Disney Pixar Costume Ideas

Disney Pixar Costume Ideas

Just in the same way Walt Disney was the first to produce a feature length cartoon – Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs back in the 1930s – the Pixar animation studios were the first to create a feature-length computer animated film with ‘Toy Story’. Such was the innovation and quality of Pixar’s subsequent output that it was inevitable that the two studios would eventually amalgamate.

Although the implication was Disney was the stronger or more dominant partner (and there is no doubting its financial clout), Pixar have remained essentially independent and have an excellent track record of films which appeal to all ages, never afraid to stretch the envelope of imagination. That said, Disney has often built on the success of a Pixar film to create spin-offs and sequels through its own Cartoon Studios, an example being the recent ‘Planes’ film based on the successful ‘Cars’.

One of the advantages of being under the Disney umbrella is that the House of Mouse has always been good at merchandising, and when it comes to costumes, their design and quality control is usually excellent. Not every Pixar film has generated costumes (and then, sometimes they are only for children) and what costumes there are may not always be the characters you want to portray.

Cars Series – As the cars are the stars, this is a case in point where only limited licensed outfits are available, and those being children’s outfits. Racing Driver costumes are readily available in connection with the first film, which has key scenes at a race track.

Toy Story – The original Pixar movie, which has also had two sequels. Woody, the Cowboy Sheriff, and Buzz Lightyear, the ‘new boy’ Space Ranger are the major stars and costumes are available for both adults and children.  (There is also a female Buzz costume on the market, but that’s another, non-Pixar, story). Ever popular as toys even before Toy Story, Mr & Mrs Potato Head costumes are also available. Other characters are a little more difficult, although a pink shepherdess outfit for Bo-Peep (Woody’s love interest in the initial film) should not be hard to find. By film two, Bo takes a back-seat and Jessie the Cowgirl (and part of the Roundup Gang) is to the fore and a costume is available. The Ham Piggy-bank character can be achieved with an adapted pig mascot costume. We are also aware that some of the ‘triple-eyed green alien’ outfits have been around, but they are proving elusive. Also, there is a green Rex Tyrannosaur mask available, but no outfit!

The Incredibles – Superheroes are forced out of the public eye and into family life until a new menace  emerges to threaten the World. Mr & Mrs Incredible (aka Elastigirl) find they have allies in their talented children. Costumes for Mr & Mrs Incredible and children Dash and Violet are available. (Jack-jack the baby just needs a red babygro and logo). Costumes for Edina Mode (the superhero costume designer) and Syndrome, plus other of the heroes featured might require some deft improvisation!

Finding Nemo –  A fishy father’s search for his son take him to the dentist. Another film which has limited costumes, principally based on Clown Fish and mostly for children. Lobster & Crab outfits do, however, exist for adults, and a scuba diver outfit could work in the Nemo context.

Monsters Inc. & University – Costumes for Mike and Sully (a giant green eyeball and mouth on legs and his large bluish horned furry friend) were available for children for the first film and adult versions have become available for the more recent movie. Other monsters are rather up to you and the theme is wide enough to create your own.

Ratatouille – Well, at least there are quite a few humans in this one, although admittedly most are dressed in chef and kitchen assistant outfits and the others are customers in the restaurants. The ‘hero’ is Remy the Rat although ‘plain’ rat outfits (ie not involving a King Rat pantomime costume or a ‘rat-trap’ accessory) are not that easy to find.

Brave – The story of a Scottish chieftain’s daughter, Merida, who refuses to conform to tradition. Whilst there are plenty of human characters here, they are almost all Scots (with the traditional kilted look much to the fore for the men). Women can make use of traditional early medieval dresses, and indeed Merida’s main outfit is in green with Celtic-style decoration. (She is also quite handy with a bow and arrow). A problem has arisen for some in that Disney see Merida as another addition to their Princess portfolio. Hence some official costumes are a little too pretty and cute for some (i.e. against the general spirit of the film).

A Bugs Life – As this film is principally about insects, costume choice is a little limited, although there are Ladybird and Bee outfits available, albeit mostly for females, and although a Cockroach outfit is on the market, the cockroach is the villain!

Wall-E – A reclamations robot falls in love with a visiting droid and follows her to deepest space for an out-of-this-world romance. Given that Wall-E is small and box-like (but with great character), official costumes tend to be tabard-based for children. That said, the crew and occupants of the cruise spaceship might be a good excuse to make use of shell-suits and red onesies!

UP – A film with drama and sadness in the first few minutes, after which the only way is Up for an adventure that takes in exotic faraway places and interesting (and talkative) wildlife. As an elderly man, a tubby American Boy Scout and an embittered explorer are key characters, there may be some costume character potential, although others might fancy their chances as dogs or birds!

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