Costume Ideas Starting With The Letter G

Costume Ideas for Letter G
There are a number of overhead masks and photo-style cardboard masks which may enable you to impersonate celebrities but for which there may be no set costumes and outfits. These celebs include:

Bill Gates
Ricky Gervais
Lady Gaga (see also below)
Liam Gallagher
Noel Gallagher
Ginger Spice – Geri Halliwell
Ryan Giggs
Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley Harry Potter)

G, Ali – Street-wise comedy character created by Sasha Baron-Cohen in the late 1990s. Aside from several TV series he also starred in the movie Ali G Indahouse (2002). Normal outfit consisted of a yellow or red hoodie outfit with bling accessories, tinted glasses and designer moustache and beard..

Gaga, Lady – Rising Pop Icon of the late Noughties and to date, Lady Gaga has created a wealth of distinctive looks and outfits for her videos, concerts and other public appearances. A definitive costume/look is impossible she has had so many, including the Meat outfit for 2010 MTV Awards and the Stars & Stripes look from the Telephone video (and she willhave created more by the time you read this). A collection of official costumes and accessories has now become available. In addition to her frequent costume and make-up changes, she has a growing range of special tattoos around her body including Born this way (unicorn & lettering banner) on her upper thigh, an Inverted Peace symbol on inner wrist and white daisy designs on her shoulder.

Gabriella Leading character from Disneys High School Musical films. Various official outfits are available.

Galadriel – Elfin queen character from the `Lord of the Rings’ by J R R Tolkein. She wears a long white and glittering dress with flared sleeves, flowing hair and a coronet. Elf ears (if available) may add to the ethereal look.

Gambler – Western Style costume featuring hat, frock-suit, fancy waistcoat (or vest).

Gamekeeper – Norfolk jacket & trousers, or tweed outfit with deerstalker, or Barbour jacket. A gun accessory may seem a good idea, but is possibly not advisable in most circumstances.

Games Master – At a basic level, a tracksuit and whistle will do, but if facilities (and practicality) allow, a mixture of equipment from various sports can be used for better effect.

Games Mistress – Outfit similar to Games Master. Alternatively, a catsuit or basque-based outfit in leather, or PVC, may suggest more serious games (and a firm attitude on punishment). A further alternative could be a fantasy costume, which could also double as Lady Luck. Skirt based on a roulette wheel with red and black segments, and a net underskirt to give it volume and support.

Gamin Style – Thin, wraith-like look, particularly seen during the late Nineteen-Fifties and early Nineteen-Sixties, from film stars such as Audrey Hepburn (Roman Holiday) and French actress Jean Seberg.

Gandalf – Wizard and major character in J R R Tolkein’s `Lord of the Rings’. Long gown and cloak in grey with matching large brimmed hat. Following his return from the Nether-world, he adopts similar clothing, but in white.

Gandhi – (1869-1948). Trained as a lawyer in South Africa, then went on to become one of India’s most famous leaders. Bald-headed, but known for sometimes wearing a cotton/woollen cap, his costume consists of a white dhoti, wire rimmed glasses and a long walking-stave.

Gangsta – Member of a youth or young adult gang. In mainstream culture, the term has become associated with pimp outfits, although this is not always the case.

Gangster – The classic ‘Roaring Twenties’ gangster has a double-breasted two (or three) piece dark suit, black shirt, white tie, trilby (or fedora) and possibly spats over black shoes. Traditionally he is armed with a machine gun, but any gun and shoulder-holster may suffice.

Gangster’s Moll – Either a pinstriped two-piece skirt suit to match male, worn with a long coat and beret (with gun) (Bonnie Parker), or standard 1920s flapper dress and head-band (Bugsy Malone).

Garbage – A true eco-friendly costume made from a bin-liner and whatever comes to hand from the rubbish and recycle bins.

Gardener – Simple costume achieved with work clothes, wellington boots and trowel and hand-fork accessories. If necessary wear badges Old Gardeners Never Die, They Only Spade Away or Power to the Flowers.

Garden Girl – Themed can-can character from the film ‘Moulin Rouge’. Floral design costume with red and green as the prominent colours on the underskirt.

Gargoyle – Costume or skin in grey/green, with other colouring for lichen, ivy, etc.. Hair may be styled with clay hair-product prior to painting/spraying to match face and body. Interest in this style of costume has increased since the Blink Dr Who episode featuring the Weeping Angels.

Gary Glitter – 1970s Glitter Rock star, until his fall from grace in the late 1990s. Larger than life silver space-suit. V-design front-piece with large shoulders. Black wig and high silver `platform’ boots.

Geisha – Traditional Japanese hostess in kimono and obi waistband. Stylised Geisha Make-up (White face, brows redrawn. Eyes black-lined with upward slant at outer corners. Lips red, but coloured smaller than actual mouth) and wig, complete the costume. A suitable parasol may also be carried.

Gendarme – French authority figure, popularised through his depiction (by Crabtree, an English spy) in the British TV comedy series ‘Allo, ‘Allo: A black uniform, black cape, white gloves with a French `kepi’ hat completing the look.

General George Armstrong Custer – (1839-1876). American soldier who was killed at the Battle of Little Big Horn fighting the Sioux. ‘Custer’s last stand’. American Civil War Costume or fringed cowboy jacket and trousers.

General Ulysses Simpson Grant – (1822-85). In 1864 he was given command of the Union forces during the American Civil War and in 1872 he was elected the Eighteenth American President. A Union General costume is the obvious choice.

Gene Simmons – Lead singer with rock group Kiss. Although an official costume outfit exists, any heavy metal rocker outfit may work as the distinctive feature of Kiss was their mask-like black and white make-up. Each had their own design, Simmons being The Demon

Genevieve Medieval style costume (King Arthur)

Genghis Khan – (c. 1162-1227). Mongol conqueror, warrior administrator and ruler. An outfit may be improvised from a Viking outfit, if fur is added to the standard Viking horned helmet!

Genie – Also called a jinny or djinni, a spirit of Muslim mythology who could assume many forms and use supernatural powers. They are traditionally associated with the Arabian Nights tales of Princess Scheherazade (e.g. Aladdin and Ali Baba). Genies can be male or female and the costume tends to be a version of standard Arab servant clothing (male), or for females a belly-dancer or harem trousers and top. The fabrics used can be glittery, whilst skin-colour and make-up can be exotic and even supernatural. A bottle or lamp may be carried as an accessory. A female genie, Jeannie, was the star of a popular 1960s/70s TV comedy I Dream of Jeannie.

Genius – Use either a genius from history Archimedes (Ancient Greek wear) or Einstein (wigs and overhead masks are available) or take the stereotype egghead or boffin approach.

Geologist An earth scientist. For the minimalist look, go for a safari-style outfit (multi-pocket shirt, chinos and carry a rock-hammer). Wear a badge Geology Rocks!

George Dawes – Bald-headed drum-player and score keeper from the `Shooting Stars’ British TV series (1993) played by Matt Lucas, later seen in Little Britain. In early shows, he dressed as a large baby.

George Harrison Member of the Fab Four Beatles and possibly the most spiritually minded. Best choice for portrayal is the red pseudo-military outfit (and hat) seen on the front of the Sgt. Pepper Album.

George Washington – (1732-1799). He was first President of the United States of America. Outfit consists of a derived colonial/Georgian outfit, plus white barrister style wig.

Georgian Lady – The typical Georgian lady is depicted in a dress with V-shaped stomacher, wide skirts with panniers, mid-length narrow sleeves to elbow, with voluminous lace frills fanning out at the bottom of the sleeve. Lace is also used around the neckline. Hair/wigs were dressed in rolls with lace, feathers, or elaborate hats. Make-up consisted of white/pale faces, red/pink lips and cheeks. Accessorise with Beauty spot(s).

Georgian Man – Long ornate frock-coat with full skirt, frilled lace collar and cuffs, long waistcoat and breeches, tights, buckled shoes. Wigs were primarily worn, these being long and elaborately coiffed, in brown, black, white, or grey.

Gepetto – Elderly puppet-maker and father to Pinocchio in the popular childrens story and Disney cartoon film.

German Female National Costume This usually consists of a dirndl skirt, with lace petticoat showing underneath, and an elaborately embroidered top and waistcoat and an apron. The corset or basque approach might also prove popular. For females, ‘Heidi’ or ‘Pippi Longstocking’ plaits add an extra element.

German Male – Most stereotype German male costumes are based around the lederhosen (leather trousers) shorts and long socks, teamed with a shirt and feathered hat.

German Officer – Green, grey or black two-piece German uniform, plus hat. Some veterans of the War are still sensitive about the wearing of Nazi regalia.

Gestapo – Black military uniform, or long black coat, fedora hat and cane, as portrayed by Herr Flick in British comedy ‘Allo ‘Allo.

Ghost – Aside from the classic ‘white sheet’, there is Elvira from ‘Blithe Spirit’ and the ghosts of Hamlet’s Father and Banquo from William Shakespeare’s ‘Macbeth’.

Ghostbusters – Popular film of 1984, with a sequel in 1989, about a group of scientists, who set themselves up as a ghost disposal unit, in New York. Outfit consists of jumpsuit (with logo), inflatable backpack and zapper available.

Ghoul See Ghost.

GI Jane – Character played by Demi Moore in the 1997 film of the same name, in which she sported a buzz-cut hairstyle. GI Jane is now used as a generic term for any short n sexy female US Army-style costume

GI Joe – Based on the standard American GI (General Issue) army operative in US army uniform, or battle fatigues. The macho male doll hero of Yesteryear whose baton (or beret) has now passed to the British Action Man.

Giant – Usually required for performances of `Jack and the Beanstalk’. Invariably the person cast as the giant is picked more for his voice and not necessarily his looks/height. Large costume usually comprising head (sometimes on pole), top, belt and trousers can be supported with padding and/or a backpack, unless the Giant cast is a proficient stilt walker! Limitations of the stage or party environment also need to be given consideration.

Gibson Girl – Style based on portraits of dancer Evelyn Nesbit by Charles D. Gibson (1867-1944). Typically, she wore a starched linen blouse, an Ascot square-ended scarf, a habit-back tailored skirt, hair in a pompadour style with a sailor hat.

Gimli – Fearless dwarf warrior and his races representative in the Fellowship of the Ring in Tolkeins Lord of the Rings. An official costume is available.

Gingerbread Man – Character seen in the Shrek movies. Also popular as a different Christmas costume.

Ginger Rogers – Frequent dance-partner to Fred Astaire in 1930/40s musical films, the couple being first seen in Flying Down To Rio (1933). Typical costume consists of an elegant floor-length gown (preferably white) of the Nineteen-Thirties or Nineteen-Forties style. She was known for her elaborate use of feathers.

Ginger Spice – Aka Geri Halliwell. One of the British girl-group Spice Girls, who popularised the `Girl Power’ concept in the Nineteen-Nineties. The best known image of Ginger Spice was her short Union Jack dress, platform ankle boots and straight ginger streaked hair.

Giraffe – Obviously not the costume for low ceiling venues! Giraffe-style fur fabric is available, the practicality and control of the long neck being the main logistics problem.

Gladiator – Roman warrior associated with arena combat. Most commonly remembered for the portrayal by Russell Crowe in the film `Gladiator’ of a wronged Roman general who literally fights his way back to public popularity. Costume comprises toga, armour, helmet and sword.

Gladys Pugh – Character from the British TV sitcom, Hi-de-Hi set at Maplins holiday camp. Gladys was assistant to the Chief Entertainments Officer, originally Geoffrey Fairbrother, later Squadron Leader Dempster.

Glam Rock Singer – Popular character from the early Nineteen-Seventies ‘Glam Rock’ music scene. See David Bowie, Ziggy Stardust, Glitter Man.

Glenn Miller – Legendary American band-leader who mysteriously disappeared in 1944, whilst on an air trip between London and Paris.

Glinda – The good witch of the South in The Wizard of Oz. Although in the original books was a redhead in a pure white dress, the MGM film has her in silver/white, like a fairy godmother. Official costumes are available.

Glitter Man (Gary & the Glitter Band) – A less popular choice these days with the disgrace of the leader, Gary Glitter. Nonetheless, the 1970s style of bands such as the Glitter Band, Slade and Sweet, continues to be popular.

Gloria Swanson – Star of the early silent and talkies cinema who became famed for her role in the film `Sunset Boulevard’, where she played a fading actress from the silent screen who kept reliving her golden days.

Gnomes – Similar to a Dwarf but possibly with red cheeks and fishing rod!

Gnome of Zurich – Nickname for a Swiss Banker at a time when their banks became notorious for their secrecy on monetary transactions. Obviously the Gnome and the Irish Leprechaun share a liking of money and hence the costume can derive from the leprechaun, the differences being the need for a gnome’s pointed hat (as opposed to a green top-hat) and the fact that whereas a leprechaun traditionally carries a single coin, the Zurich Gnome may be expected to be somewhat more wealthy, so a stock of chocolate coin accessories may be useful.

Goalie – Dress up as a footballer

Goatherd – A colourful and embroidered waistcoat is worn over a white shirt, though the sleeves are often rolled. The highly functional lederhosen and thick socks are used, along with mountain walking boots. Such is the link between the herdsman and his charges that he may carry handkerchiefs embroidered with the names of his animals and a small bag with `treats’ for his flock. A useful costume for Sound of Music events!

Goblin – Similar to elves, gnomes, etc, but usually more disagreeable with pointier features. Goblin masks are available.

Godfather/Mafia Boss – Those taking this option would probably model themselves on the Marlon Brando dark suited ‘Godfather’, although other styles are available.

Godiva, Lady – Wife of the Earl of Mercia in 11th century Britain. According to legend she undertook to ride naked through the streets of Coventry, in order to prevent her husband taxing the locals further. Her long hair was said to have protected her modesty, so the effect can be recreated with a body-stocking and long Godiva/Rapunzel wig. The horse accessory may be best served by a hobby-horse, although there are horse costumes available.

Gods and Goddesses – The Greeks and Romans had a god (or goddess) for almost every aspect or influence on their lives. A typical god(dess) can be dressed in a white toga (Roman) or chiton (Greek) edged with gold or silver trim, and carry a symbol (Owl – Minerva, Goddess of Wisdom; Bow & Arrows – Diana, Goddess of Hunting), or other costume details. (Winged helmet & sandals – Mercury, Messenger of the Roman Gods). Many of the Egyptian Gods/Goddesses were animal headed. There are also a wealth of other deities to be found in other religions.

Golam – In Jewish mythology, an undead creature made from earth or other inanimate material.

Gollum .Strange creature from The Lord of the Rings, whose mind has been warped by the power of the Ring. Being of very short stature, not an easy character to portray, although masks have previously been available.

Gold Digger – Originally a term used for the prospectors in events such as the Great California Gold Rush of 1849. Character references may be films set in this period or Stinky Pete from Toy Story 2. More recently, the term has come to mean a person (usually female) who enters into a relationship with a view to monetary gain.

Goldfinger – Villain in James Bond film/book of the same name. Played by Gert Frobe in the film. Aside from having Jill Masterton killed (see Goldfinger Girl ), he masterminded a plot to contaminate the US’s gold reserves. Suit, casual wear or traditional golfing outfit. Or just paint one finger gold!

Goldfinger Girl – Jill Masterton who meets her death painted gold from head to toe (and hence suffocated) as the price of betraying her employer Goldfinger, in the Bond film of the same name. Whilst the golden girl effect can nowadays be safely recreated with gold make-up, body-paint and hair spray, this can take more time (and daring) than most wish to invest. A gold catsuit and supplementary gold make-up may be the preferred option. Where gold make-up is used, features such as eyes may need defining.

Goldie Hawn – International film-star who started as a dizzy blonde in a bikini and body-paint on the 1960s American TV satire show Rowan & Martins Laugh-in. She has since starred in films such as Private Benjamin and Death Becomes Her.

Goldilocks – This traditional story-book character can be created with a short frilled dress, pop socks and a ‘Gold’ or blonde bunched or plaited wig.

Goldmember – Villain from which the third Austin Powers film took its name. In the film he is Dutch, owns a disco-club (not dissimilar to the famous Studio 54) and suffered an accident which resulted in his unusual appendage.

Golfer – Modern: Sunglasses, jumper in geometric design and loud Rupert Bear’ type trousers. Older Style:- Similar to Cyclist, but adding a golf club or two. Alternatively, word-play on golfing terms could be used e.g. Eagle, Birdie, Bogie (Humphrey Bogart), etc..

Golly – Once a classic of the toy-box (and Robinsons Jam jars), the Gollywog is now considered potentially politically incorrect, although it may be viable for a Bad Taste party. The Golly typically wears a bowtie, black tail-coat and red/white stripe trousers. For the Golly look, use a corkscrew black hair wig and black make-up with white eyes and wide mouth – the appearance is not dissimilar to the League of Gentlemen character Papa Lazarou.

Gomez – From The Addams Family, husband of Morticia. In cartoons, wears a broad striped ‘Gangster-style’ grey/ black suit. A more conventional black pinstripe (plus moustache and cigar) are worn for the TV and cinema versions.

Gondolier – Steering his gondola through the canals of Venice, (possibly singing whilst he does so) the Gondolier is an iconic representation of Italy. Typically he wears a striped jumper and be-ribboned straw hat. Until very recently, the Gondolier was an exclusively male profession!

Goody – Aside from Little Goody Two-Shoes (similar to Shirley Temple), go as a goody character such as an Angel with a halo or a Saint (ditto)

Goose – Character from the childrens nursery rhyme ‘Goosey Goosey Gander’. Standard goose outfit or Mother Goose costume (e.g. featuring a bonnet).

Gordon Brown Ex-UK Prime Minster. A cardboard face-mask is available.

Gorgon Creatures from Greek Mythology, whose hair was made of venomous snakes and could turn their victims to stone. The most well-known gorgon is probably Medusa.

Gorilla – Popular costume for the macho Jungle Jim-type. A more elaborate version, available through specialist outlets, has a gorilla carrying a man (or hunter) in a cage.

Gory Man / Woman cover your own clothes with fake blood (it will stain, so only use old clothes).

Goth – Historically, a member of one of the ancient Germanic tribes in conflict with the Roman Empire. Nowadays, a fashion sub-culture characterised by a passion for black clothing, hair and make-up. Also associated with a particular elegant style of Victorian vampire outfit.

Gotham Character Gotham is Batmans home city so wear any of the Batman characters. Some of the female villainesses, such as Poison Ivy, Catwoman and Harley Quinn have been rebranded as The Gotham Girls.

Gothic Vampire/Vampiress – Following on from the above, a creature of the night in human form based on the dark period clothing and Victorian-style seen in the film Bram Stokers Dracula featuring Gary Oldman as the Count.

Governor Either His/Her Majesty’s representative in one of the British Colonies (formal dress or ceremonial attire), or the overseer of a prison (or State) in America.

Gracie Fields, Dame – Born Grace Stansfield (1898-1979). Noted Comedienne and Music Hall Star from the early Twentieth Century. Starred in several morale-booster films, notably `Sally in Our Alley’ and `Sing As We Go’ in the Nineteen-Thirties. Costume/outfit depended upon role played.

Grand Vizier – Different Eastern countries have their own hierarchies and names for rulers. Essentially a Vizier can wear a similar outfit to a Sultan.

Granny – Aside from the standard Granny like the one featured in the Little Red Riding Hood story, there are several novelty granny costumes available. These include the Flashing Granny and the costume in which a Granny appears to be carrying an adult Baby. Some might also remember the 1980s British Childrens TV character Super Gran. There is also a Granny Wolf Costume (ideal for a pairing with red Riding Hood).

Grapes, Bunch of – A D-I-Y costume simply achieved by attaching green or purple balloons to a black T-shirt and jeans or jumpsuit. Avoid anyone wielding sharp objects with evil intent!

Grave Groom A Dead groom costume or distress an old suit to get the same effect. Can work as a companion to Emily, the Corpse Bride.

Grease – Popular musical and film from 1978 set in a US High School (Rydell High) during the 1950s. A basic Romeo & Juliet story of the relationship, between Sandy Olsen (newcomer to the school and would-be member of the Pink Ladies) and Danny Zuko, leading member of the T-Birds gang.

Grecian Lady – Long white or green robe of lightweight floating fabric. Similar to a Roman Lady.

Grecian Man – Knee or floor length toga of lightweight fabric. Similar to a Roman Man.

Greek Hero – Hercules is an obvious choice, but others such as Jason (who went on a quest for the Golden Fleece), Perseus (who slew Medusa, the Gorgon) and Odysseus (who fought the Trojam War but took many years to get home) are also possible.

Green-Cross Man – British TV Commercial character of the 1970s/80s designed to encourage road safety and played by David Prowse (who also played Darth Vader in Star Wars).

Green Fairy – Character from the 2001 ‘Moulin Rouge’ film, played by Kylie Minogue. Personification of Absinthe, the addictive green ‘spirit of choice’. Potentially harmful, as one of its ingredients was wormwood, it was eventually banned. Thus, for all her twinkly attitude and costume, the green fairy is inwardly wicked, this being symbolised by red eye make-up!

Green Goblin – The super-villain in the first of the recent Spiderman movies (2002) and the alter-ego of industrialist Norman Osborn. Noted for high-tech weapons, Osborn derived his powers from a special serum which also caused him to become deranged.

Green Goddess – Nickname for the human form of Jealousy, so the green theme can be carried through the costume, hair and make-up.

Green Hornet – Green Hornet is a masked vigilante who, with his sidekick Kendo (who is trained in martial arts) and weapon-laden car, fights crime and injustice. Originally appearing as a comic strip and TV series in the mid-20th century, his story was told again in the 2011 movie. An official costume is available.

Green Lantern – Based on the original DC Comics character, the Green Lantern hit the Big Screen in 2011. Deriving his powers from a ring given to him by a dying alien, Green Lantern is a member of a kind of interplanetary police-force. An official costume is available.

Green Man/Woman – The Green Man is a symbolic figure from British folklore, dressed head to toe in green leaves/branches. He is often seen at May-day celebrations. The female equivalent is the Earth Mother/Gaia figure.

Green Pepper – Novelty costume from the fruit and vegetable range.

Greenpeace The serious environmental activist look (possibly based on a hippy, but do your own thing).

Gretel – Girl from the classic fairy tale ‘Hansel & Gretel’ by the Brothers Grimm. German or Austrian-style blouse waistcoat and skirt. Plaited wig.

Grey Mouse A grey mouse is just one of the grey animals that you could choose. Other obvious examples for which there are costumes and accessories include a grey elephant and a grey hippopotamus.

Grim Reaper – Aka Death, usually portrayed as a cloaked and hooded skeleton with scythe and hourglass.

Grinch – Green humanoid goblin-like Dr Seuss character from the story How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Grinch costumes and masks are available.

Grisabella – Grisabella is the Glamour Cat from the Andrew Lloyd Weber musical `Cats’. She has fallen on hard times. Apart from a costume which suggests a fur coat that has seen better days, make-up is elegant but flawed – run mascara, smudged lipstick, etc..

Gromit – Popular dog companion to absent minded inventor Wallace in the Aardman animation TV programmes and feature film about the duos adventures. An official costume is available.

Groom – Either literally, a male horse-minder or figuratively, the male partner in a wedding couple. In a Halloween context, may be Victor, the accidental groom to Emily, the Corse Bride from the Tim Burton film of the same name.

Groovy Girl – A generic title given to any female costume typifying the psychedelic 1960s or early 70s. In addition to the outfit, usually based on the mini-dress, sometimes with a matching butcher-boy cap, coloured or patterned tights and knee length boots may also be used.

Grotbags – Children’s TV character of Yesteryear, a green-faced witch who featured in programmes by Rod Hull and Emu, notably `The Pink Windmill Show’.

Groucho Marx – One of the famous Marx Brothers, film-stars of the 1930s, Groucho Marx was legendary for his witty one-liners and put-downs. 1930s style evening suit, bushy eyebrows, moustache, large black glasses and cigar

Gryfinndor Student – Any student from the House of Gryfinndor at HogwartsSchool in the Harry Potter stories. Although Harry and Hermoine Grainger are the most famous members, the availability of Gryfinndor robes and ties enables you to play any other student of that house.

G-String – Risqu minimal costume for some, but with the new trend of underwear as outerwear, it may form the basis of a costume from the likes of Lady Gaga.

Guardsman – See also Coldstream Guardsman. Guards and Guardsman can occur in everything from pantomime to history. Role model for the classic Toy Soldier costume, of busby/bearskin, red uniform jacket and black trousers. Outfit may also be used for the Nutcracker Soldier at Christmas.

Guinevere – Wife of King Arthur, a legendary British hero of the Dark Ages of early English history. Reputed to have been in love with Lancelot, one of the Knights of the Round Table. Costume is the classic Medieval/Renaissance gown. Bejewelled necklace. Long flowing hair, with crown, or circlet and veil.

Gunslinger – Character in the sci-fi movie, ‘Westworld’, played by Yul Brynner. The Terminator borg mask, combined with a cowboy outfit, creates the theme park droid that went bad.

Guy Fawkes – Most famous member of a gang who planned to blow up the British Parliament in the Gunpowder Plot of 1605. His exploits are still commemorated on November 5th with bonfires and the burning of the guy. He wears a cavalier-style costume. Accessorise with black powder & matches or fireworks! See also the film V in which the protagonist freedom-fighter has modelled his look on the classic Guy Fawkes, complete with mask. Official costumes are available

Gypsy – Many gypsy families (notably the Romany’s) derived from Eastern Europe, but others derive from the Iberian peninsula. Usually seen in swathes of colourful clothes, with dark hair (long for females, shoulder length and curly for males), headscarf and earrings (for both females and males). A crystal ball or tarot cards can create a Gypsy Fortune Teller. It is said by some that Elvis has a gypsy heritage and hence is King of the Gypsies!

Gypsy Dancer – Colourful costume usually comprising a brightly coloured skirt with optional fringing, white or floral top, shawl tied around the waist, scarf or coin headdress with long dark hair. May be used in connection with a James Bond event as a female gypsy fight occurs in From Russia With Love

Gypsy Rose Lee – Potentially interesting choice for an Entertainers theme, being a legendary artiste who refined the art of the seductive striptease routine as part of her burlesque show performance.

Gypsy Wedding Dress Following the success of the Cutting Edge Documentary Series My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding the OTT gypsy wedding dress based on layers of pink tulle could be a sensation in the right environment.

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