Fun & Games Costume Ideas

Fun & Games Fancy Dress Theme

Those who have their own sports kit, might decide this costume theme is the easy option. But if you want to be more creative, why not consider looking at the theme from a different angle?Characters from Cluedo, playing cards (Ace of Spades, Queen or King of Hearts, etc.), chess pieces (e.g. knight, bishop, queen, king), Trivial Pursuit categories, computer games (Mario Brothers, Lara Croft, Sonic The Hedgehog), Dungeons and Dragons, war games, etc., are just some of the many avenues to explore with this theme.

Think about other famous board games like Monopoly, you could even dress up in a convict costume and say you are in jail. All you need is a little bit of lateral thinking.

Think about what other countries class as a sport, for example, bull fighting in Spain and Rodeo in America.

Our costume ideas contain links to relevant parts of this website, but you willalso have hire costume options as well, just ask a member of staff if you need to findout where a particular costume can be found.

Fun & Games costume examples below:

  • Jockey Costume
  • Matador Costume okay, not to everyones taste
  • Cheerleader costume
  • Twister and yes, a costume is available!
  • Ninja Warrior use for Martial arts
  • Referee Costume
  • Lara Croft
  • Scuba diver Wear a wetsuit and a snorkel
  • Archery what about a Robin Hood Costume?
  • Runner 118 style vest and shorts
  • Gladiator Roman style sport, we stock a great range of Roman costumes
  • Synchronised Swimmer great for a group. Wear matching swim suits and turn up wearing a peg on your nose
  • Cowboy Rodeo Rider
  • Zombies many options here but House Of the Dead is my personal favourite
  • Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Bingo check out our page full of Bingo costume ideas
  • Mario brothers we stock a great Plumber costume ideal for these 2 characters
  • Operation wear a bloody surgeons costume
  • Dominoes wear a spotty costume
  • Chess Board characters
    King – many hire costumes available
    Bishop – hire costume available
  • Check Morphsuit go as a Chess or Draughts board
  • Sleeping Lions Wear a lion mask or costume, and have a snooze
  • Snap wear a crocodile costume, or go as a twin
  • Battleship Captain
  • Snakes & Ladders ladder some old tights and wear 2 snakes around your neck
  • Monopoly characters / ideas standard UK version
    In Jail
    Yuppie the banker
    Whitechapel dress up as Jack The Ripper – hire costumes available
    Trafalgar Square wear a Nelson costume – hire costumes available
    Racing Car Wear a racing drivers costume
  • Cluedo Characters standard UK version
    Miss Scarlet dress all in red. Vamp like is the best way
    Colonel Mustard military style
    Mrs White dress all in white
    Reverend Green Vicar costume
    Mrs Peacock dress with peacock feathers
    Professor Plum wear a doctors white lab coat
    Dr. Black wear a Doctors coat with a Dr. Black name badge, or a dapper suit with stethoscope around the neck
  • British Bulldog wear a bulldog costume
  • Hangman Hangman costume
  • Treasure Hunt Pirate costume
  • Football Kit
  • Rugby Kit
  • I Spy turn up with a large magnifying glass, or as a Detective
  • Skipping wear a kangaroo costume
  • Leapfrog wear a frog costume and jump around
  • Postmans Knock (knock down ginger) Postie costume
  • Hopscotch arrive hopping, carrying a whiskey bottle

Why not set some of these up for entertainment throughout the night?

  • Pin the tail on the donkey
  • Pass the parcel
  • Tug of War (probably best done outside!)
  • Sack Race
  • Limbo
  • Musical chairs / statues

And, here are some Fun & Games songs to play

  • Games Without Frontiers Peter Gabriel
  • Head Games Foreigner
  • We are The Champions Queen
  • Winner Takes It All Abba
  • You Win The Bee Gees
  • You Win Again Jerry Lee Lewis / Hot Chocolate
  • You Win My Love Shania Twain
  • Everyones a Winner Hot Chocolate
  • Three Lions Baddiel & Skinner & Lightning Seeds
  • Vindaloo Fat Les
  • World in Motion New Order
  • Eye of The Tiger – Survivor

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