Costume Ideas For The Letter X

Costume Ideas for Letter X

There are a number of overhead masks and photo-style cardboard masks which may enable you to impersonate celebrities. However at the moment there are few X celebrities!

X-Box- So far as we know, theres no official X-box costume yet – but we have seen an improvised outfit based on a giant eggs box!

Xena, Warrior Princess -Female fighter in ancient and mystical lands of Myth and Legend whose adventures provide a classical counterpoint to the likes of Lara Croft.

Xmas entity -Using the alternative spelling for Christmas gives you the opportunity to wear one of the wide range of festive seasonal costumes available the Xmas Fairy, the Xmas Elf, etc.

X-Files – Popular sci-fi/ mystery show of the 1990s featuring the maverick Fox Mulder and CIA agent Dana Scully. One interpretation involves a suitable outfit plus a blacked-out tooth – The tooth is out there.

X-Men -Characters from Marvel Comic Books (and latterly three films plus a Wolverine spin-off in 2009 and a prequel in 2011). The X-Men are humans each having mutant powers, gathered together by Professor Xavier. Examples are the white-haired Storm, who controls the weather, and Wolverine, who has heightened senses and retractable claws. In contrast to these good X-Men mutants, there are also mutants who have allied themselves with Magneto, who has powers over metal. These include the shape-shifting female Mystique, whose blue-skinned look is popular at comic conventions. Official costumes for X-Men characters, when available, may reference the original comic book costumes rather than those seen in the films.

X- Rated – A teddy bear in a skeleton suit!

X-Ray – Wear a skeleton costume.

Xerxes Mighty king of the Persian Empire. His forces are seen taking on the might of a small group of Spartans, in the film 300. As portrayed in the film, he wears a lot of jewellery and has several piercings.

Xmas Helper – wear any Christmas themed elf / pixie costume.

Xmas Tree – Costumes are available, fairy lights are optional.

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