peter Butterworth as Doc:  Gambler/Western man with black Stetson
  • Bernard Bresslaw as Little Heap: Indian costume with head dress
  • Sid James as The Rumpo Kid: Cowboy with Stetson
  • Kenneth Williams as Judge Burke:  Gambler/Western man
  • Jim Dale as Marshall P. Knutt: White t-shirt with cowboy hat
  • Charles Hawtrey as Big Heap: Indian with head piece
  • Joan Sims as Belle: Black 1920s ladies evening dress – take a look at our hire 20s costumes
  • Angela Douglas as Annie Oakley: Cowgirl

Carry On Screaming – 1966

  • Kenneth Williams as Dr Watt: Brown suit with a white face
  • Jim Dale as Albery Potter: Flat cap Victorian type mustard colour coat with tie
  • Charles Hawtrey as Dan Dann: Shirt, waist coat black and black hat with a cap
  • Joan Sims as Emily Bung: Mop cap and Victorian maid outfit
  • Harry H. Corbett as Det. Sgt. Bung: grey suit with a mustard checked jacket over the top
  • Fenella Fielding as Valeria: long red ball gown long black hair.
  • Angela Douglas as Doris Mann: Victorian evening dress with hat

Don’t Lose Your head  1966

  • Sid James as Sir Rodney Ffing: Georgian suit and a grey wicked count wig
  • Kenneth Williams as Citizen Camenbert : Georgian suit and wicked court wig
  • Jim Dale as Lord Darcy: Black Georgian style suit
  • Charles Hawtrey as Duc De Pommfrit: Georgian man/ Admiral suit
  • Joan Sims as Desiree Dubarry: Georgian ladies dress pink – look at our Georgian range of hire costumes

Follow that Camel    1967 – Arabian costumes also suitable as well as a Camel costume (hire only)

  • Phil Silvers as Sgt. Nocker:  French Foreign Legion suits – Available in our hire department
  • Kenneth Williams as Commandant Burger: French Foreign Legion suit with hat
  • Jim Dale as Bertram Oliphant West: French Foreign Legion suits
  •  Charles Hawtrey as Capt. Le Pice : French Foreign legion suit with hat
  • Joan Sims as Zigzig: Gypsy style dress cream in colour
  • Peter Butterworth as Simpson: French Foreign Legion suits
  • Bernard Bresslaw as Abdul: Long dark brown tunic with neck tie and headscarf (black)
  • Angela Douglas as Lady Jane Ponsonby: Victorian style ‘My Fair Lady’ dress with hat

Carry on Doctor  1967

  • Frankie Howerd as Francis Bigger: Striped pyjamas
  • Sid James as Charlie Roper: Striped pyjamas
  • Kenneth Williams as Dr Tinkle: Black suit and tie with stethoscope
  • Jim Dale as Doctor Kilmore: Black suit and tie
  • Bernard Bresslaw as Ken Biddle: Striped pyjamas
  • Hattie Jacques as Marton: Blue Nurses tunic
  • Barbara Windsor as Sandra may:  Pink Nurses outfit

Carry On Up The Khyber   1968

  • Sid James as Sir Sidney Ruff-Diamond: White capt navy officer with gold sash, gold lapels
  • Kenneth Williams as Khazi of Kalabar: Gold tunic with dark green turban
  • Charles Hawtrey as Pvt James Widdle: French Foreign Legion uniform
  • Joan Sims as Lady Ruff-Diamond:  Victorian ladies dress with hat
  • Bernard Bresslaw as Bungdit Din:
  • Peter Butterworth as Missionary:
  • Roy Castle as Capt. Keene:  Grenadier guard with white helmet

Carry on Camping   1969

  • Sid James as Sid Boggle: Straw hat and jumper
  • Kenneth Williams as Dr Soper: Cream coloured shirt with creams /green striped jacket
  • Charles Hawtrey as Charlie Muggins: Brown suit with brown tie and very dark brown shirt
  • Joan Sims as Joan Fussey: Green/orange/blue flowery dress
  • Terry Scott as Peter Potter: Black pin striped suit (a gangster costume would be ideal) with cream suit and tie
  • Hattie Jacques as Miss Haggerd: Pink blouse with navy blue pinny
  • Barbara Windsor as Baba: orange plain dress
  • Bernard Bresslaw as Bernie Lugg: Green jacket and blue tee shirt
  • Peter Butterworth as Joshua Fiddler: White with black stripe shirt, grey tweed jacket and trilby hat

Carry on Again Doctor 1969 – Doctor’s Costume an easy option

  • Sid James as Gladstone Screwer: Cream cowboy hat with white shirt and bandana around neck
  • Kenneth Williams  as Frederick Carver: Dark blue suit and tie with white shirt
  • Charles Hawtrey as Dr Ernest Stoppidge/Lady Puddleton: White shirt black tie and white Doctor’s  coat
  • Barbara Windsor as Goldie Locks: Blue plain coloured blouse dress
  • Hattie Jacques as Miss Soaper: Blue nurses outfit
  • Jim Dales as Dr James Nookey: Light grey shirt red tie and dirty lab coat and stethoscope

Carry On up the Jungle   1970

  • Frankie Howerds as Prof. Inigo Tinkle: White tunic or safari style outfit
  • Sid James as Bill Boosey:  Blazer with white shirt or safari style clothes
  • Charles Hawtrey as Walter Bagley/ Tonka the great: Orange robe
  • Joan Sims as Lady Evelyn Bagley: Victorian lady outfit with cream blazer
  • Terry Scott as Jungle Boy: Swimming trucks/Speedos no top.

Carry On Loving   1970

  • Sid James as Sidney Bliss: Grey suit with tie
  • Kenneth Williams as Percival Snooper:  Velour jacket with shirt and tie
  • Charles Hawtrey as James Bedsop: Tweed suit with shirt and tie
  • Joan Sims as Esme Crowfoot: Tweed style green blazer with long green skirt
  • Hattie Jacques as Sophie Plummet:  Long blue tunic with white neck collar
  • Terry Scott as Terence Philpott : Tweed jacket with yellow waist coat and bow tie
  • Berenard Bresslaw as Gripper Burke: Black suit with shirt and coloured tie

Carry on Henry   1971 – wear Tudor Costumes

  • Sid James as Henry VIII: Henry  VIII outfit – take a look at our hire range
  • Barbara Windsor as Lady Bettina: Brown with gold trim medieval ladies dress with head piece
  • Kenneth Williams as Tomas Cromwell: Medieval man – available in our hire range
  • Charles Hawtrey as Sir Roger: Medieval man
  • Joan Sims as Queen Marie: Medieval ladies long white dress
  • Terry Scott as Cardinal Wolsey: Red turban with a long red priest like tunic
  • Kenneth Connor as Lord Hampton of Wick: Grey suit white shirt and black tie with grey chauffeur’s style hat

Carry On At Your Convenience    1971

  • Sid James as Sid Plummer: Blue cardigan with shirt and tie
  • Kenneth Williams as WC Boggs: Black suit with white shirt and tie
  • Charles Hawtrey  as Charles Coote:  Lime green shirt and black trousers
  • Joan Sims as Chloe Moore: Pink dress with pink blazer and a purple dotty shirt
  • Hattie Jacques as Beattie: Blue long dotted dress
  • Bernard Bresslaw as Bernie Hulke: Woolly hat with white shirt and neck tie

Carry on Matron   1972

  • Sid James as Sid Carter: Yellow shirt and black trousers with a tie
  • Kenneth Williams as Sir Bernard Cutting: Black suit with white shirt and blue tie
  • Charles Hawtrey as Dr Francis Goode: Grey suit with purple shirt and tie
  • Joan Sims as Mrs Tidey: Victorian style long purple pyjama throw over
  • Hattie Jacques as Marton: Blue nurse long dress with white mop cap
  • Terry Scott as Dr Prodd: Doctor’s Costume

Carry on Abroad    1972

  • Sid James as Vic Flange: Blue trousers and a cream jumper
  • Kenneth Williams as Stuart Farquhar: Black suit ,white shirt and blue tie
  • Joan Sims as Cora Flange: Yellow blazer and skirt
  • Bernard Bresslaw as Brother Bernard: Priest | Vicar costume
  • Barbara Windsor as Sadie: Wears various summer outfits shorts and tee shirts
  • Kenneth Connor as Stanley Blunt: Yellow blazer and trousers and straw style Weston hat
  • Peter Butterworth as Pepe: Black suit with white shirt and black tie
  • Hattie Jacques as Floella: Long white tunic
  • Charles Hawtrey as Eustace Tuttle: Black suit white shirt and blue tie and bowler hat

Carry on Girls    1973

  • Sid James as Sidney Fiddler: Blue cardigan with white shirt and black tie
  • Barbara Windsor as Hope Springs: All in one brown Abba style jumpsuit
  • Joan Sims as Connie Philpotts: Light blue dress
  • Kenneth Connor as Frederick Bumble: Black suit with shirt and tie

Carry on Dick                                      1974

  • Sid James as Dick Turpin: Dick Turpin style outfit – available in our hire costumes
  • Hatttie Jacques as Martha Hoggett: Georgian women’s outfit
  • Kenneth Williams as Captain Desmond Fancey: Georgian with tricorn hat
  • Joan Sims as Madame Desiree: White Georgian ladies outfit
  • Kenneth Connor as Constable: Georgian Man with grey wig

Carry on Behind   1975

  • Kenneth Williams as Prof. Roland Crump: Green shirt, cream cardigan, neck tie
  • Kenneth Connor as Major leep: Black suit
  • Jack Douglas as Ernie Bragg: Black suit
  • Joan Sims as Daphne Barnes: Pink/ black roll neck style 70s dress
  • Elke Sommer as Prof. Anna Vrooshka: Green army style shirt and trousers

Carry on England  1976 – Army Uniforms

  • Kenneth Connor as Captain S. Melly: Green Army captain’s outfit – available in our hire costumes
  • Windsor Davies as Sergernt Major Tiger Bloomer: Green army outfit
  • Jack Douglas as Bombadier Ready: Green army outfit
  • Joan Sims as Pvt. Ffoukes Sharpe: Green womens army outfit
  • Peter Butterworth as Major Carstairs: Black suit with blue shirt and tie

Carry on Emmannuelle  1978

  • Kenneth William as Emile Prevert: Tuxedo
  • Suzanne Danielle as Emmannuelle:Pink vest top, shorts or bikini
  • Kenneth Connor as Leyland: Cardigan with shirt and tie.
  • Joan Sims as Mrs Dangle: Blouse with and rain jacket.
  • Peter Butterworth as Richmond: Black suit and tie
  • Albert Moses as Doctor: Turban and cream suit with stethoscope.

Carry on Columbus      1992 – Tudor costumes – we have a selection to purchase and a wide range to hire

  • Jim Dale as Chris Columbus: Red Tudor man outfit with hat
  • June Whitfield as Queen Isabella: Dressed in a red robe very similar to what Queen Elizabeth would wear
  • Bernard Cribbins as Mordecai Mendoza: Tudor man in black
  • Leslie Phillips as King Ferdinand: King style outfit with crown – wear a Henry VIII costume from our hire range

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