Costume Ideas For The Letter Z

Costume Ideas for Letter Z

There are a number of overhead masks and photo-style cardboard masks which may enable you to impersonate celebrities. However at the moment there are few Z celebrities, although you could always go as a Z list celebrity!

Zebedee – Jack-in-the-box-style character from the Magic Roundabout TV series of the late Nineteen-Sixties/early Nineteen-Seventies (also a more recent feature film). Famous for his giant spring lower body, red, round face and black curled moustache. Catchphrase Time for Bed

Zebra-Traditionally black and white, although some show a brownish tinge, the zebra can be an interesting face/body-paint challenge beyond the fur-fabric alternative. If a full zebra is too much of a challenge, several costumes (pimps, etc) use zebra print clothing or facings to suits.

Zero– Unusual suggestion in so far as this is Jack Skellingtons skeletal dog in the film Nightmare Before Christmas. Zero costumes for dogs do exist, but one for a human may require some improvisation.

Zeus-Leader of the Greek Gods, whose main claim to fame is transforming into various birds and animals, to visit and seduce mortal women.

Ziggy Stardust-Persona adopted by British singer David Bowie for a music album and tour in the early 1970s with his backing group, The Spiders from Mars.Bowie wore a glitter jumpsuit and had orange hair. This look later developed into the more elaborate Aladdin Sane featuring the iconic zig-zag make-up.

Zippy-Copyright character from the Nineteen-Seventies childrens series Rainbow. Characterised by a large zip mouth. A yellow licensed costume does exist.

Zit -A very non-PC costume popularised by the film Animal House. Using a white sheet for the body and filling your cheeks with food, you pop yourself (by slapping your cheeks) from time to time!

Zodiac– Sign your body with pictures of the various zodiac symbols or entities or just choose to portray a single Zodiac entity.

Zombie-For those seeking the more gross and gruesome approach, the un-dead look is the popular one to die for. The Michael Jackson ‘Thriller’ video and the various George A. Romero Zombie films are good reference sources. Recent years have seen a growth in enthusiasm for Zombies and Zombie films, matched by an expansion in the range of costumes available. Examples include Zombie Cheerleaders and Zombie Doctors and Nurses.

Zoo Animal -Use this as an excuse to portray any animal you wish.

Zoo Keeper-Someone has to look after the livestock, so some parties have seen the staff as Keepers to tend to the every need of their guests. An alternative to all animal dress, couples/groups may work an Animal and Trainer concept.

Zoot-The saxophonist from Dr Teeth and The Electric Mayhem, the band on Jim Hensons Muppet Show. Also seen in some of the Muppet films.

Zoot Suit-Nineteen-Fifties American suit, popularised in the late Nineteen-Seventies/early Nineteen-Eighties, by the pop singer Kid Creole and also Jim Carrey in the film The Mask. White, black or coloured fedora (depending on suit). Baggy trousers with tapered hem, long jacket with padded shoulders, white or coloured shirt and bowtie. Smokin!

Zorg-Villain and weapons dealer with a cranial prosthetic in the film The Fifth Element. Played by Gary Oldman, who had a strange cat-cum-chameleon pet.

Zorro-Swashbuckling masked hero of Old Spanish California, portrayed in several films and TV series’. Costume usually involves dark trousers, light shirt, cummerbund, hat, cape and sabre (plus, of course, the mask (either in fabric with ties or a black domino style).

Zuko-Leading character in the film The Last Airbender (2010). Zuko himself is a Firebender. What licensed costumes are available (in theUS) are for children.

Zuko, Danny – Principal character in the popular film Grease (1978). Played by John Travolta, opposite Olivia Newton-John as Sandy Olsson. Costume – T-Bird jacket, jeans and quiff wig.

Zulu– For the Caucasian client, this costume requires a black catsuit or a deal of body colour. A grass or coloured-cloth skirt is used with spear and shield accessories, plus a dark and curly wig. Other accessories such as earrings and jewellery may be used.

Zulu Krewe Member– The Zulu Krewe of New Orleans Carnival presents a parody of black Africans – all coconuts and grass-skirts. Perhaps not the most politically correct costume, but a possibility to use an upgraded witch-doctor outfit for the celebrations. The addition of a crudely made crown of bamboo, tropical fruits, coconut shells or whatever, plus an equally improvised sceptre will provide a Zulu King.

Zumba Dancer – Zumba is the latest in a long line of energetic dance/fitness regimes and has a keen following, along with its own special clothing!

Zurg, Emperor Arch-foe of spaceman Buzz Lightyear in the film Toy Story 2.

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