Disney Hero Costume Ideas

Disney Heroes – Costume Ideas

Whilst writing about Disney Villains/Villainess on a previous occasion, we had noted that there seemed to be far fewer major male baddies than there are wicked women: Perhaps it has something to do with the stories upon which a good many Disney stories are based – the evil stepmother and her variations crop up far more than stories of nasty stepfathers. However, the situation is not much better when we get to the Goodies – much time and energy is spent promoting and merchandising the ever-growing group of Disney Princesses, whilst little or nothing is heard of the Disney Princes or Heroes. Of course in the real world, the situation is much the same – fashion editors must really have hated the news of the arrival of Prince George – no small princess and her outfits to coo over and copy!

Most of the standard Disney stories do, of course, have a prince (or near equivalent) because otherwise, the ‘happy ever after’ would be a bit tricky, but somehow the Disney Princes seem to lack the same dimension and character of their female counterparts. Some people might be hard put to match-up the couples – Prince Charming is easy, thanks to British pantomime, but the Prince in Disney’s Snow White doesn’t seem to merit a name and as for others, could you pair these Princes to their Princesses?

Prince Philip; Prince Naveen; Prince Adam & Prince Eric?

The answers are Prince Philip (Aurora – Sleeping Beauty); Prince Naveen (Tiana – The Princess and the Frog); Prince Adam (Belle – Beauty & the Beast) & Prince Eric (Ariel-The Little Mermaid)

Furthermore, with the exception of Prince Adam (aka The Beast), most Disney Princes tend to look the same – just think of the standard pantomime/Prince Charming look and you are not far off. They also don’t have the colour-coordinated strategy of their female counterparts. That said, they do have to make an effort to win their true loves, and probably the most heroic is Prince Philip of Sleeping Beauty, who fearlessly takes on the shape-shifting arch-baddie sorceress Maleficent. We have plenty of costumes suitable for a Disney Prince in our costume hire range, but it is rather limited in our ‘to purchase’ section.

So leaving the Princes aside, here are a selection of other potential Disney heroes – the list being based upon there actually being official costumes (or similar) available.

Mickey Mouse: Perhaps not the first Disney hero who springs to mind, but he was the hero of his first Disney cartoon ‘Steamboat Willy’ and has remained the Main Mouse in the ‘House of Mouse’ since.

Peter Pan: Not a Disney original character, but most people now picture Peter Pan’s costume as portrayed in the classic Disney cartoon.

Aladdin: Arabian street-wise boy who defeats the efforts of the evil Jafar to win his princess Jasmine.

Hercules: Not one of Disney’s better known cartoons, it retells the tale of the legendary Greek hero and strongman Hercules – required to accomplish twelve tasks of strength and/or cunning. For the most part, the Disney character features a simple brown tunic with a blue cape. You might want to augment this with the traditional faux fur ‘lionskin’ (in deference to one of his tasks) and a club.

Tarzan: Another hero well-known outside the world of Disney, and another who has a fairly minimalist loin-cloth-style costume (hence no official outfit). This character offers an opportunity to show off muscular physique, (or a suitable muscle-suit), but some might opt for the ‘traditional’ faux fur leopard printed outfit.

Quasimodo: The Hunchback of Notre Dame is the third of the classic characters chosen and possibly the nearest to ‘Disney does Horror Heroes’ we get in their cartoons. Quasimodo is something of a tragic character, but portrayal is a challenge not so much in the costume as in the make-up look (mostly achieved with prosthetics – there are several kits available). The make-up is based on the Charles Laughton movie version, which rather set the benchmark. It could be a good candidate for a couple costume with an Esmerelda.

Woody & Buzz Lightyear: Possibly the best known of the heroes from the Disney/Pixar stable and the stars of three Toy Story films. Not only are costumes available, but if we are talking ‘couple costumes’ there is a new female Buzz Lightyear costume on the market. Similarly, Mr Potato Head is also available as a more offbeat Hero and there is a Mrs Potato Head, to accompany him. We stock many of the Toy Story Costumes

Mr Incredible: There has to be at least one superhero costume in the list and who better than Mr Incredible? Tricked out of retirement and into action by the actions of the disgruntled Syndrome, he and his family discover the true extent of the power of teamwork.

Jack Skellington: Despite our earlier comments about Disney horror, Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King from ‘A Nightmare Before Christmas’ is a  popular and not-to-scary character all year round – not just for Halloween.

Captain Jack Sparrow: From one popular Jack to another, the hero of the Pirates of the Caribbean series of films. The Captain Jack outfit ticks many boxes – not too clean-cut, bit of a rogue and an ample opportunity to wield a weapon – always plus points when it comes to males dressing-up.

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