Gangster & Molls Costume Ideas

Gangsters & Molls Fancy Dress Theme

A popular costume choice for a 20s /30s party but often used as a fancy dress theme in its own right.

Most Gangster & Moll costume parties are held around the 14th of February, which was when the notorious St. Valentines Day Massacre occurred (1929) in Chicago.

This type of costume theme could also be called:

  • Roaring Twenties
  • Prohibition

An essential element of any self-respecting gangster impression is the tommy-gun, but in recent years these essential props have undergone a startling make-over they have changed colour so that that no-one can mistake them for the real thing. Whilst we respect the reasons for the change, we do appreciate that toting a light blue or pink gun can undermine the gravitas of your gangster impression (we are minded of the protestations of Mr Pink in Reservoir Dogs). Obviously we know of some people who, having bought their gun-props, have taken it on themselves to restore them to a more menacing colour, but equally obviously, we cannot condone it. The alternative is to maintain the threat of menace with a mean-looking violin case!

Ladies have the choice of wearing a 20s style flapper costume, or a pin striped suit, thereĀ are some lovely sexy gangster outfits available. A flapper style dress should be level with your knee. Most of our customers wear their hair in a short bob style as this was the era when ladies first cut their hair as well as raised their hemlines!

As well as some great 20s/30s costumes that are available to purchase, or to hire, we also stock a large range of accessories that you can buy, either to add to a complete costume, or to use as a base to put your own costumes together at home. To be honest, it is very easy to put together a gangster outfit from a dark suit and a few of our fabulous gangster accessories.

Some of the Gangster accessories that we stock:

  • Trilby Hats
  • White Ties
  • Spats (go over your own shoes to create a period looking shoe)
  • Tommy Guns yes, in blue & pink
  • Gangster Moustache
  • Braces
  • False Shirt Fronts
  • Cigars
  • Glasses

Songs to play at your event:

  • Gangstas Paradise Coolio
  • Killers Iron Maiden
  • Killer Queen Queen
  • Killing Me Softly The Fugees

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